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Sunday Territorian 5 May 2019



Sunday Territorian 5 May 2019


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V1 - NTNE01Z01MA ADVERTISEMENT Men and Women of the Northern Territory, www.unitedaustraliaparty.org.au I am compelled to write to you about our nation's security. Australia must have a stronger Navy and Air Force. Australia has only 17 days of fuel available in the country at any one time and all our fuel refineries are closed. We must have refineries here in Australia. Australia needs nuclear powered submarines to ensure we are not cut off from refineries in Singapore. Your family's life and lifestyle are at risk if a foreign power deployed nuclear powered submarines between Singapore and Australia and blocked Australia's fuel supplies. Our independence as a nation would be lost. At this election please help to protect and defend Australia by voting for the United Australia Party. We will ensure the government takes action on this vitally important issue. Equal opportunity for women and seniors Is long overdue Australia must have equal wages and opportunities for women. What good is having a strong economy if our people don't benefit from it? The government must put you and your family first. It's about time our senior citizens got a fair go. The United Australia Party will increase pensions by $150 a week. You have to stop Bill Shorten taxing our senior citizens; they deserve so much more from us. Liberal and Labor's dodgy tax cuts are not until 2024 The Liberals and Labor are going to give you tax cuts they say, but they don't tell you when. It's not until 20241 That means the Liberals have to win this election, the next election and probably the one after that. By then Scoma will have gone walkabout and taken his election promises with him. Labor and Bill Shorten want go one better. They will give you tax cuts in 2024, but insult people earning less $40,000 by pretending to give them one too. It's all on the never-never. The United Australia Party will give you tax cuts now and make interest on your home loan tax deductible. At this election, vote United Australia Party and put Australia first. How to vote for the United Australia Party: Go to www.unHedaustrallaparty.org.au/endorsed~ndldates ~ to download the how-to-vote card for your local candidate & the c;; ~ ~ Clive Palmer United Australia Party Federal Leader Let's get something done for a change. Vote United Australia Party. MAKE AUSTRALIA GREAT. PUT AUSTRALIA FIRST Authorised by Anna Palmer, United Australia Party, 240 Queen Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000