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The Northern Territory news Thu 20 Feb 2020

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THURSDAY FEBRUARY 20 2020 OPINION 11 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA PO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 news@ntnews.com.au facebook.com/ TheNTNews Follow us at twitter.com/TheNTNews Comment on the news at www.ntnews.com.au SMS 0428 NTNEWS normal rates apply Speak up Should renters be allowed to have pets? Yes, because it provides freedom of choice. Luay Sari, Darwin CBD Yes. Pets are part of your family. Ellen Hales, Stuart Park Yes, I think everybody should be able to have a pet. Elvina Sjoholm, Larrakeyah Yes, because everyone has a pet here. If I needed to rent then I would want my pet with me. David Wattam, Humpty Doo I think so, because pets are your best friends. Miranda Davey, Rosebery Super snaps NT Health Minister Natasha Fyles, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt, Chief Medical Officer Professor Brendan Murphy, Acting Chief Health Officer Di Stephens and National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre executive director Len Notaras at a press conference on Tuesday Picture: KATRINA BRIDGEFORD txt the editor 0428 NTNEWS Something to say? Letters to the editor should be kept to 300 words or less. Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. Preference will be given to letters that give the writers full name and suburb and are kept to under 300 words. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor, NT News, GPO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 ON NEW PET RENTAL LAWS You can keep a f$&ken horse at my place if you pay another $300 per week, Easy solution for landlords...pet levy. Want a pet no problems your rents just gone up by $200/week We have investment properties and allow pets and have had no problems with pets. But had trouble with children drawing on walls putting items of clothes down the toilet so should I be allowed to ban children Now lets legislate that tenants can charge insurance excess on top of bond, those insurance companies pay bugger all when a tenant comes through and destroys your house If tenants have pets then the pets need to be screened and approved. It should be strict conditions that a property manager would need to make more visits or random drive bys to ensure that the pets are outside if the landlord has approved pets for outside only. It would be the only way it would work both ways I guess if this is going to be a thing. Just because your lease says no pets doesnt mean your tenants wont have any, just saying lol. We allow pets at our property as we figured wed rather know about it. Feel really sorry for landlords who are treated so badly by bad tenants whether its from pet damage or destructive behaviour. So if a landlord doesnt want smoking in the house will they rule that the tenants are allowed ?? It is the landlords property, investment , they pay all the bills , loans and interest The Government listening to vocal minorities again. Insane bicycle rules, pet rules and soon God knows what else. If I could point the finger at one side or the other it would make the next election easier, but theyre both as bad as each other. Owners should still have rights to make decisions on this. It is their investment. Why would a landlord want to invest in upkeep and upgrades when their rights have been eroded. They hold the mortgage and building insurance and should be able to protect their investment. Tenants can already ask. What about the rights of tenants? The days of the rorting landlord are coming to an end, great news. Will this include nt housing tenants? As they cant have reptiles or be wild life carers as nt housing doesnt permit those types of animals in or on their houses/ premises Thats why I sold all my rental properties cause of bad tenants and the rights tenants have and there are no more rights for landlords So now the socialist Gunner government is deciding who can live in In your house. I didnt think it was possible, but this so called government is getting worse by the day. Seems like a bit of a dogs act ON CORONAVIRUS EVACUEES HEADING TO DARWIN So...as I understand this...riddled with virus...no problem getting a flight to Darwin. Want to visit my daughter in Townsville...gonna cost more than a flight to LA and I need to be willing to fly ONLY the third Thursday of a month I see the bus drivers are wearing the proper suits. Hope that happens in Darwin it didnt last time. What a huge relief for them to be on their way home finally. This must be incredibly stressful for them and their families Better than being stuck on a boat going nowhere. YAY Corona virus for all!!! The local coffin distributor has a massive sale on this week to meet the anticipated demand! Gee the Darwin bus drivers werent that well protected when the first lot came through they just had a mask ON STUDENTS WRITING TO EVACUEES IN HOWARD SPRINGS This is the Australia I know and love , fantastic initiative from the staff and students at the Good Shepherd School Well done to the kids. See when we get the knowledge of something we thrive a bit better as a community. What a thoughtful idea, good on the students Wonderful! the spirit of Australia lives in these kids just brilliant. Well done!!!