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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G25, 26 June 1985

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Tile Northern Territory Governme, 11 Gazelle No. G25, 26 Inne 1985 19851. MICHAELJAUNAY MOUNTofMichaelMouni & Co, Chartered Accountants. Ninth Floor. National Mutual Centre, 80 King William Street, Adelaide, South Australia, the Liquidator of the above named company was granted my release as Liquidator Dated this seventeenth day of June. 1985 M. J. MOUNT Liquidator 39125 RealProperty Act NOTICE Whereas a declaration as required by section 79 o11he Real Property Act has been made of the accidental loss or destruction of Lease of Town Lands No. 811. Register Book Volume 11 Folio 19 NOTICE Is HEREBY GIVEN that unless a caveat be lodged with the Registrar-General by any person having an estate or interest in the said land other than UGO FADELLl, the registered proprietor on or before the expiration of fourteen (14) days from the date of this Gazette. a provisional copy of the above lease will be issued 10 the said UGO FADELLl A. WU Deputy Regisirar-General CLOSING DATE - 10 JULY 1985 TB1439/84 - Supply D/Alcohol TB20120/84 - Supply, Installation and Maintenance of SNA/SDLNeiwork Devices including Visual Display Units. Printers, Controllers and Micro Computers - Supply and Delivery of one Total Station and Electronic Fieldbook - Supply and Delivery of I 000kg Medium Capacity Utilities - Supply and Delivery o15m)kg Medium Capacity Utilities - Supply and Delivery of Four Wheel Drive Dual Cab Utilities CLOSING DATE-24 JULY 1985 TB1696/84 - Supply of Drugs A-L (Amoxycillin. BenzylBenzoate Application and Fluxtroxacillin) All Tender Schedules are available from the Secretary. General Tender Board, Telephone: (089) 89 7530. Telex NTGTB 85116 Tender Schedules for regional requirements are available from the relevant Area Omce, Department of Transport and Works: Katherine 72 0223 42/25 40125 Interpretation Act NOTIFICATIONOFMAKINGOFAMENDMENT OFHARBOURCRAFTBY-LAWS I. STEPHEN PAUL HATTON. the Minister for Ports and Fisheries, in PUTSuance of section 63 of the Interpretation Act, give notice that the Darwin Port Authority has made the following By-laws under section 48 of the Danvin Port Authority Act Regulations 1985, No. 12: Amendment of the Harbour Craft By-laws Copies of the above By-laws may be purchased at the Northern Territory Government Information Centre, 13 Smith Street, Darwin, N. T. , 5790. Dated this sixth day of June. 1985 S. P. HATTON Minister for Ports and Fisheries TB20107/84 TB1199/84 TB1198/84 TB1189/84 Page 11 41/25 General Tender Board TENDERSINVITED Tenders closing with Secretary, General Tender Board. 4th Floor, AMP. (formerly Palmerston) Building. 38 Cavenagh Street, Darwin. at 200 pin. on the dates indicated are invited for: CLOSING DATE - 3 JULY 1985 TB20109/84 - Lease of Optical Character Recognition Unit - Supply of Fencing Material - Lease of Photocopier - Supply and Delivery of Fresh Bread (including Bread Rolls, and Buns) Northern Area Department of Transportand Works TENDERSANDQUOTATIONSFOR WORKSANDSERVICES Tenderers are to note that from I July 1985. alltenders and quotations will close at 2.00 pin. on Wednesdays and offers must be lodged at the place nominated in the advertisement Tenders/Quotations closing willI the Secretary. Department of Transport and Works, Ward Building. Mitchell Street. Darwin. at 2.00 pm. on the undermentioned dates are invited for: TENDERS BUILDING CLOSING DATE - 10 JULY 1985 - Dripstone High School: Acoustic Treatment of Specialist Areas CLOSING DATE - 24 JULY 1985 - Ajice Springs: Alterations and Additions to A1ice Springs Police Station. Parsons Street QUOTATIONS CLOSING DATE - 3 JULY 1985 Two3063i - Darwin Supreme Court. Judges Chambers and Sheriff's Area: Install new locks to doors and partitioning Plans and Specifications are available on application to the Tenders Section, Department of Transport and Works. Ground Floor Ward Building. Mitchell Street. Darwin All Tenders/Quotations riot sent by post 10 that address must be lodged in the appropriate box located at the Department of Transport and Works Office, Ward Building, Mitchell Street. Danvin. N. T. roll01/84 TB1699/84 TB1142/84 T\VT1009 PI426