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The Centralian advocate Fri 4 Oct 2019



The Centralian advocate Fri 4 Oct 2019


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FRIDAY OCTOBER 4 2019 REALESTATE 33 V1 - CAVE01Z01MA that while I go and bring in the washing the CORRECT WAY ie #pegsoff. Personally, Im on team leave pegs on the clothesline its more convenient, you dont have to have extra storage for them and IT JUST MAKES SENSE. But apparently, not a lot of people fee l the same (or as strongly) as I do, writing in the comments that any other way than pegs off was insanity and lazy. Pegs off, I agree with Laura, one commented, while another added: Definitely OFF. Many justified their reasoning by arguing that removing the pegs meant they lasted longer. A primary issue is that sun exposure breaks down the structural integrity of the peg and they become brittle and snap, a commenter explained. The best solution is to not leave pegs exposed unnecessarily to the elements. Such would arguably be the best reason to remove the pegs and take them inside with the washing. Another added: Pegs left on the line perish much quicker; so first its a pain when they break in yr fingers. Secondly, it s f ine when theyre at yr fingertips for hanging small items like sox, but its a real nuisance if one wishes to toss a larger item over the line. So suggest to relocate pegs to SIDE of line if u must leave em on. Fortunately, there were a few in the pegs-on corner, point out that it was the natural (thank you!) thing to do. It s a given that the pegs must stay on for convenience. Work smart, not hard!!! one person wrote. Pegs ON Bruno life is too busy to take them on and off every t ime who could be bothered real ly ! ! another added. If you have common sense then pegs on, one person said. Meanwhile, there were also some that just like to watch the world burn. Im a big fan off just yanking the clothes off, causing the pegs to fly off across the yard and then leaving them for someone else to deal with, a commenter said. A timeless debate Its a subject that has divided humankind (maybe) since the dawn of time do you or dont you leave your clothes pegs out on the clothes line? This simple issue is surprisingly polarising, as one Sydney couple discovered this week. Bruno Bouchet the man behind those chocolate and icecream bar rankings took to Instagram to reveal he and his wife Laura were at loggerheads over the issue. Im a big pegs on guy because theyre right at your fingertips when you go to hang clothes, but Laura thinks they get in the way. Keen to know whos right and whos wrong, he said. Mrs Bouchet was quick to justify her stance in the comments section, writing that leaving the pegs on is an eyesore. YOU @brunobbouchet jam the pegs so far onto the line that merely sliding the pegs across to make room for the clothes is impossible, I have to remove the pegs completely and juggle them in my hands OR shove them in my pocket and every woman knows they dont make pants for us with deep enough pockets, she continued. You can make some flawed calculations about the time taken to remove pegs etc and its great that youve got time to do HANNAH PAINE NEWS.COM.AU who knew these little guys could be so divisive? Do you leave the pegs on the clothes line? For Sale by Public Auction ON SITE SATURDAY 26 OCTOBER AT 10.30AM 4/2 WALLIS STREET, OLD EAST SIDE 1 BEDROOM STRATA TITLED UNIT SECLUDED LOCATION POPULAR OLD EAST SIDE POSITION Contact: Doug Fraser 0418 897 768 or Gail Tuxworth 0418 897 009 dfraser.admiral@ljh.com.au or gtuxworth@ljhalicesprings.com.au Licensed Agents