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Completed audit of parolees and community based offenders on electronic monitoring



Completed audit of parolees and community based offenders on electronic monitoring


Fyles, Natasha Kate

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Electronic Monitoring Audit Page 24 of 30 No instances of non-compliance were identified during the audit that required remedial action by Probation and Parole Officers. 7.5.2 Third Party Checks Third party checks are required and perform two key functions; to facilitate contact with significant persons in the offenders life, and to ensure that the information provided to the Probation and Parole Officer is verifiable and accurate. This communication enables Probation and Parole Officers to build a relationship with key people and develop a therapeutic alliance with the offenders they supervise. Of the 196 people on electronic monitoring: 174 people had third party checks undertaken which were primarily with programs, employers and family to confirm their progress on the order. 10 people do not require checks including the four Department of Health clients. 12 people have not had any third party checks undertaken, however they are all subject to electronic monitoring and there are no outstanding instances of non-compliance. Application of Electronic Monitoring Probation and Parole Officers undertake regular checks of the persons movements and this assists to verify that they are attending employment and other pro-social activities as agreed in their case plans. The EM Rules document has been signed by 179 of the 196 offenders subject to electronic monitoring. 4 Department of Health clients are not required to sign the EM Rules. Regional Offices will undertake follow up action for the 13 people who have not signed the EM Rules as a matter of priority. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 4 13 179 Electronic Monitoring Rules N/A Not in required timeframe Yes