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Woodgreen, Northern Territory : explanatory notes



Woodgreen, Northern Territory : explanatory notes

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Geology; Georgina Basin; Arunta Region

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IntroductIon Woodgreen is the centralnorthern :00 000 mapsheet within ALCOOTA, and is centred approximately 70 km northnortheast of Alice Springs in the southern Northern Territory (Figure1). The map area is bounded by latitudes 2200'S and 2230'S, and by longitudes 3400'E and 3430'E. This report accompanies the First Edition :00 000 geological map (Haines 2004), and is derived from fieldwork undertaken for the Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) during SeptemberOctober 2002. Fieldwork and map compilation utilised :25 000 colour aerial photographs flown in 1982 and was assisted by Landsat imagery. Interpretation of subsurface geology was facilitated by airborne geophysics acquired in 1997 by NTGS as part of the AlcootaAlice Springs survey. Previous mapping in the area was carried out by Geoscience Australia (then Bureau of Mineral Resources) as part of a regional Georgina Basin study (Smith 1972) and the First Edition mapping of ALCOOTA (Shaw and Warren 1975, Shaw etal 1979). The 1996 AGSO Timescale is used in this report. Cited locations in this publication are based on Map Grid of Australia zone 53 coordinates and the GDA94 map datum, and are deemed accurate to 50 m. To convert from the AGD66 AMG coordinates used on older maps, block shift all data 128 m to the east and 170 m to the north. Accessandlanduse Woodgreen is accessed from Alice Springs via the Sandover Highway, which is a wide, formed gravel road that extends north from the Plenty Highway through Woodgreen and then continues eastnortheast to Lake Nash near the Queensland border. A public road also extends from the Sandover Highway near Woodgreen homestead, northward to Mount Skinner homestead and then westward to Ti Tree on the Stuart Highway. An easttrending public road at about 7529000mN runs between this road and the Sandover Highway. Numerous station tracks traverse the remaining areas of the mapsheet. Over 90% of Woodgreen is covered by the Mount Skinner and Woodgreen pastoral leases, and is used for cattle grazing. Areas of Aboriginal freehold and Governmentowned land occur along the western boundary of the sheet area, together with limited areas south of Woodgreen homestead. The southern portion of the eastern boundary of the sheet area falls within the Aboriginalowned Alcoota pastoral lease. regionalgeologicalsetting Woodgreen straddles two major geological domains: the predominantly Palaeoproterozoic Arunta Region in the south and the Neoproterozoic to Palaeozoic Georgina Basin in the north (Figure2). Several inliers of Arunta Region rocks are also exposed within the Georgina Basin. The Arunta Region has a complex stratigraphic, structural and metamorphic history extending from the Palaeoproterozoic to the Palaeozoic (Collins and Shaw 1995, Scrimgeour 2003, 2004). It can be divided into three provinces with distinct protolith ages. The Aileron Province, which comprises most of the Arunta Region, forms part of the North Australian Craton and has depositional and intrusive ages that largely fall within the period 18801710 Ma, similarly to the adjacent Tennant and Tanami regions (Collins and Shaw 1995, Smith 200). As well, two discrete younger terranes exist within the Arunta Region: the Warumpi Province, which has precursor ages of 16901600 Ma; and the Irindina Province WOODGREEN NTGS 2004 Sandover PlentyTanami St ua rt Hig hw ay Highway Hi gh wa y Road ALICE SPRINGS NGALIA BASIN MOUNT PEAKE ALCOOTA ALICE SPRINGS NAPPERBY HERMANNSBURG HENBURY RODINGA HALE RIVER HALE RIVER TOBERMOREY ELKEDRA HUCKITTA 0 100 km SANDOVER RIVER SIMPSON DESERT NORTH ILLOGWA CREEK HAY RIVER BARROW CREEK AMADEUS BASIN PEDIRKA BASIN EROMANGA BASIN WISO BASIN GEORGINA BASIN ARUNTA REGION ARUNTA REGION N o rt h e rn T e rr it o ry Q u e e n s la n d AO7-071.ai 2500' 2400' 2300' 2200' 2100' 13800'13630'13500'13330'13200' 1:250 000 sheet major road railway Figure1. Location of Woodgreen.