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The Northern Territory news Thu 20 Feb 2020

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Dont we realise that life often does that all by itself? Why add fuel to the fire? Some people believe that if the cosmos sees that theyre struggling already, it will take pity on them and refrain from putting any more problems in their path. Yet thats not how the universe works. The Jupiter-Neptune link brings a chance to take things off your loaded plate. If a shortcut presents itself today, take it. Even if you dont usually call your in-depth prediction, SCORPIO OCT 24NOV 22 Some situations are so intense that they eclipse everything. If you found yourself facing a grisly bear, your work problems would go flying out the window. The same can be said of pain. Whether its physical or emotional, its not easy to set it aside and get on with other things. One area of your world has been draining your energy. The good news is that the Jupiter-Neptune link helps you to find a way to get it under control. A seemingly outlandish suggestion could be the perfect solution. 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The JupiterNeptune link offers a chance to stand back. You dont need to feel so vulnerable. You dont have to take someone elses problems on board any more. Take full advantage of the inspiring cosmic climate. Find solutions. LEO JUL 24AUG 23 It wasnt long ago that people aspired to be seen as respectable citizens. This involved minding their manners and being aware of good etiquette so that they were seen to be proper. How things have changed. Nowadays, were so relaxed and open-minded that theres no such thing as normal. Yet, when we cant tell what average is, how can we strive to be above it? Fortunately, as Jupiter and Neptune link today, you dont need to compare yourself to anyone. Just be true to you. Be ready for the powerful changes as the planets positively combine. ARIES MAR 21APR 20 When something looks and sounds and feels good, its got to be good, right? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there are things that hit the above criteria, yet we indulge in them at a price. Donuts and pizzas spring to mind. Some people are happy only when theyre doing something they shouldnt do, and some folk get pleasure from painful experiences. So its hard to conclude that something that looks fine is fine. Yet, as Jupiter and Neptune link today, thats whats going on for you. Youve got lots to look forward to. Find hope and inspiration. LIBRA SEP 24OCT 23 I found my son watching Michael Jacksons video for Thriller the other day. He was mesmerised by the jerky, zombified movements and the dancing corpses. No wonder people consider zombies to be the scariest of all supernatural beings. They represent us, emptied of our consciousness and humanity. They reflect a human tendency to go through life without being awake to whats really going on. The Jupiter-Neptune link brings a wonderful awakening today. You can let go of a fear. How can you benefit from this weeks powerful astrological outlook? CANCER JUN 23JUL 23 When we need something big to change, the best thing to do is to change something. Anything. Even a tiny change can do the trick. It doesnt even need to be something in the physical realm; it can be a change of approach, a different expectation, an altered perspective. As Jupiter and Neptune link, you can resolve not to look at life in the same way youve been looking at it. Before you know it, the solutions will start to appear. You can start making a different future today. In a week of cosmic creativity, transform your life. CAPRICORN DEC 22JAN 20 With strains of flu hitting the headlines, its easy to get caught up in the pervasive anxiety. Yet its important to remember that even some of those who are in close contact with it are okay. The same is true for less physical malaises that seem to spread from person to person. When were feeling strong and looking after our mental wellbeing, pessimism passes us by. 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