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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G48


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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G48, 4 December 1991

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file Northern Ternto, y Gol. eru, merit Gazette No. G48, 4 Decei"her 1991 Conimcrcial and Private Agents Licensing Act IN THE LOCAL COURT IN THE MATTER OF AN APPLICATIONAT DAR\VIN For a Liccncc to be a PROCESS SERVER BY: ARTHUR SAMUEL CARTWRIGHT (Applicant) NOTICE OF HEARING The above application has been set down for hearing at 2.00 P. M. on the Friday, the 20th day of December, 1991, at the Local Court, Courts Bidg, Cnr Cavenagh & BCnnett SIS, Darwin Daicd 22nd November, 1991 14/48 Work Health Act APPOINTMENT OF MEMBER AND ALTERNATE MEMBER OF NOMINALINSURER I, MAX\VELL HENRY ORTMANN, itIC Minister for Lands and Housing in PUTSuance of section 151(b) offhe WorkHealihrlct,(a) appoint Brian Newcll, an employec within the monning of the Public Service Ad, to be a numbcr of the Nominal Insurer for the PCriod to and including 23 March 1993; and in pursuance of section 152(I) of the Iyork Healil, Act, appoint Gcoffrey David AnSIGss, an employee within titc moming of the PubficSeruiceAd. to be an alternate mumber of the Norntnallnsurer for Brian Newcll. Dated 19th November, 1991 M. H. ORTMANN Minister for Lands and Housing Prisons (Arbitral Tribunal) Act NOTIFICATION OF DETERMINATIONS It is hereby notificd, in pursuance of Scciions 11A and 11F of the Priso, Is pithitrn! Tribunal) Art, that Ihc following DC1crinirmtions listcd hcrcunder havc bcen madc and centficd, which amcnd the following Senior Prison Officers Arbitral Tribunal DC1cruiination N0 3 Tl of 1991, dated 7 August 1991 T8 of 1991, dated 9 August 1991 TIO of 1991, dated 11 November 1991 Copics of the Determinations may be obtaincd in writing to the Sccrciary, Prison Omcers' Arbiiral Tribunal, GPO Box 1576, Darwin, IfT, 0801, or by calling in person at the Office or the Public Service Coinmissioncr, 76 The Esplanade, Danvin E. D. HUTTON Clerk of the Local Court (b) Pagc 5 15/48 Assent To Proposed Laws His I{onour Ihc Acting Administrator, on Thursday 14 November 1991, assented to the following proposed laws Classyicoiio" of Pubfic"tio, If AJIiend, meni AC1 1991 (No. 63 of 1991) Educa!ion A1nendineni Her 1991 (No. 64 of 1991) Fih" Classyic"!ion Art Repeal Act 1991 (No. 65 of 1991) Listening Del, icer AIMend, merit Art 1991 (No. 66 of 1991) Pol^te Art, rimistraiion funend, ne"I Art 1991 (No. 67 of 1991) SMPre, "e Coi, rt Amendinen! Act 1991 (N, . 68 of 1''" Trustee Amend, merit ACr 1991 (No. 69 of 1991) 17/48 Public Service Act DIRECTIONTO BEHEAD FORTHETIMEBEING OF THE OFFICE OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT I, ROGER WILLIAM STANLEY VALE, the Minister for Sport, Recreation, Ethnic Affairs and Local Government, in pursuancc of section 190) and 4(B) of tire Pubtic Service, of. direct Granam Dare Phegan, an employee, 10 be Head for Ihc line being of the Office of Local Governinent during the absence ofGraenreRobert Marshallon and from9 December 1991 to and including 6 January 1992 Dated 17th November, 1991 T. WESTMACOTT Secretary Prison Officers' Arbitral Tribunal 16/48 18/48 Companies (Northern Territory) Code NOTICE OF WINDING Up ORDER RE: HEUMATEPTYLTDmyLIQUroATION)ACN009 640 082 of Bell Le Gros and Associates Ply Ltd, Suitc 218. Home Centre Building, 22-24 Cavenagh Sircet, Darwin NT 0800 On 21 November 1991the Supreme Court o11he Northern Tcrriiory of Australia in proceeding numbcr 370 of 1991/1mde an Ordcrforthe winding up of HELIMATEPTY LTD ACN 009 640 082 and appointcd FRANK DAVID JOHNSTON 10 be Ihc liquidator of Ihc abovenamed company THISADVERTISEMENTISINSERTEDby MILDRENS, Barnsiers and Solicitors, Blackbum Chambers, 7th Floor, Darwin Plaza, 41 The Man, Darwin in tile Northern Territory of Australia. Solicitors for the Plaintiff, Global Trading Service Ply Ltd ACN 002 808 924. 19/48 R. W. S. VALE Minister for Sport, Recreation, Ethnic Affairs and Local Government H. G. SMITH Clerk of the Lcgislative Assembly