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The Northern Territory news Thu 30 May 2019



The Northern Territory news Thu 30 May 2019

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THURSDAY MAY 30 2019 PUZZLES 27 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Quick crossword No. 6340 11867 QUICK CLUES ACROSS 1 Stamped in 7 Cringe 8 Attain 9 Clear streams etc. 13 Put back in place 19 Sound 20 Stern 21 Church people DOWN 1 Urge to act 2 Strength 3 Currency units 4 Small rodent 5 A sketch 6 Colleague 10 Lengthy period 11 Behind at sea 12 Margin 14 Local talk 15 Gloss 16 Protection 17 Elude 18 Untidy lot CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 1 Being given strong feelings when forced into service 7 Crouch in fear of bovine with middle of the herd 8 Could initially hear around a part of a river 9 Type of fish that rainfall would deliver 13 Rule heard as pronounced to be put back in former position 19 Sound ironically starts in the prow of a ship 20 Serious position for lying when passed on 21 Looks after those in Cabinet possibly DOWN 1 Irritation produced from incorrect chit 2 Some people originally owe religious fervour to strength 3 Marsupials very popular with European shoppers 4 The female retains right with first wild rat-like mammal 5 Preliminary design for conscription 6 A supporter of any company or group 10 Historic period in sturgeons evolution 11 Fat thrown behind the ship 12 Wagged finger at those on the edge 14 Minds if ohms lose odd parts in peculiar form of expression 15 Lustre hard to be noticed outside 16 Sponsorship is first in new ages 17 Avoid meeting girl Dee in Virginia 18 Untidy place where some people dine ACROSS 1 Slippery catches 4 Small duck 8 Consumed 9 Not working 10 Scottish Gaelic 11 Fact of being elsewhere 12 Marijuana 14 For each 15 Apple Isle (abb) 17 Bath 19 Female kangaroo 21 Peruvian Indian 23 Tenet 26 Luxuriant 27 Operatic solo melody 28 Drinkers counter 29 Curved 30 Makes brown DOWN 1 Lace hole 2 Scourge 3 Precipitous 4 Sesame plant 5 Decree 6 Vestment 7 Hawaiian garland 11 Protective garment 13 The press collectively 16 Waistbands 18 Start 20 Brilliance of success 22 Subtle emanation 23 Flatfish 24 Metal-bearing mineral 25 Floor covering 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 C A R G O H O P E D O A S E O E M O I S T U R I S E R F S L O N E E O B E S E B R A G R T R I P E U T O J O I D Y L L A A L E L I A B E D E V I L M E N T L E E O L E E L D E R W A D E D L A Y W A R R E N A O T I C A N Y M R T R A V E L A V E R S E E O I U S E D A N O M E G A F L S X L I T T E R I T A L I C E U E E L B O A S E R E T A I N T A S To solve this puzzle, each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9. Solution tips and computer program at www.sudoku.com Solution published tomorrow Puzzles by Pappocom Yesterdays Sudoku SolutionPrevious Quick Solution Previous Combo Solution Sudoku Easy May 30, 2019 combo crossword No. su do ku how to Play 6340 horoscoPEs The influence of Mercury (communication), in its own sign of Gemini for six more days, is particularly strong now. Jupiter (luck and enthusiasm) is also around halfway through a rare visit home in Sagittarius. Ditto Neptune (dreams and intuition), eight years through a 14-year stay in Pisces. If these three were in a boardroom, youd expect lively discussions about the future of the company. Yet despite what our politicians struggle to demonstrate, it is possible to reach consensus on the best way forward. As the leopard pursues him, Tarzan leaps through the air, seizes a vine and swings through the rainforest. He lands in the great river and begins the swim to the shore. But no the water is infested with crocodiles! Just as our hero hauls himself to safety, narrowly escaping the creatures jaws, he realises hes pulled himself onto a boat filled with poachers, who are now training their rifles on him. Yet no matter how dire the situation, our hero or heroine always survives. A happy ending is closer than you think. There are great things to discover in your in-depth forecast. Call 1902 222 500. ARIES MAR 21APR 20 Why is it that modern-day youth are so keen on staying awake all night and listening to loud music? Why are they able to spend all their time chatting on social media yet so resistant to communicating with anyone whos not a teenager like them? They cant help it. Theyre filled with passion and emotions to a degree that is not sustainable as they grow into adulthood. With your ruler being empowered in your sign, youre being reminded of the joys that you can only experience when youre young at heart. Make a rewarding phone call. For invaluable news, call 1902 222 500. GEMINI MAY 22JUN 22 Its astonishing what you can do when you really try. Just a look back over recent events is enough to demonstrate what you can achieve. You may be wondering if youre going to be able to meet a deadline that youve imposed on yourself. Or you may be worrying that a plan is about to go pearshaped. Yet this is not the time to give up on your dream. No matter what happens, youve got to keep going. Stop thinking about what might happen and prepare instead for a victory. Success is on your horizon. You should hear