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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G10



Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G10


Northern Territory Government


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Northern Territory Government

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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G10, 13 March 1991

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Attribution International 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

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Northern Territory Government



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Page 2 Real Plopeity Act NOTICE Whereas an Application as requircd by section 220A of the Rinl Plop, ,!v ACilias been Inadc of Ihc ticcidcnialloss o1 Liestruciion o1 SPECIAL PURPOSES LEASE N0 232 Voluiiic 80 Folio 4 bcing Lois N0\. 3201 & 3202 Town of Allcc Springs NOTICE Is HEREBY GIVEN that unless a c"vent be lodged willIthc Regisir"I'-Gcncral by any PCI'sun having an CSiate in' In1.1'CSt in Inc slid IanLl other Ihan ALICE SPRINGS ABATTOIRS PTY. LIMITED 111e rc"Islercd propricior on or bcfoi'c Ihc c\pilli!ion or IOUi'!cell (14) days Iruiii Ihc dale of Ihis Guct!!, a provisi!Inal copy of Ihe jibuVC Ccriili"IC of Tillc will be Issued 10 the said ALICE SPRINGS ABATTOIRS PTY. LIMITED H. I P. NIOHRHOLZ DCpuiy Regisii'ai-Gencral file N0!711,171 TclJi'101'\ Gol',, 7,111,111 G, ICcii, NO G/0. 13 A4mc/I 1991 1/10 Real Pioncity .\ct NOTICE Whcrc;Is an Applicaiioii 11:1s bccii Inade 10 1/1c Renist1:11'Gencr"110 rcgis!ci' a Meijioi, liduni or Disch"r, ,c DIM, lit:!agc No. 1,7173 bciwccn WAYNE ANDREW HARRISON tind Ihc AUSTRALIAN CENTRAL, CREDl'T UNION legistci'. d in r'spcci of Lot 1684 'Town or Palmcision cntci. CLI in Ihc Rcgistci' Book or Ccriificuics o1' Tillc Voluiiic 120 Folio 64 willIOUitIle PIOduciion urine said Meijioi'and"111 of Moriga. ,c whicliis allcgcd 10 hitvc bccn 1051 or dcsiroycd Now I 11crcby ,, ivc noticc Inat 11 Is lily in telliioii to legisici such Dischuivc or Morigagc \\ithuut Ihc produciion of 1/1c 5,111 Moilgagec's copy unless a Cavea: bc lodged with the Regis!mr-Genei'al un o1' before Ihc cxpir:11ion of 14 days 11,111 Inc daic of 11/1s G, I'mt Collipanics (Northern Territory) Code NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF PROVISIONAL LIQUIDATOR RE: coLMox PTY LTD C/- Gainblc Ryan & Panncrs (NT) ISI FIDOi 13 The Esplanade DAR\VIN NT 0800 011 22 Febi'uai'y 199 I Ihc Sup!'ciiic Coui't of Ihc Norihcrii Tel'1'110ry in ACiioii No. 7 I or I 99 I Inndc till urucr up 1101ntIn, , RICHARD A10RRIS of ISI Floor. 19 Linchay Street. DaiTin in tile Norilicin Tcrritorv o1' Australia us tile Pro\is 111nal Liquidator of Inc abovenamcd company Tills notice Is Insertcd by Pairicia NICEiiici'y or Philip & Milaros. 61h FIDOi'. 9-11 Cavciiagh Sireci. Dai\, in in 1/1c Norilicrn Tcrriioi\' or Austinlin Solicit!IIS Ibr Ihc ADPlic;1111 4/10 2/10 Companies INurtlierii Teriitur}.) Code NOTICE OF SUMMONS FOR WINDING up RE: CDLMOX PTY LTD o1 C/- CanIblc Ryan & Purlncrs (NT) Ply Lid. ISI Fluui. 