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Summary of NTGS activities and achievements, 2007-2012



Summary of NTGS activities and achievements, 2007-2012

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2 NTGSs efforts in the Arunta Region have resulted in a significant change in the perception of its exploration potential by explorers. The area is now almost completely covered by exploration tenure, with numerous active exploration programs and several newly discovered prospects and resources. The area is emerging as an important greenfields mineral province, with a number of new discoveries and projects moving towards development. In addition to the three major projects outlined in detail below, the following has been achieved in the Arunta Region under Bringing Forward Discovery: Completion of the first detailed summary of the geological framework and prospectivity of the Arunta Region in 15 years, as chapters for the forthcoming Geology and Mineral Resources of the NT volume. NICHOLSON RIVER LIMBLA TODD ALCOOTA QUARTZ WATERLOO Litchfield South Litchfield North BIRRINDUDU LAKE MACKAY MOUNT PEAKE LANDER RIVER MOUNT DRUMMOND AVON DOWNS RANKEN OENPELLI HOWSHIP BRUNETTE DOWNS FREW RIVER WALHALLOW PINE CREEK ALROY Georgina-Arunta seismic survey Amadeus seismic survey Wangala and Ennugan Mountains granites Products released New maps released from BFD projects New maps released from legacy projects Maps completed, pending release Maps in progress 0 200 400 km A12-198.ai Murphy Inlier Georgina Basin Pine Creek Orogen Arunta Region Darwin Katherine Tennant Creek Alice Springs Yulara Jabiru 23 26 24 25 22 21 14 13 20 19 18 17 16 15 129 12 11 133.5130.5 132 135 136.5 138 Figure 1. Spatial distribution of regionally focused geoscience mapping projects and products released during Bringing Forward Discovery. Map on top right shows locations of key geological provinces targeted for work under Bringing Forward Discovery.