this weeks excellent astrological news. Call 1902 222 500. SCORPIO OCT 24NOV 22 There are times when all we need is to snuggle up under our comfort blankets and watch a favourite film, eat familiar food or listen to music that makes us feel okay about where we are in our lives. The cosmos wont allow us to stay there for long, though it knows that we need to be challenged in order to grow so hiding away in a haven of our own creating is only a short-term option. To change a factor in your world, you need to do things differently. This may involve taking a risk. You should hear this weeks excellent astrological news. Call 1902 222 500. TAURUS APR 21 MAY 21 What are the odds of snatching success from the jaws of failure? How presumptuous is it to hope that a problematic scenario can be transformed into a victory? Or is this just the optimistic pitter-patter of an astrologer trying to dig their client out of a bit of a hole? Let me be clear... theres no value in false hope. You have every opportunity to turn a challenging situation around. But, unless you believe in yourself, your hopes will be short-lived. Show the world your most optimistic self today. There are great things to discover in your in-depth forecast. Call 1902 222 500. LIBRA SEP 24OCT 23 I cant promise that youll be able to tick every single item off your to-do list today, but youll be proud of what you achieve. You just need to remember that there is more than one road that leads to Rome and this isnt the only path to your goal. Be resourceful. Be brave enough to experiment. The answer isnt about to throw itself uninvited into your arms, but you might just be surprised by how quickly you find it and by how unusually simple it will be to put into action. Youve got luck on your side. Make a rewarding phone call. For invaluable news, call 1902 222 500. SAGITTARIUS NOV 23DEC 21 Some wounds leave a scar. Sometimes, we have to learn to live with ailments that will never fully leave us. We have to find ways to cope with the challenges they bring and adapt. It might not always be easy to hear that things could be worse but this idea isnt meant to make us pretend that something thats not okay is okay. Its the powerful seed that can grow into a tree of wisdom and inner strength. Old injuries and hurts can have the same effect. A past problem holds a golden opportunity. There are great things to discover in your in-depth forecast. Call 1902 222 500. CANCER JUN 23JUL 23 Although they say that rules are made to be broken, you have to take the consequences when you do. So if you want life to be safe and predictable, youre better off sticking with what youre supposed to do. Or, better still, give yourself some strict protocols to follow, with penalties if you break them. Fill your days with lists that must be adhered to. But if that isnt what you want, its time to step over the line. Seek excitement, change and challenge instead. You can deal with whatever arises. Make a rewarding phone call. For invaluable news, call 1902 222 500. VIRGO AUG 24SEP 23 Is it within the universes power to make your wish become a reality? Since miracles are surprisingly common, why should your dreams be unlikely to come true? Are you seeking something that goes against the laws of nature? Are you hoping to grow gills and breathe underwater? Or to sprout wings so that you can fly? Of course those things wont happen. But things arent impossible just because someone says they are. Human limitations can be overcome. Try appealing to a higher force today. You should hear this weeks excellent astrological news. Call 1902 222 500. AQUARIUS JAN 21FEB 19 Nowadays, were always rushed off our feet. If were not frantically hurrying through our to-do list, were fretting about why were not running around like a headless chicken in a hopeless attempt to insulate ourselves against future problems. Yet no matter how busy we are, were all able to put our tasks down when something even more urgent and threatening comes along. Though a key person might be occupied at the moment, theyre not so busy that they cant help you in your time of need. You should hear this weeks excellent astrological news. Call 1902 222 500. LEO JUL 24AUG 23 Everything you really need will come to you. In fact, the things that you dont really need will probably come to you as well. All you have to bear in mind is that you dont need to accept everything thats being offered when it arrives. Use your powers of discernment to distinguish between what you want and what you can afford to let pass you by. Your perception is finely honed and completely trustworthy. To use it most effectively, you just need to have faith in your instincts. Then follow them. There are great things to discover in your in-depth forecast. Call 1902 222 500. CAPRICORN DEC 22JAN 20 Youre feeling pushed, rushed and pressured. Youre being fired up by outrage and are determined to put something right. Yet theres a chance that youre acting out of a sense of obligation. Youve started something and are running out of the energy to finish it on your own. No one is going to stop you. Theyre just glad that youre doing what your doing. 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