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The Northern Territory news Sat 5 Oct 2019

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SATURDAY OCTOBER 5 2019 NEWS 21 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA now I had to miss out on Easter too. Somehow the Easter bunny always found us, but the bag of chocolate or carob at the end of our camp beds did little to remedy being woken at 5am by fireworks and loud cars. Those years, we camped at the track, staying in my grandparents caravan annex. I remember managing to use all the water in the temporary shower block, because we realised we could use the space under all the stall walls as a slip n slide when we turned on every shower. Usually we stayed at peoples houses just outside town, never quite close enough to have the freedom to get around by ourselves. Almost every year, some poor sap was charged with keeping me entertained and my parents unhassled. This noble endeavour was mostly unsuccessful, as yelling for and distracting my mum while she kept lap times in the pits was my favourite attention-seeking pastime. My most vivid Bathurst memory is the painfully long and hot nine-hour drive we had to endure to Bathurst and back again. Every now and then Ill hear a song and be taken back to a stuffy car with a Discman that skipped every time we hit a bump. Dire Straits was one of Dads favourites. John Williamson was another. Dad also loved Roy Orbison. Then theres Kitaro the more hippy side of my parents, a synth warbling music youd hear in a crystal shop that would instantly send me into sleep-like stupor. And finally, Enya: Orinoco Flow will always remind me of Bathurst. Because to me nothing screams V8s and the smell of burnt tyres more than the peaceful melodic work of this Irish songstress. JAMES BROCK Its been 43 years since I at tended my first race at Bathurst. As a kid I mostly remember spending many long hours in a car driving up to Bathurst listening to Dads music John Williamsons Raining on the Rock or True Blue. Once we reached the track, wed initially just hang around the back of the pits and try to find something to do with the other motorsport kids who also happened to be dragged up there by their parents. As a kid none of us had that much interest in the lead-up to Bathurst. Fortunately, the race itself was always thrilling, but the rest was really very boring. Having said that, growing up around Bathurst was definitely special because there was a level of respect for the place. You could tell it meant so much to so many people from the way everyone talked about it. Mount Panorama is with out doubt a great, uncompromising and amazing piece of road. Its both daunting and impressive, which I learned in my 1999 race there. I ran Team Brock at the time, which was a bit of a backyard effort with my mates. Peter was constantly around to give advice! We put a lot of time into the build-up so it was a great result. In retrospect, my 1999 Bathurst win was a lot of hard work but it gave me an even greater appreciation of what Dad had achieved. This is an edited extract from Brock at Bathurst by Bev Brock (Affirm Press, $39.99), out now when there was bright sunshine down on pit straight, and wed hear across the team radios in the pits that it was actually snowing across the top of the Mountain. Then youd see all of the teams start to scramble to try and set up the cars so that they could stay competitive. Favourite Bathurst memories are hard to pick there are so many truly unique experiences and characters that you meet. Mount Panorama has a lot of intense moments tied to it: strong friendships, cherished moments with Dads parents, keepsakes that help preserve those memories as alive and new. ALEXANDRA BROCK I made the journey to and from Bathurst every year of my life from when I was born until I was 14 years old. A few years, we even did the journey twice: first in April for the 12 Hour race and again in October for the Bathurst 1000. Most of my memories are condensed into the years surrounding 1990, when I was a newly free-to-roam sevenyear-old, through to 1997. When the 12 Hour came about, I was not impressed. It meant another week of my holidays eaten up hanging around, doing not much, and CLOCKWISE FROM MAIN: Peter Brock races at Bathurst; a young James proudly sports an HDT drivers get-up in 1979; Bev was a key figure in the team who would help Peter become race-ready, as she was here in 1986; Brock at Bathurst is out now; the left side of 05 loses contact with the track on an especially crafty corner in the 1991 Bathurst 1000; and a young Peter Brock (L) with co-driver Des West prepares to board his 1969 Monaro at Bathurst in 1969 Pictures: SUPPLIED 50 years since Brockys first Bathurst