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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G2



Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G2


Northern Territory Government


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Northern Territory Government

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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G2, 16 January 1991

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Northern Territory Government



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file Null!1,111 Trillion Gol'ei, I'll, 111 G". elfc No. G2. 16 1,111!JulT 1991 Crow. 11 Lands Act PROCLAMATION By HIS HonourNorthcrii Territory of Australia tile Adm!nisirator of the Northci'nJAMES I-IENRY MUIRHEAD Territory of AustraliaAdminislialoi I. JAMES HENRY MUIRHEAD. the Administrator of the Norilicrn Territory of Australia. acting with tile advice of the Executive Council (a) in PUTSuancc o1 section 1/1(I)(a) o1' Ihc CIO"', I L(111ds ACi consiituic und define Inc boundarics of a nc\\, town over the ill'ca dcscribcd in Ihc Schedtilc; jind (b) 1/1 pursuancc of section 1/1(2) of Ihc Croii. ,I Ln"of* Art. specify 111,111iis Proclamation 511,111akc eflcci from the dine upon which it appealI'S in the G, I'me Gi\cii under my halld and the Public Seal of Ihc Northcrn Tcrriiory of Australia on 20 Deccnihci' 1990 I. H. MUIRHEAD Adniinisiraioi LS 11. ( Crown Lands Act PROCLAMATION By HIS I'Dnour the Administrator of Ihe Northern Terriioi\ of AUStralia I. JAMES HENRY MUIRHEAD. the Administrator oilhe Norihei'n Tcri'110ry of AUSirnlia. acting willI the advicc of Ihc Exccuiive Council. in PUTSuancc of section 103(I)(d) of tile CIOii, ! Ln, Ids All. revoke the rescivations of lurid in Ihc Hundruls orcavcn""h. Cotton. Goyder and Howard. County of Painicrslon containing all "ICa of 52 square 111ilcs ntore or less. being NT Pollion 1678. known as R'Servc No. 9 13 rusei'VCd by Proclamation dated 5 Scpicnibci' 1951 and appcuriiig at page 23 10 of Ihc Coiniiioiiwcalih Govcriimcnt G, Ice!!, No. 68 claicd 13 Sepicmbcr 195 I Given undcr lily. 11nnd rind tile Public Seal of Ihc Northc! n Teijiioiy of AUSii'aliti un 20 Decciiibci' 1990 I H MUIRHEAD Administrator LS By HIS HDniiui\ Coinmand M. H. ORTMANN Minister toI' Lands anti Housing . ~. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! *!*c, ~\,,~*.,*\ SCHEDULE .BAI.^RIVER TOWN BOUNDARY ALL THAT parcel of land lieni' tile Daiy River in Ihc Nullhcrn Tcri'nory or Australia contaiiiing an area of 492 .I hcciarcs more o11css and being more particularly dclineatcd on Survey Pinn No. S85/128 10dgcd with lite Surveyor Gencial. Dai. win Northcrn Terriioi'y of Australia JAMES HENRY MUIRHEAD Adniiiiistitiioi 19/2 Crown Lands Act PROCLAMATION By His }10nourNorilierii Territory of Allslrulia 111e Adminisiraior JAMES I{ENRY MUIRHEAD of the Noriliern Territory of AustraliaAdministiaior I. JAMES HENRY MUIRHEAD. tile Administrator of the Noriliern Territoi'y of Australia. acting willI Ihc advice o1 Ihc Executive Council. in pursuance of section 103(I)(d) of Inc Cron. ,I L""ds Her. revoke Ihc reservation of land near A1cooia. known as Reserve No. 1777. reserved by Proclamation daicd 19 Deccn, ber 1986 and appearing at page 4 of Grrr, !!, No. SS9 d:lied 23 December 1986 Given under my hand and lite Public Seal of tile Northern Territory of Australia on 20 December 1990 I. H. MUIRHEAD Adminisii'at or LS Pane 5 By His noriuur's Coiniiiand M. H. ORTMANN Minister for I, ands and Housing 21/2 GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! By His Honour's Command M. H. ORTMANN Minis!CT for Lands and Housing ./ By HIS HDnoui Ihc Adminisiraior of the Northern Terntoiy of Australia I. JAMES HENRY MUIRHEAD. the Administrator of tile Noiihcrn Tcrriioi'y of Australia. actIng with tile advicc or tile Executive Council. in pursuancc of section 103(I)(d) of the C, uii, I Lttnch AC!. revoke tile reservaiion or lurid near Lainei'o0 Beach in tile Town of Darwill. Hundred or Bagoi. County orPnlmersion. N. T. D/Ausiralia containing an area of 23 acres. 3 rods. 30 perches niore or less. being Lot 5012. known as Reserve No. 1385 reserved by Proclamation dated 6 Apr!11972 and appearing at page 3 of Conimonwealili of AUSiralia Gti=, Ile No. 29 dated 13 April 1972 Given Lindcr nTy hand and tile Public Scal of tile Noriliern Territory of Australia on 20 December 1990 J. H. MUIRHEAD Adminisiralor Northci'n Tcri'110ry of AUSiralia JAMES HENRY MUIRHEAD Administraior , Crown I, ands Act 20/2 PROCLAMATION GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! By His Honours Command M. H. ORTMANN Minisier for Lands and Housing 22/2 GOD SAVE THE QUEEN LS

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