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The Northern Territory news Mon 16 Mar 2020

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MONDAY MARCH 16 2020 OPINION 13 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA PO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 news@ntnews.com.au facebook.com/ TheNTNews Follow us at twitter.com/TheNTNews Comment on the news at www.ntnews.com.au SMS 0428 NTNEWS normal rates apply Speak up Did you go to the NTFL Grand Final? NO I was catching up with friends instead. LOGAN LAW, ROSEBERY YES It was a good game, my uncle Phillip Wills plays for Nightcliff MICKAYLA PERKINS, BELLAMACK NO I wasnt in town for it. LEE HORIANA, MARLOW LAGOON NO We play union. AYLA MURFITT, DURACK NO We thought it was going to rain. COLIN BURDON, CULLEN BAY Super snaps The Nightcliff Tigers celebrate securing the clubs first back-to-back mens Premier League premiership after beating St Marys in the 2019/20 NTFL Grand Final at the weekend Picture: GLENN CAMPBELL txt the editor 0428 NTNEWS Something to say? Letters to the editor should be kept to 300 words or less. Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. Preference will be given to letters that give the writers full name and suburb and are kept to under 300 words. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor, NT News, GPO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 ON MANY THINGS ABC RADIO you guys are rubbish at calling footy. Saints not only team, its not a park, its TIO ground not Marrara No 1. By way fishing good at Mandoora. Buff joe Drunks in my neighbour hood are out of control. bandwagon is on its way. choo choo folks. x cas The ole Wiz wonders if the hoarders thort about the fire hazard theyve got stacked up with all the flammable product. T Hansen, Noonimah Wiz Cancellations & bans on sporting events could get much, much worse: TV sport coverage programs could b replaced by more boo hoo, who-did/said- nasty stuffto who Reality, fkn rubbish. Very poor form by St Marys coach in his post game speech trying to shift the blame - no one likes a bad loser. Footy Fan Parap You, make me angry, angry! Brett no sympathy. U were a goose! Keep hitting the same damn pole over & over & over again. 10 has some reasonable shows, wedged in between a robot & a Lot of ladies underwear I hope local industry can build the Tindal runway extension, we need the work, but the work must be on time, on cost, on standard. Given the pathetic track record on new Darwin road intersections its a worry. The thought of two Irish backpacker traffic controllers waving a stop sign at an inbound B52 while the old hi viz mates dig up the stuff ups yet again is all too likely. Lift your game guys, youre your own enemies. Bats may fertilise some plants and may be part of a food chain. They are the genesis of major world-wide viruses including COVID-19. More regionally, they unleash their corrosive excreta on cars and buildings. They befoul their sleeping surrounds and recreational facilities dependent on trees and water. Their incessant screeching when resting or sleeping shatters silence and they leave stench behind. Its time to rethink our attitude to bats (flying foxes). Researcher Nightcliff is to be lauded for its heroic grand final win. As runners up St Marys can reflect on a season that took them from the bottom of the birdcage last season to the big dance at the top of the tree twelve months later. Congratulations to all teams and to the AFL (NT) for a terrific season. Football Fan Keeping our social distance of around 1.5 metres from others is being advocated as a COVID 19 safety precaution. A simple observation of people out and about in shopping centres, malls, on footpaths and in other contexts confirms that distancing is rarely practised. The lack of distance is a key reason for cancelling sporting fixtures for players and spectators alike. HOP Bushrangers Worst Performance of the Week should have been Anthony Vallejos umpire comments after the game. A family member u are a winner. Against being a good and kind person to life. Faith, wulagi Wow, just Imagine if they brought back the old Grim Reaper and his bowling ball ad on the TV right now? Toilet paper sales would blow the roof off. I eventually ran out of toilet paper and couldnt buy any. I decided to use the toilet paper from the NT News that you printed. Unfortunately I only have an online copy of the NTN. You should see the condition of my phone. Havent even got any tissues to clean it. Australians are the most arrogant, uninformed, pig-headed people. Corona will decimate us because nobody understands or cares about isolating themselves or sensibility. Nothing but a pack of inbred bogans. Australias Energy Minister, Angus (I did not make up that number) Taylor has been to the USA to beg access to the USAs Strategic Fuel Reserve we (Australia) hold a little more than three weeks. Sundays page 3 has the lead article concerning childrens addiction to substances, including alcohol. Immediately below, a picture of 2 young men with one pouring beer over the other. Interesting editing. Ron, Howard Springs PS: Its only March, and we have wholesale fires, and floods, and droughts, and earthquakes, and volcanoes going off, and pestilences and plagues, and extreme weather events, and strange phenomena happening in the skies, and wars and rumours of wars, and people brawling over toilet paper in the supermarket aisles, and its still only March, and the world has gone completely nuts!