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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G2


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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G2, 16 January 1991

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Northern Territory Government



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nie NortheiJi Teijiioir Goldi7iiiie, 11 G, Icei!, No. G2. 16 Jinmu, 'v 1991 Planning Act NORTHERN TERRITORY PLANNING AUTHORITY DRAFT PLANNING INSTRUMENT (PROPOSED ZONING CHANGES) B I 8 LAND AFFECTED: Proposed Lot 290 KITra Crescent. Town of Batchclor theNATURE OF INSTRUMENT: To rerunc jibovcmcniioiicd land Ironi O (Open Space) to RM (Medium DCnsity Residential) CONTACT OFFICER: Syd Deani(89 7937) CLOSING DATE. 6th February 1991 PREPARED PURsuANT To A RESOLUTION OFTHE NORTHERNTERRITORYPLANNINGAUTHORITYON 6 DECEMBER 1990 This proposal \\, 111 bc exliibiicd in tile foyer of 111e Planning Brancli Office. Eighili FIDOi'. AMP Building. Cavenagh Sirect. Dai'win. in Terry MCCarihy's Elccioral Of ticc. Tartan'ri Road. Batchclor und the Adclaide River/Baichclor Pro^Css Association. Loll4 I Caincroii Road. Batchclor and jilthc shop at Batclielor. Lintil!he closing dint Indicated An explanatory docuiiiciit Is :Ivailablc for Inspection Pu!'sunnt 10 section 49 of Inc Pithii, 111g At'I :Iny person I'my. during Ihc cxliibiiion period. Initkc a subnii>510n. Subinis>lulls musi be in writing fully dciailing points \vhicli niay assist Ihc AUIhoi'11y in IIS asscssniciii of Ihc ploposnl Subiiiissiuns may be lodged with Inc Sccrctary. Northern Terriiory Planning AUIlioriiy. GPO Box 1680. Darwin NT 0801. or dclivcrcd 10 Ihc Planning Auntority Sccrciariai at Inc Planninn Branc!I o1/1cc unii! Ihc closing dale indicaied It should be rioted Inaiilic Authority may in vile persons \WITo havc lodgetl a submission to appear before Ihc AUIlioi'!Iy In slipport of tileir subinission 11. in IIS opinion. nearing Ihai person will assist the AUIliority in IIS deliberations. E. B M. JAMES Deputy Chairman Northern Tell'110ry Planning AUIhoriiv Planning Act NORTHERN TERRITORY PLANNING AUTHORITY DRAFT PLANNING INSTRUMENT (PROPOSED ZONING CHANGES) B 19 LAND AFFECTED: Part L0t 268 Pinaroo Crescent. Tow. n of' Batchcloi NATURE OF INSTRUMENT: To IhcIC70nC abovementioned land from O (Open Space) 10 B (Business) to allow for the developiiicni of a bccr garden CONTACT OFFICER: Syd DCani(89 7937) CLOSING DATE: 61h Febi'unry 1991 PREPARED PURsuANT To A RESOLUTION OF THE NORTHERNTERRITORY PLANNING AUTHORITY ON 6 DECEMBER 1990 Tills proposal will be exhibited in 111e 111ycr or Inc Planning Brancli Office. Ei"111h FIDOi. AMP Buildin". C"\. cnunh Sircci. Dai'A. in. in Tcl'ry MCCarihy's Elccioral Office Tai'k:!rri Road. Batchclor rind Ihc Adclaidc River/Batchc1:11 Pro^Css Association. Lot 141 Caincron Road. Batchcloi' and in Inc shop at Batchcloi. until Inc CIO wig tinic Indicaicd. All cxplanaiury ducumcnt is available f!"'Inspection Puisuani10 section 49 of tile Pithi, 11,111 A, I any person rimy. 11uriiig Inc CAIiibiiiun Iicriod. Innkc a SIIbniission. Subiiiissiuii\ 111usi be in \\'rillng fully dctailing points \\. hicli 1/1ay assist tile Authority in its asscssnicni of Inc proposal Subniissions may be lodged \\. 11/11he Secretary. Noi'tilern Territory Planning AUIhority. GPO Box 1680. Darwin NT 0801. or delivercd to the Planning Authority Secret"riui at the Plannin" Blanch urncc until the closing dale indicated h should bc noted Inaiihe AUIltority may Inviic persons who have lodged a submission 10 lippcai' bcforc Inc AUIlioriiy in suppoi'I or their subiiiission If. in IIS DPIniun. nearing Ihat person \\, 111 assist the AUIlioriiy in Its delibcraiiuns E. B. M JAMES DCputy Chaiiinan Norihern Terriioiy Planning AUIhoi'11y Pane 7 '\ t73 \ I .*, ,93 ,/' "\'\' 94 '* I * <^ 14, *. ,,,;v;{>'^It"' ',^~/ ,,, j 258;"'*""";"I*, 00 , ,;"~I*..., \,, I",,,. 0 \,',*.,,, ,, 0"' 268''' "' 97 '**. ,, g. 268 \, \213 215 d' 214 103 104 30/2 105 *. c#"' \ . \* <*+ 274 276 ,!., 272 I , 271 289 ,,, *,, I,,;;I' ~.* '\''^- "^~~~'~~I I I^, 0 ,._1'248\'q. , I_ I \ FluRN. INA 275 276 277 31/2 B 268 I_ STREET

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