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Development of an integrated long-term mangrove monitoring program for Darwin Harbour. Sub-project A: Mangrove community mapping: Charles Point to Gunn Point 2016



Development of an integrated long-term mangrove monitoring program for Darwin Harbour. Sub-project A: Mangrove community mapping: Charles Point to Gunn Point 2016

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Sub-project A: Mangrove community mapping: Charles Point to Gunn Point 2016


Brocklehurst, P; Edmeades, B; Northern Territory. Department of Environment and Natural Resources. Rangelands Division


Hill, J.V.


E-Publications; E-Books; PublicationNT; DENR Technical Report 19/2018




Darwin Harbour; Shoal Bay


This report describes the updated mangrove communities for the approximately 32,000 ha of mangroves and salt flats that line the foreshores of Darwin Harbour, Shoal Bay and areas south of Charles Point and Gunn Point. Results indicate that there has not been any significant, discernible or substantive changes in mangrove forest composition in Darwin Harbour between 1996 and 2016.

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Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT)

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1. Introduction; 2. Objectives; 3. Methods; 4. Results and discussion; 5. Conclusion; 6. Recommendations; 7. Bibliography; 8. Appendix.




Mangroves; Mangrove community mapping; Map unit; Vegetation mapping

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Northern Territory Government

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DENR Technical Report 19/2018


x 77 pages; colour illustrations and maps; x 30 cm

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Attribution International 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

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Northern Territory Government



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