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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G2



Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G2


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Northern Territory Government

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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G2, 16 January 1991

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Attribution International 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

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Northern Territory Government



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nit, I\!, ii!!If!,! It, !, 11ni\ G, ,I'd!7/11/'11i Gti. ,.!!, N, ,. G2. 16 1,111i, ,11'\ I 991 *, Crimpanics (Northern 'rerritor\) Cod" NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF PROVISIONAL LIQUIDATOR RE: DAMILMAN PTY LTD 111 Puniicll Kci'I' Foistci ISI Fluoi 9 I'arsons SII'cci ALICE SPRINGS. NT 011 20 Decciiibci 1990 Ihc Suprcmc Cullit ,11'111c Norihcin Tcl'I'm11\ in ACiinii NII 7 17 of 1,911 Inndc un Dr. 1.1 tipp. illiing RICHARD \!INCENT RYAN 011\I Fill, I. Ark!ITU H, ,u\c 13 111c ESDI"rindc. 0:11\\ill in 111c Nunhci'11 Tcli'1101'y o1 Au\t1111/11 :I\ 1/1c Pin\'I\I'll"I Liquidiiiui' o1/11c 111.0\ cnaiticd Culllp;!11y 'jilts riniicc is In\ci'ICd 111 illLliili Kc!I} of '11/11p & Milai'ok. 6111 Finni'. 9-11 Cu\. cn". 11 Sircci. D"I'\\ 111 ill 111c Ninjiicrii I'ci'linti\. 11T Au\1111/1". Soilc1111/5 101 Ihc Altplic;11/1 812 Coinpanics (!\o11hei'11 'rerritni} I Critic NOTICE OF APPOINTMLN'I or RECLIVER AND MANAGER OF POYNRAY PTY LIMIT'ED COMMON\\'FAl. "'F1 BANK 01' AUSTl{ALIA 111' 22 Silliili SII'cci. D"I'will. N'I'llcrchy 21\ CS nullcc Ihui on Ihc 2 ISI t!u} o1' Octciiibci' 19011 11 anno!nicd STHl'HEN JAMES DUNCAN o1' c"lc 1.1' MCS\r\ AUIthur And, rscii & Co 12 PITic SIIcct. AUcl;lidc ill Ihc Stillc or SIIu!11 AUMr"11:1 us Rccci\'ci' 111'111c Inc. Inc 1/1 Inc It Topci'Iy uf Inc ctiinpany bcin:! 111c plopci'ty \PCcilicLl in 11,111 I tit 111c XIIcdulc rindcr Inc pu\\ CTS '01/1uincd in an Instilliiicni 11:11cd Ihc 201h d:*' 11/1uly 1987 hcing 111ciiiuitinduiii ill 11/11rinagc rin. 19 1873. and its Rcccivcr jind M"nagci o11hc 1,111pci', o11hc '01/1p;lib belli!! Ihc 1,111pcri}. SPCcincd in 11ciii 2 o1 Inc schcdulc undcr the pu\\crs cunt:jincLlin 11/1 Instruiiicni chitcd Inc 14/11 day o1' May 1986 bcin!! Equii"blc M:Iri!!:Igc bciiig regi\1.1'cd cquiiablc cliargc 11:1 4505 Cunti01 11f Roads Act ORDER To CLOSE A ROAD I. FD\YARD TREVOR CARGAN. Ihc DC1cgaic o1'1hc M jiltsici' 10r binds rind Housing . by \'11'1uc o1 11n Insti'unicni daicd 15 Febru"I\. 1990 111.1dc Lindcr scctioii 7B o1'111e C, ,11n, 11 ,JR, ,, 1:1\ A, '!. in pursuitiicc or itciion 2 I Lit' 111c AC!. ortlcr 111,111hc road Jujuining Lui 6923 Rus'. I-11gli\\ a} in 1/1c In\\'11 Dr Alitc Spring\ anLlinoic ITUi'11cu1"111. ticlincaicd tin SUI'\'c}, Plan NII S90/ 17A ticpositcL1 \\ 11/11hc Sill\. CIOi-Guncri!I. hc clotd DJicL! 14/11 DLLci, Ih. I'. 