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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G25, 26 June 1985

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The Norihen! Terniory Governme, !I Gaze"e No. G25. 26 nine 1985 Diseases ControlAct, appoint Mark David Hoult and Lois Inez Ulyatt to be inspectors Dated this sixth day of June, 1985 19/2S Jabiru Town Development Act TERMINATIONOFAPPOINTMENTOFMEMBERS OFTHECOUNCIL I. BARRY FRANCIS CoULTER, the Minisier for Community Development, in PUTSuance of section 25C(4) of the Jabiru Town Development Act and section 44(I) of the Interprefation Act, terminate the appointments of Geoffrey ETnest Stolz and Cecil William SUIhern as members of the Council with effect on and from 30 June 1985 Dated this seventeenth day of June, 1985 BARRY couLTER Minister for Community Development S. P. HATTON Minister for Primary Production Northern Territory Planning Authority NOTICEOFEXHIBITIONOF DRAFTPLANNiNGiNSTRUMENT 20125 LAND AFFECTED: Alithatland within Planning Area 8 and the Municipality of A1ice Springs NATURE OF INSTRUMENT: To amend the Ajice Springs Town Plan zoriing table by deleting the word "flats" from column 3 of the R2 zone JabiruTownDevelopmentAct DETERMINATION I. BARRY FRANCIS CoULTER, the Minister for Community Development, in pursuance of section 25(2)(a) of the Jab, TU Town Development Act. determine that the number of elected members of the Council be increased to 7 Dated this seventeenth day of June, 1985 BARRY CouLTER Minister for Community Development PREPARED PURSUANTTOTHERESOLUTION OF THE PLANNING AUTHORITY ON: 18 April, 1985. Asi24 Page 5 21/25 This Draft Planning Instrument will be exhibited at the Greatorex Building. corner of Parsons and Bath Streets. Ance Springs and at the offices of the A1ice Springs Town Council until U July, 1985. An explanatory document is available JabiruTownDevelopmentAct DEDICATIONOFCERTAINLANDTOPUBUC The Jabiru Town Development AUIhorlty, in PUTSuance of section 25(I) of the Jabiru Town Development Act, and a resolution made by it on 5 June 1985, dedicate to the public the area of land specified in paragraph (c) of the instrument dated 25 November 1983 made under section 25(I) of the Jabiru Town Development Act and appearing at pages 9 and 10 of Gazelle No. G2 dated 18 January 1984 with effect on and from I July 1985 The Common Seal of the Jabiru Town Development Authority was hereto affixed on the thirteenth day of June, 1985 R. G. SMITH Delegate Northern Territory Planning Authority Submissions. a letter concurring or objecting to the proposal, may be lodged with the Chairman. d- the Assistant Secretary, P. 0. Box 1596, A1ice Springs; N. T 5750 or hand delivered to the Planning Branch. Department of Lands, Second Floor, Greatorex Building. corner of Parsons and Bath Streets. A1ice Springs until 17 July, 1985. Interested persons should. if they so desire. request to be heard when the Draft Planning Instrument is considered by the Authority 23125 ControlofRoads Act PROPOSALTOCLOSEPARTOFAROAD I, ERICMALCOLMWILLCOCK. the SurveyorGeneral. in PUTSuance of section 18 of the Control of Roads Act, give notice of a proposal to close part of unused road allhe rear of Lot 17 Town of Larrimah. shown hatched on the plan appearing in the Schedule and more particularly delineated on S84/185A. The adjoining owner is Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Banon Dated this thinieih day of May. 1985 22125 G. E. STOLZ Chairman R. I. GRAY Secretary/Manager NOTE: S84/185A may be inspected at the office of the Surveyor General, Mitchell Street, Darwin Under section 20 of the Act, a person may at any time within 28 days from and in duding the dale of publication of this notice in the Gazelle or local newspaper, whichever is the later, object to the proposal by serving notice, stating the grounds for objections, on the Minister, either personally or by post. Objections may be lodged with the Minister for Lands, G. P. 0. Box 1680, Darwin, N. T E. WILLCOCK Surveyor General