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The Centralian advocate Fri 4 Oct 2019



The Centralian advocate Fri 4 Oct 2019


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FRIDAY OCTOBER 4 2019 LETTERS 37 V1 - CAVE01Z01MA Spin Keld Knudsens response (Centralian Advocate, 24/09/19) to NT cattleman Rod Dunbar is full of the spin and misinformation that the petroleum industry uses to get what it wants at any cost. Elsewhere in the country, this insidious industry has a track record of draining bores, fouling aquifers, and ruining farmers livelihoods, and then hosting piecemeal community events like free barbecues in a condescending attempt to justify its environmental and social vandalism. We have little reason to believe the industry will behave any different here in the NT, and Mr Knudsens comments have further cemented this belief. Mr Knudsen has also totally misrepresented the findings of the Pepper Inquiry. The inquiry was explicit in saying further scientific information is required before the risk assessment of the fracking industry can be conducted. Crucially, the inquiry panel recommended in chapter 15 that a Strategic Regional Environmental and Baseline Assessment be undertaken to provide the additional scientific knowledge and baseline information required before a final risk assessment could be made. This is yet to happen, yet fracking rigs are now rolling out across the Territorys landscape. Whats more, we have already seen the NT Government allow companies to behave in direct contradiction to the Pepper Inquirys recommendations - wastewater ponds will be left open to the elements, and landholders will not get a say in whether gas companies can access their land. There is also a massive hole in the current legislation on fracking, and, despite what Mr Knudsen may think, this poses a significant risk for landholders, who may find themselves liable if companies foul water sources beneath their properties. I sat in a meeting with senior government officials when they admitted the problem and said that section 7(2) of the Water Act would be deleted. There has been no sign of this yet. Mr Knudsen also repeats the myth that the gas and fracking industry brings jobs. I would refer Keld to the case of Miles in South West Queensland, which has become little more than a ghost town since the gas industry arrived to pillage land and water for a quick buck. The job figures he uses in his argument are cherry picked. We know, based on a 2014 Gas Industry Social and Environmental Research Alliance (GISERA) funded report, that for each additional gas job in the coal seam gas fields of Queensland, about 1.8 jobs were lost in the agriculture sector. If the fracking industry is allowed to come to towns in the NT, as it has elsewhere, it will take more than gas-company sponsored piecemeal free barbecues to bring them back to life. Graeme Sawyer Protect Country Alliance Quote of the day Generally, avoiding snakes is pretty simple because they are actually quite shy and try and avoid humans as much as possible. R E X N E I N D O R F letters@aliceadvocate.com.au Please dont die this summer Remember when you were growing up and your parents told you not to do something? Dont touch the cake before it cools, dont turn the dryer on with the cat inside and dont go swimming after youve just eaten? Every year, warnings are made regarding the harsh, even deadly climate in Central Australia. And every year, these warnings are overlooked by visitors and, just quietly, some locals, who think they know better. People often think I know what Im doing and this doesnt apply to me, Chris Day, Director, Central Australian Parks said. Theres a high incidence of problems with overseas people, particularly visitors from Europe, because theres a lack of acclimatisation to local conditions and your body can take up to a week to adapt. As Central Australia faces what could very well be another record-breaking Summer, turn to Page 5 to find out how you and your family can explore the great outdoors safely. Because our great outdoors is phwoar-inducing spectacular. But it also has snakes. And no, were not talking Karen from HR. Turn to Page 11 to find out how you can protect your children and pets from the (seemingly) slippery little suckers. Were a serious paper. And we seriously love Central Australia. But were also serious about you not dying. Seriously. 2 Gap Road, Alice Springs PO Box 2254, Alice Springs 0870 Phone: (08) 8950 9777 Fax: (08) 8950 9740 www.alicenow.com.au CONTACT DETAILS EMAIL ADDRESSES News: news@aliceadvocate.com.au Letters: letters@aliceadvocate.com.au Sport: sport@aliceadvocate.com.au Display ads: ads@aliceadvocate.com.au Classifieds: cenclassies@aliceadvocate.com.au Editor: Anthony Geppa Features Editor: Steve Menzies Sports Editor: Justin Raymond Sales Manager: Tino Llordano Editorial content and election comment is authorised by Matt Williams of Printers Place, McMinn Street, Darwin.