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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G2


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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G2, 16 January 1991

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Page 10 Real Property Act NOTICE Whereas an application has been inade to the RegisirarGeneral to register a Discharge of Memorandum of Mortgage No. 165570 between NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK LIMITED (Mortgagee)andTHEO MIAOUUS:IndSYLVIA MIAOULIS (Mortgagors) registered in respect of Lot 5396 Town or Sanderson cntcred in the Rcgisier Book or Cer!incaics of Title Volunie 33 Folio 186 without Ihe production o11he said MemoranduiiiofMortgagc No. 165570 which is alleged 10 nave been lost or dcsiroyed Now I hercby give notice Inaiit is my in teniioii to ICgisier sucli Discharge \\, ithouitlte production of the said Mortgagors copy unless a calvcat be lodged willI the Rcgisirar-Gencral on o1' belorc the expii'alloii of 14 days 1101n the daic of 1/1is G, I'mc file Northe, 71 Tell'iron Gove, Jim, ,11 Gazelle No. G2. 161,111imy 1991 45/2 Companies (Noriliern Turntory) Code A & M VAZQUEZ PTY LIMITED (In Vnluniary Liquidation) NOTICE OF FINAL MEETING Notice is hercby given iliai pursuani to section 4/1(2) o, 111c Collwu, lids Worn!e, '11 7,111'101}') Cot/t. . a general riteciing o1 meritbers o1' A & M VAZQUEZ PTY LIMITED (In Vuluniary Litjuidaiion) will bc Ileld at tile rimce of ERNST & YOUNG. 2ND FLOOR NATIONAL MUTUAL CENTRE 9-11 CAVENAGH STREET. DARWIN0800. un Ihc 131h day of Febriiary 199 I at 9.00 alli. Tile PIirposc of Ihc 111ecting Is to lay arcounis before it. showing the manner in willcliilie winding LIP ling been conducied and the properly of Inc company disposed of. and for hearing any explanation Ihai may be givcn by tile Liquidaior Dated 7th kiriuary. 1991 Oatlis Act TERMINATION OF APPOINTMENT OF COMA^SSIONERS FOR OATHS I. FREDERICK ARTHUR FINCH. the Minister for Transport and Works acting for and on behalf of the Attorncy-General. ill PIirsuaiice of section 17(3) of the Odin, AtI. terminate tile appointments of Roberi Leitli Amold Indrain Solomon Arulaiiipalam Timoiliy PCIer F1ciiqc Mark Andre\\, HeCIOr Douglas OriTiond Pease Tliomas Ross Pine Mich:lei John Plenty CFegory Riclia!d Schintlcr Ian John Summervillc John David Whitehall as Commissioners 10r 0,111s Daicd 4/11 January. 199 I I. MAYR Deputy Regisirar-General 46/2 Traffic Act AUTHORISED OPERATORS OF BREATH ANALYSIS INSTRUMENT I. MICHAEL JOHN PALMER. Commissioner of Police. pursuaiit 10 regulation 1/7 of tile Traffic Regulaiions. being of tile opinion iliai cacli member or the Northei'n Terniory Police Force whose name appears in the schedule in co fully trained in the use of a prescribed breath analysis Instrument. namely. DRAEGER ALCOTEST 7110 and; (b) capable of using sand breath analysis Instrument for the pulposes of tile Regulations. (c) auiliorise eacli of tile Incmbers to use the instrument for the purposes of the Act. Deceiiiber. 1990 R. \V. COWLING Liquidaioi 2nd FIDOi National MLi!ual Centre 9-11 Cavenagh Sireet Darwin NT 0800 48/2 Local Governnient Act NOTICE OF EXHIBITION OF DRAFT COMMUNITY GOVERNMENT SCHEME FOR LAJAMANU I. ROGER WILLIAM STANLEY VALE, the Minister for Sporj. Recreation. Eijinic Affairs and Local Government. in PUTSuance of section 246(2) of the Locn/ Gol. ,,, lintiii, t!, hereby give notice Inaia draft comniuniiy governmentschcmc for the Lainmanu Community will be exhibited (a) at Ihc rimce of the Litjamanu Community Governnieni Council; (b) on 111e notice board at the Lajamanu community store; (c) in the Omce of Local Government. NT Government Centre. First Street, Kaiherine; and (d) in the Office of Local Governnieni. Enterprise HDusc. cni. Woods and Knuckey Streets. Darwin uniilthe cxpiraiion or 21 days after 111e dale of the Gnceiie in \vhicli this notice appears Dated 19/11 December. 1990. F. A. FINCH Minisier for Tinnspoit and Works acting for and on bellalf of Ihc Attorney-Genei'al M. I. PALMER Commissioner of Police SCHEDULE LLE\VELLYN. David John ROBB, Adrian Joseph LIGHTOWLER. David 47/2 R. V/. S. VALE Minister for Snell, Recrcaiion. Ethnic Affairs and Local Government NOTE: Scciion 247 of tile Locul Gore, rime, 11 AC! provides Thai:my person may, will11n tile period specified in a notice under section 246(2) of that Act. make a submission to Ihe Minister in relation to a draft community government scheme exhibited under section 246(I) of that Act. If you wish 10 make a submission to the Minisier for Sport. Recrcaiion. Ethnic Affairs and Local Government in respect of the draft coniit, unity government scheme specified in this notice you may do so by posting the SLibmission to GPO Box 4621. Darwin. NT 0801. or by delivering it to the Qince referred to in paragraph (d) above 49/2