13 Tile Esplanade. Darwin in Ihc Nulllicrii Tcl'ri!o1y or AUStlulla CAVIN BARRY LA\\' or 20 TDInicr Sircct. Anula 11ns brouglit a SUIiinioiis in ACiioii No. 7 I of 199 I in Inc SLIPreiiie Court of the Nui'111crn Tcri'nory of Australia in Darwin sceking Ihe winding LIP of Colliio\ Ply Ltd. Thc Summons Is 1151ed for hearing on Ihc 4/11 day D/Api'i1 I 99 I at nui heroic 9 30 alli. Any creditor or contributory of Colmox Ply Lid wisliing 10 be heard un Ihc Sumiiions niust file an 11 sei've a nullce in accordancc \\11h RLile 32 of the Supreme Couii iconipanicsj Rules at Ieasi 3 business days herorc the day on which the Summons Is 1151cd for hcaiinn and must attend allhe Supicn, c Court Darwin ill Ihc lintc 5.1 for Ihe hearin" or Ihe Summons. A copy of Ihe SLinimon\ and Inc affidavit in suppoit call be obtained on naymcnt of the propel CUSIs ironi Messrs. Philip & Miiuros o161h Floor. Ninjunal Mutual Ccnire. 9-11 Cavenag!I SIrcet. Darwin. NT 0800 THIS NOTICE Is inserted by PATRICIA MCENIERY of Pilllip & Milaros. Barrisiers & Solicitoi's. 6111 Floor. Nailonal Muiual Centi'c. 9-11 Cavenauh SIrcct. Dai win. NT 0800 Soilciioi's to I Ihc Plaintiff 3/10 Collipani"s (Northern Tcrritor}) Code NOTICE OF SUMMONS FOR WINDING up RE MUDGINBERRISTATION PTY Ll'D of Suite 9. ISI Fluni. Ruincs Fijiz, I. I Burralo Cour!. Darwin JABILUKA ABORIGINAL I, AND TRUST 11ns bioughi" Suminuns in Action No. " of 199 I (9 103 144) in 1110 Suprcinc Couit or Ihe Nulllici'11 Tcrritury o1 Australia at Darwin seeking Inc winding up of MUDGINBERRISTATION PTY LTD Thc Sumnions is 1151cd fullicai'ing o11 Thursday' Ih. 4 API'11 1991 at riot before 9.30 urn. Any creditoi' or conli'ibutoi'y o1 MUDGINBERRI STATION PTY LTD \'Ishiiig 10 be heal'd o11 tile Summons must inc und scr\c a 1,011cc in accordance '11/11 Rule 32 or Inc Suprciiic Coui'I (Coinpnnies) Rules 1986 at least thrcc (3) busiiicss days herorc the duv on willclit11c Summons Is listcd for healing and must uricnd at Ihc Sriprcnic Courthuusc. Mitcliell Slicet. Darwin allhc lime 5.1 for' Ihc henring of Inc Summons A copy, or lite Sumii. ons rind tile affidavit in support can be obiaiilcd on payiiicniofthc proper costs from Deborxh MDnis. Messi's W'ard Kcller. Lc\'e1 7. Nomieni Tcri'1101y I{uusc 22 Miiclicll Sireel. Dai'w'In in Ihc Northe In TCLriioi'v or ALisii'alla THIS NOTICE is iriseiicd b, , Messrs. \\'"rd Kcllci. Level 7. Nulllicrn Territory House. 22 Miiclicll Street. Darwin NT 0800. Solicitors 1011/1c Plaintiff. Ref NOR900440 H. I. P. A10HRHOLZ Denuiy Rugisirar-Gciici'al 5/10 Poisons and Dangero1/5 Dr. Igs Act NOTICE Gifre!Ie S 11 - Allicndn\cnt or Schcdules 10 Ihe P0, *o11, find D, 111. qciui, 5 DJt!gr 4,115 now available 10r purchase aru CUSI of $3 .50 fr, 11n Governinent Publications. 13 Smith Street. Dai\\. in. Phone 89 7152. 89 7153. Fax 89 7972 (GP. 0. Box 1046. Darwin. NT 0801) 6/10 D. TARRANT G, ,. elf, , Qincci CDVcrnincni Priiiiing Qince