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SUNDAY MAY 5 2019 OPINION 13 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA TALK OF THE TERRITORY All the best from social media around the Territory ON THE LIKELY RETURN TO JAIL OF A SOLDIER ARRESTED AT WINNELLIE POST OFFICE FOR PICKING UP A PARCEL OF 499 MDMA PILLS Couldnt afford the extra pill to round that number off? Luke Ansell Former soldier, try not to embarrass the serving members? Rosalie Hudson Congratulations NT Police. Job well done. Carolyn Marshall 1000 pills? Yes sarg, 499 pills? Anthony Cure Cant say its done his complexion any favours. Peter Fitzroy What was he thinking? Tara Nash Erm Major Tom to ground control he would be as high as a kite with 499 pills? Michael Hope Im thinking 500 might be a magic number . And they did him a favour by losing one for information. Leigh Pentreath ON MACCA, THE HOWARD SPRINGS QUADRIPLEGIC WHO SPENT SIX MONTHS IN A BROKEN WHEELCHAIR DUE TO LENGTHY NDIS DELAYS Good work Macca, you ran a great business here for a long time employing many people. I wish you every success in the future. Bob Davey Used to work for him good bloke hard worker. Michael BonDie Bond Ive been one of the lucky ones but I have many friends I had to assist to help them to get through NDIS and explain how and what they need to do. Chris Blackham-Davison NDIS is a real problem. There are so many who dont meet NDIS guidelines. but not eligible for other support services. There are not enough allied health workers to do the work. Coralie Brannelly ON AN FNQ CROC FARMER WITH A THEORY ON THE CROC IN THE SIGHTS OF LOCAL RANGERS Its definitely an NT croc on vacation. We all know QLD sucks in croc. Sancho Mabuza Invitation for vegans please help to catch him. jude Lane ON THE FEARS OF A MASS EXODUS OF TEACHERS IN KATHERINE DUE TO RENT ALLOWANCE CUTS Sorry but what a silly idea, I lived in Katherine for 9 years and as much as I made some amazing friends the lifestyle there leaves a lot to be desired, hence we moved to Darwin. If you take this incentive away teachers will leave. Its a no-brainer. Lou Reeve I taught in k-town, lovely people great community but no way would I have gone there without the subsidy. Sam Sam This government has completely lost the plot. What a disgrace. This will damage the level of quality education available to children in less desirable locations. Teachers are already pulling out. Tony Martin junctive scaling and declarative fractions were made up. Unsurprisingly, that didnt stop a big cohort of respondents from ranking themselves as experts in bullshit topics. Boys across the board were more likely to claim knowledge of non-existent concepts and Aussie kids ranked third on the bullshit barometer behind Canada and the US. The other big factor was socio-economic status rich kids were more likely to spin tales than kids from middle class or poor families. These bullshitters share a number of psychological traits, life, helping them into positions they otherwise wouldnt rise to on merit alone. Its a phenomenon familiar to anyone who has found themselves with a boss or colleague keen to tell tall tales. Perhaps its no coincidence that trust in our political system is at an lowest. Government front benches of both political stripes have long been littered with ex-private school toffs. A survey conducted last July by the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House and the University of Canberras Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis found just 41 per cent of Australians were satisfied with the way democracy was working. Three weeks into the federal election, weve already seen a tsunami of bullshit, bluster and alternative facts. From Shortens misunderstanding of questions on his own superannuation policies to fibs about death taxes and electric cars to the flagrant nonsense and hyperbole that comes out of Clive Palmers camp, the bullshit has been flying thick and fast this campaign in our new post-truth world. Its partly the fault of media and of voters for allowing bullshit to fester unchecked. Every time we allow a claim unscrutinised or share hyperpartisan crap online, were helping to feed the bullshit beast. Short of relaxing Section 44 of our constitution to specifically allow for a quota of Scottish public school girls (statistically the cohort least predisposed to bullshit) into our Parliament, the best defence we have is to fire up our bullshit detectors. Its time to call bullshit on bullshit. Next time a politician flashes up on your screen with something to sell, picture him as a 16-year-old kid in a boater hat and blazer and remember, theres a good chance hes a bullshitter. Hayley Sorensen is the Sunday Territorian resident columnist. Private schools have long been a source for the political class, which is perhaps unsurprising given that a new study suggests that people from higher socio-economic classes make the best bullshitters Government front benches of both political stripes have long been littered with ex-private school toffs HAYLEY SORENSEN OPINION Rich supply of the worlds best liars IN news that will shock absolutely no one who has been following the federal election, it turns out Australian blokes who went to flash secondary schools are among the worlds biggest bullshitters. Science says so. A recent study by research ers at University College London and the Australian Catholic University tested this by asking teenagers in nine English-speaking countries to rate 16 mathematical concepts by their familiarity with them, from never heard of it to know it well, understand the concept. Except three of the concepts proper numbers sub according to the studys authors, most notably a striking overconfidence in their own abilities. Bullshitters are also found to exhibit high levels of overconfidence and believe they work hard, persevere at tasks, and are popular among their peers, according to the studys findings. Luckily, private school boys are easy to spot in the wild. Most of us can avoid them fairly easily by steering clear of tennis courts, rugby clubs and kids in straw hats and impractical blazers. But bullshitting is a widely recognised social skill likely to have a positive impact on their Private schools breed people with traits common in politics: incompetence, overconfidence and deception, writes HAYLEY SORENSEN