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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G40



Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G40


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Northern Territory Government

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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G40, 8 October 1982

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Northern Territory Government



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Page22 The Northern Tern'loryGovemment GazetteN0. 040, 80ctober1982 Classification of Publications Act PUBLICATIONOFDETERMINATION I, WARWICK CHARLES LESUE KING, the person authorized by the Attorney-General by virtue of an instrument made under section 46 of the internretation Actand dated 13 April1981, in PUTSuance of section 24 of the Classification of Pubfications Act publish the determination of classification of publications specified in the Schedule Dated this fourteenth day of September. 1982 Title or Description A Sensuous Family, (c) 81 A Student Depraved, (c) 81 Hardware Issue 2 Mother's Loving Abuse, (c) 82 Mother's Passion, (c) 81 Mothers Who Violate Their Sons, (c) 81 Mother-Son Incest, (c) 81 Mouth Seducers, The, (c) 81 My Fantasy Lover, (c) 81 Sally's Sex Surprise, (c) 82 Seducing Morn. (c) 81 Seductive Daughters, (c) 81 Sex Between Mothers And Sons, (c) 81 Sex Hospital, (c) 81 Sexing Daddy, (c) 81 Sex On Commission, (c) 82 Sexy Safati, (c) 81 Sexy Suzanne, (c) 81 She Molested Her Son, (c) 81 Sin Machine, The, (c) 82 Sister's Wanton Desire, (c) 81 Slutty Debutante, (c) 81 Slutty Wife, (c) 81 Spankers, The, (c) 81 Spanking Teacher. The, (c) 81 SCHEDULE Author or Publislier Susan Duncan, Publs Consultants, USA Ray O'Hara. Publs Consultants, USA Notshown WARWICK C. L. KING Person Authorized by the Attorney-General Stu Adams, Pubis Consultants, U. S. A Tim Sherinan, Publs Consultants, USA Jetf Reynolds, Pubis Consultants, USA A1an Hardin, Publs Consultants, U. S. A Red T'racy, Publs Consultants, USA Anna Roper, Publs Consultants, U. S. A Ienny Crawlord, Publs Consultants, USA Aaron Young, Publs Consultants, U. S. A Steve Monon, Publs Consultants, U. S. A. Pete Simmons, Pubis Consultants, USA Richard Boyd, Publs Consultants, USA Fred Hanson, Publs Consultants, 11. S. A MichaelBlue, Publs Consultants, USA Althur Shipps, Publs Consultants, lis. A Wilma Halton, Publs Consultants, USA Joe Davis, Publs Consultants, USA Sylvia Landon, Pubis Consultants, USA 10niWilliams, Publs Consultants, USA Ted Hamey, Publs Constiltants, USA Ted Ridley, Publs Consultants, USA Richard Boyd, Pubis Consultants. USA Robert Powers, Publs Consultants. U. S. A Classification Direct sale Direct sale Direct sale Direct sale Direct sale Direct sale Direct sale Starlet Sexpot, (c) 82 Direct sale Directsale Directsale Direct sale Directsale Direct sale Directsale Directsale Restricted Dan Symonds, Publs Consultants, USA Directsale Direct sale Direct sale Unrestricted Directsale Directsale Directsale Direct sale Child pornography Directsale