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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G32


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Northern Territory Government

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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G32, 11 August 1993

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Northern Territory Government



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The Northern Tatrtto, y Govern, ,rein! Gazette No. G32, 11 Augusr 1993 Coinpa, Its 010rthern Twitory) C^ AC. N. 050 121 223 NOTICE OF RITENTIONTO DECLARE A DrVroEND K&PM WELLS PTY LTD A First & Final dividend is to be declared on tile 21st day of Septsmber 1993 in respect of the cornpyny. Cultors wi^debts orcimrs haremal^ ^ladimttad are quitadonorbefoieim^I^of^rental^3imuly pine tileir debts or claim. in defouli, they win be onIuded from tl'"e benefit of tile dividend Dated 28th July, 1993 982 Corporations law AC. N. 009 617 010 CALDOWCOWERCTORS PryLTD NOTICEOF RESOLUnON At a general 11^ting of the numbers of the coin^ duly conreried am Ireld at the office of Gamble Ryan & Partners Unit 12 Lot 5172 Todd Mall Afire Springs NT 0870. on tile 22nd day of July, 1993 the special resolutions set nut below was duly pyssed "That pusumitto amion 253(4) of tire Cocoontioirs Law the required noticeperiod for the calling oilhe muting be waived. "That the company be Mound up 001untatily" "That the Uquidator be authorised to divide anlongst tire mumbers in kind the whole or any part of the assets of tile congny (whether by consist of property of tire ^ hiki or non and my for harpyr^sesa such usIueaslredeerus air upon my property to be divided as aforesaid and my deterrime haw the division shall be carrtod out as between the numbers". Dated 221xi July, 1993. 1002 RICHARD MORRIS Liquidator Floor, National Mumal Centre, 9-it Ownagh St, Darwin 10 be the liquidator of tile atonenaii^ coinpyny. This ad\rertisement is inserted by Mildrens, Barnsters & Solicitors of Blackbum Chambers, 7th Floor, Darwin Plaa, 41 The Klan, solicitors for the Plaintiff. 1282 Motor Vehicles Act POOHIBmON ACAn. 1ST VEHICLES TRAVELERIG ON PUBLIC STREET ANDADO ROAD I, GOOFFXEY ALEXANDER CHRISTENSEN, a Deputy Registrar, in pitruarice of Seerion 58 of tire Motor 16hic!e3, of and a Dominiination of the Register under Section 7 of tile Act, prohibit rehicles. other than reliicles inking part in or associated with the controlaiid rum^nent of tile Au^ Safuri1993, linening on the Mado Road from itsjuiwiion with the Toad Rirer Dowrrs Road to the Andado Station Homesread, a d^neofapy^ely uniatonreims, fortha period 0600 frours to 1400 haws on 18 Angust 1993. Dated 28th July, 1993 G. A. CHRISTENSEN DCputy, Registmr hintor Vehicles Corporations Law ACN. 009 617 010 NonCETO SUBMrrPAimcuLARS OF DEBT ORCT, AN CALDOW CONSrRACTORs pryLTD On Liquidation) Taleiroticeilustcrultoisofimcoi^, wine^ orc^ haw not already been adultwi. are myurnd on or bcfore tire 19th day of August, 1993 to subniit particulars of their debts or claim am of any securlty Ireld by them to my aixi, if subsnguently required by notice in wining from tire, sadl fomully prom their debts or claim anxi ushabustimy tidedny my haw to prionty by stolenrent in wrtting. If tiley do not congly with this notice they win be excluded from: (a) itre benefit of any distrlbution mme before their debts or claim are printd or their priority is ustablisired; and co) from objecting to the distribution Dated 221xi July, 1993. R. V. RYAN Liquidator Page 3 1382 I. G. CALDOW Planning Act NORTHERN TERRITORYPLANNR4G AUTHORITY NonCEOFCOMMENCEMENTOF LITCHFreLD AREA PLAN 1992 I, STEPHENPAULHATroN, dieMhyerfu^, Hintsir^ and Loml Gonemnient, in pitsuarree of seerion 6/@) of tire Pto, thing Art, notify the madng of Litchiield Area Phil us2 (Anrentiient No. 3) 11/01eTlre amIxinent, nude tonowing tile adminon of Draft Planning instrrurrenjNo. LAP4, juserts a new Zone Wlv{ (Water Management) in tile Lirehfield Area Plan and leannesthaHo^dhast Groundnutsr Area from Zone RL2 (Rural Living 2) and Zone PA mustDinl) to Zone un{ myater Maingernent) mm murres the mm of land to^. rias^IRiverDamaditscaulmmrit^from Zone RL2 (Rural Living 2) and CF (Community Pulpyses) to Zone WM (^*Iler Manngement).l Copies of tire philtii^ instrunrent are available at tile Eighth FloorAMP Bunchig, congofCawren amKnuc^yS^ Darwin. NT 0800 Dated 21st July, 1993. 1182 Corporations Law WINDR{GW ORDER RE:JEANWORKSPFYLTDACN009"4571(^morel Liquldator Appointed) of 18 SMrTH STREET, DARWn. I On 29 July 1993 the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory of AUStralin in Pinealing No. 105 of 1993 mude an Order for the winding up o11EAl, myORKS Pry LTD AC. N. 009 644571(PROVISIONALLIQUIDATOR Apron, ITED)ajxi appointed RobanWillimnCowlir^of Emu &fowlg, ^corxi 14/32 Planning Act NORTHERNTER^ORYPLA^NG AUTHORITY NonCEOFCOMMENCEMENTOF AMENDMENTS To DERwniTowN PLAN 1990 I, STEPHENRA. nullATroN, tileMi^rerfor^, Hon^ and incal Cousinmnnt, in ^Irsiurree of ^lion 61(2) of ne Planning Her, 00/11y tile nuking of Darwin Town Plan 1900 (Anrendinent No. 56) tNote:Tire amixiinent, nude following tire alibiiion of Droll Plumirigims^nt No. 0428. re-zones nut of^I 4522 MCMitlans Road, Town of Nightsliff, from Zone CP (Community Purposes) 10 Zone B3 (Highway Coriumrcial).l Copies of tire planntiig instrrunent are unitable at tire Eighth Floor AMP Bundirig, corner of Cawingh am 101uckcy Surets, Darwin, in 0800 Dated 21st July, 1993 S. P. HATTON Minister for Lands, Housing and Load Governnent 1582 S. P. HATTON Minister for Larxis, Housing and Local Corerament

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