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The Centralian advocate Fri 4 Oct 2019



The Centralian advocate Fri 4 Oct 2019


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40 LIFESTYLE FRIDAY OCTOBER 4 2019 CAVE01Z01MA - V1 me? Where do I find joy? I use questioning techniques to un cover the answers to three fundamental questions: purpose (why), vision (what), and mission (how). If you cant easily answer these questions, this is the third reason you will struggle to achieve your goals. Ill ask questions such as, Why are you here, what gives you significance? The answers will determine your purpose. The question Where do you see yourself going? is about discovering your vision. Once youve done work around your values, core beliefs and purpose, your vision will become clear. You start to get a picture of where it is youre going. Lastly what are the tasks you are undertaking to achieve your vision and purpose? The actual work you are doing will form your mission. Once you get clarity on your val ues, purpose, vision, and mission, they become the affirmations that you live by. This is who I am, this is where Im going, this is what is important to me.. You will be clearer on how to cre ate small bite-sized goals and ensure they are aligned with who you are, where youre going and whats important to you and then they really will be achievable. If youre a woman in Alice Springs that would like to feel more aligned, more authentic and on track, join me for a weekend retreat in Alice Springs on the 9th & 10th November. For more details visit www.timeta mer.com.au. Or if youd like more advice, tips and information to improve your professional skills, join our Facebook tribe of professional people in the Northern Territory: www.territorybiztribe.com TIME TAMER Three reasons why you dont stick to your goals Its easy to set goals for ourselves, whether they be lofty or more achievable. Whats not so easy, however, is sticking to them says BARBARA CLIFFORD WHY it is we get stuck on our goals? Finding ourselves six or 12 months down the track having made no progress? The failure to achieve what we set out to do can make us stressed, depressed and feel like a failure. Here are the top three reasons we struggle to stick to our goals. Remember that saying How do you eat an elephant? One mouthful at a time. Our goals can often be grandiose like the elephant and consequently we cant achieve them because theyre too big. We need to break the goal down into bite-size goals that we can start on immediately. We often focus on goals that dont align with who we truly are or our values. Were not thinking about what it is thats important to us or what interests us. Too often we set goals based on what we think we should be doing, or even based on what our friends or family have influenced us to believe is a worthy and valid goal. However sometimes you need to stop, take stock, and think, What creates a passion in me? What excites Time Tamer with Barbara Clifford