1990 SCHEDULE I. All Ih"I PIccc t, I 1,1111 11.1n!! Norihcrn TCLriiory Pollioii 3 116 anti bcing Ihc \\'hnlc or Ihc land conipriscd ill Griini in ICc 51/11plc Register Book Voluiiic 154 Folio 180 2 All and singului' Inc undci'Iakiiig 1.10pcriy rind all usnets lit Poynra^ Ply Ltd \\'hatsocVCr 11nd \\. hcrcsucvci' hulli PLC\cni '11/11 Iu!urc Including IIS uncalled capiial IUT Ihc 11mc bcing AND all 111c \Ingu!ar Inc Lindenakiiig proPCity und '11/1hc asscis whatsocvci' und wheresocvcr both pre\cni and lullii'c 11.1d by Poynra} Ply Ltd its Ti'usICc for Inc Ba! k HUI Unit Trust 11/1dcr Decd It I TTList Initdc tile 3rd day o1' April 1986 11,2 Cullij, "ni"s INorthcr, I 'rci'Innr} ) COLIC No'LICE OF SUMMONS FOR \\'INDiNc up RE: NAIRN 1101. DINGS PTY LIMITED 7 0111/1/1"rd CUI^11 A1, ICE SPRINGS. NT UNION STEEL. " Ui\1,111n o1 ENIAll. METALS PTY LIMITED. toriiicrly RUNGE METALS ENGINEFRING I'TY LIAll LLD 11/1/11n!: us BCJ STEELSTOCKS. 11n* brimglii " SUI111/10/15 in tict10n No. 7291 1990 190.6 I Sui in 1/1c SIIj, 1,111c Culli'I or 111c NIIrthci'11 'Tcl'I'll:In' 111 A Listr, 1/1;I ill On I\\ 111 \ccking Ihc \... In ding 1111 111 NAIRN HDl, DINGS PT\' LIMITED Thc SUITinitin\ is INCt! Ibr 11ca!Ing till the 3 ISI tiny tit Innu;try 1991 ill 11.1 herorc 9.30 '11/1 Any ci'cdiioi' or conirihuiui}, 111' NAIRN HOLDINGS PTY LIMITED \visliin, !10 be Ile;Iru <111 111c Sunimons 111usiInc jind \cr\ c a nullcc in uccordancc \\ 1/11 ^ulc 32 till he Suniciiic CttLii'I ICUiitpiinichj Rules ill lensi 3 bustncss days bcloi'c Ihc tilly on \\'hich 111c sumiiions Is lisicd 101' 11c"ring uricl Innsi;111cnd at 111c Sunrciiic Court Durwiii at the 11/11c he I 10r 1/1c 11c"ring o1' Ihc huntiiion* A copy o1 Ihc sumiiiuiis und o11hc wind"\'ii in SL^printl can he obj"Incd on payilTeni 1/1' the plopcr CUSI 111,111 Denni\ Noriii"n. solicitur. 2 Dullercl Couri. Lcaiiyci' NT iph 27 6761) 12/2 Piigc 3 L. T. CARGAN DC1cg"IC 111' Ihc Minisici IUT Litii, Is rinLI F1:11Nn, 9/2 Control of Roads Act NOTICE OF ROAD RESTRICTION I. LINDSAY BRYCESON. Acting AssistanI Secrciary Roan\ PHI*unn! to the powers of the Ministcr Ibi' TiunTDI'1:1:111 V. fork\ In Ihc Noithcrn Tcri'itDry uiidcr section 11A of Ihc C, '11/1't!! ,/Rilli, /, At'I dclcgated 10 Inc by inst!'urncni daicd 5 Mareii 1009. rc\trici us from lividniglii 18 Decembcr 1990 until runhcr notice. the use of Kakudu I{ighway bun\'ccn the ciid of Ihc scaled road at Cotiinda ancl Soulh Alligator Rivcr Crossing 10 VChicles noi cxcccding cighi(8110nncs gross Initss Daicd ISIh DCceniber. 1990 Crown Lands Act NOTICE OF DE'TERMINATION I. CARY JOHN LINDE SWANSON. a delcn;Ile o1'1hc Minisici' fur Lands and Housing. by \. inuc of un instruiiicni daled 15 Febi'uni'y 1990 111udc Lindcr seciion 12A(I) of Ihc On 11/1 LtiJi, /.\ Her. ill puisuancc ill section 15/5 I of Ihc ACi. he ICby givc rilliicc of a 11.1criiiinuiion niadc 101' the plutoscs of scciion 15(2) 111 Ihe ACi and being 1110rc purlicul"rly Ilescribed in the Schedule Daled 191h DCccmbci'. 1990 10/2 L. G. BRYCESON Acting AssistanI Scci'eiary Roads G. I. L. SWANSON DC1cgatc o1' tile Ministcr for Lands and Housing SCHEDULE Particulars of Determination of grant or Crown land Date of onei' - 17 July 1990 Type o1,111ni 11/11dc - Crown Leasc in PCrpc!11/1y Ploposcd DC\clopiiicnt - BMX Club and Ancillary Price - Nil PCrson In \kiloni grant niadc - Jin"111 BMX Club Inc Descripiion tit CFO\\, n Lurid Ihe subjccitil'Ihc gi'anI - Seciiun 3089 Ahala Rtiad. HLindrcd of Bugoi 13/2

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