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Northern Territory Government

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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G2, 16 January 1991

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Northern Territory Government



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Page 4 Consulner Protection Act Planning Act TEMPORARYAPPOINTMENTOFCOMMISSIONEROF NOTIFICATION OF PLANNING INSTRUMENT CONSUMER AFFAIRS I. MAXWELLHENRYORTMANN. tileMinisterforLands I. DARYL WILLIAM MANZIE. the Minis:a' toI' Hcalili and Housing. in pursuancc DISCciion 61(2) of tile PIn, Innig and Community Services. in pursuance of scction 16(2) of Art. richly Inc rimking orKailiciine Town Plan (Anlendmcnt the Collrii!lie, PIO!eciioJi An and section 44(2) of Inc hire, Tilti, 1110/1 An. appoint Raymond John Norman. all cinployee willTin the nieuning of tile PI, hilt Sri\. Ice AC!. 1,111porai'i!y in place of Gco^icy Will1,111 Francis Chard. the Cuminissionei' of Consumer Affairs dui'ing the absence or Ihc Conimissioner Ironi duty. \\, 11/1 cffect on and froin 28 December 1990 until and Including 25 January 1991 Daled 20th December. 1990 file Null/1,171 Tel'HIDiT Gold, 71/11e, 11 Gnc, Ile No. G2. 16 Iru!!, u, \. 1991 14/2 Cro\, n Lands Act NOTICE OF DETERMINATION I. CARY JOHN LINDE S\VANSON. a delc"arc of Inc Minister' for Lands and Hullsin". by vii'Iue of an insti'ument dated 15 February 1990 Inadc 11nder section 12A(I) of the Cr, ,11, I billds AC!. in PUNiaiice of section 15(5) of 111c ACi. hereby give nullcc of a deterrillnaiion made 101 Inc purposes of section 15(2) of the Act and being nioi'c particularly describcd in Ihc Schedule Daicd 24th DCcciiiber. 1990 D. W. MANZIE Minister for I{earlih and Coin!nunity Scrviccs No. 142) 1990 tNOTE: The alliendiiicni. niade following Ihe exhibiiion of Draft Planning Instruincni No. K156. alliends clause 34 "Palking Provision" o11he Kaihcrinc Town Plan by subst!juting. in tile 'Table to that clause. a new 11.11i 28 in Tclation to office parking requiremcnis. I Copies of tile planning Insti'urncnt are available allhc Eighth Floor AMP Building. corner of Cavcnagli and Knuckey Streets. Darwin. NT 0800 alld '11/11c Krillicrine Regional Omcc, GIDund Floor. Governmcni Centrc. First Sireci. Kaihcrine. NT 0850 Daicd 14th Deceinber. 1990 G. J. L. SWANSON Delcgnie of Ihe Minister for Lands and I'Dusing SCHEDULE Particulars of Deterrillnation of grant of Crown land Dale of offer - 26 November 1990 Type of grant made - Crown Lease Terni Ploposcd Developmcni - Peal'I Culluie Fariii Price - Annual Renial of $250.00 Person 10 whom grant Inade - Tiwi Pearls Ply Ltd Desci'IPIion of Crown Land tile subject of tile grani - NT Por!10n 3906 15/2 Planning Act NOTIFICATION OF PLANNING INSTRUMENT I. MAXWELL HENRY ORTMANN. lite Minister for Lands and Housing. in pursuancc of section 61(2) or the Plan!11/13 An. notify the inukiiig ofKatherine Town Plan IAmentlmcnt No. 141) 1990 INOTE' Tile amendment. made following Ihe exhibition of Draft Plannin" Instrument NO KISS, re-zones pull of Lot 2386 Needham Terrace Town of Kaihcrinc froin Sp. PI (Specific Planning Instrument Zone) to 01 topen Space Zone) to permit tile land to be LISed as a park. I Copies of the planning Instrunient arc available at tile Ei, ,hill Floor AMP Building. corner or Cavcnagli and Knuckey Sireeis. Darwin. NT 0800 and at the Kathei'inc Retiiona! Officc. Ground FIDOi'. Government Cenirc. First Sireei. Katlierinc. NT 0850 Dated 18th Decentbci. 1990 17/2 Crown Lands Act PROCLAMATION Norihci'n Terniory By HIS Honour of Australia the Administrator JAMES HENRY MUIRHEAD of the Noithcrn Administrator Terntoiy of Australia I, JAMES HENRY MUIRHEAD. tile Administratoi' of the Northern Territory of Australia, aciing willI Ihc advice of Ihc Exccuiive Council (a) ill pursuance of sect!un 1/1(I)(a) of tile Cloti, 11 Ln, Ids ACl co constitute a new town over lite tirea described in Ihc Schedule. and (Ii) dcfinc tlic boundaries of the new town to be the boundaries o, 111e alea described in the Schedule; and (b) in pursuitnce of seciioii 111(2) of the Cron 11 Dind$ ACi. specify Inat this Proclamation shall Inkc elfcct from tile dale upon willcli it appears in Ihe Ga. elfe Given undcr lily hand and the Public Seal of the Norihcrn Territory or Australia o11 20 Deceniber 1990 I. H. A1UIRHEAD Adniinisti'ator LS ~. I M. H. ORTMANN Minister for Lands and Housing 16/2 M. H. ORTMANN Minister 101' Lands and Housing By }IIS I{on ours Commantl M. H. ORTMANN Minisiei for Lands and I{ousing SCHEDULE ALL THAT piece or parcel of land in the Northern Tenjiory of AUSiralia being Northern Tcrritory Portions 2434. 2435 and 2436 and containing an area of 226.36 hectares more or less as delineated on Survey Plan No. S85/62 located in the office of the Surveyor-General. Mitchell Street. Darwin 18/2 GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!

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