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The State of the North 2003: A Selection of Papers from the 2003 Charles Darwin Symposia



The State of the North 2003: A Selection of Papers from the 2003 Charles Darwin Symposia,


Lea, Tess, Wilson, Bill, Yunupingu, Mandawuy, Flannery, Tim, Withers, Glenn, Edwards, John, Tyrrell, Paul, Bowman, David, Yunupingu, Galarrwuy, Morris, Alan, Conn, Neil, Coulter, Barry, Hill, Rosemary, Chambers, Barry, Altman, Jon, Dibb, Paul, Wainwright, Elsina, Shoesmith, Dennis, Wilkie, Andrew, Tilmouth, William, Cowlishaw, Gillian, Haslem, Denise, Meny, Brendan, Memmot, Paul, Robinson, Gary, Charles Darwin Symposia (1st : 2003 : Darwin, N.T.), Charles Darwin University,


Lea, Tess, Wilson, Bill,


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'The State of the North' - is it the future of an increasingly environmentally challenged mainstream Australia? Or a failed colonial outpost, already showing signs of its use-by-date in its dependence on imported resources for survival? Does being the 'gateway' to Asia leave residents with a moral responsibility for setting Australia's policy on emergency migration or is our inability to influence policy a simple reminder of the Northern Territory's dependency on the federation? Will becoming a state lend us any weight in the national body politic? Such questions inspire this collection of papers from the Charles Darwin Symposia Series for 2003, and are collected here to mark an important historic moment in the description of Territory issues. With clear and purposeful 'think pieces' from such key contemporary commentators as Mandawuy Yunupingu, Tim Flannery, Glenn Withers, Paul Dibb, Andrew Wilkie and Gillian Cowlishaw, this volume should be of use to policy makers and concerned members of the public alike. Tess Lea is the Director of the School for Social and Polity Research within the Institute of Advanced Studies at Charles Darwin University. Bill Wilson is a Senior Advisor, Support and Equity Services,


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Table of contents

Authors' Biographies -- Acknowledgements -- Abbreviations -- Introduction -- The State of the North 2003: A Story of Migrations; Tess Lea -- Symposium One ; Making Good Policy: Issues for Northern Australia in the 21st Century; Bringing Our Pasts Into Our Futures - Mandawuy Yunupingu -- Why Northern Australia Cannot Be a Repeat of the Last Two Hundred Years of the Australian Experience - Tim Flannery -- Populating the North: Forget the Doomsayers - Glenn Withers -- Relating the North to the Rest - John Edwards -- The Role of Government in Major Developments in the North; Paul Tyrrell -- Symposium Two ; Beyond the Frontier: Sustainable Futures for North Australia ; Introduction - David Bowman -- Land Rights, the Northern Territory and Development into the Twenty-First Century - Galarrwuy Yunupingu -- Powerhouse or Mendicant? ls the Territory an Engine of Growth or a Drag on the Federation? - Alan Morris -- How the Territory can Sustain a Second-Class Future - Neil Conn -- Why Big Investments are Critical to Our Future - Barry Coulter -- Creating an Ecologically Sustainable Northern Australia - Rosemary Hill -- The Balancing Act for Government: Developing the North and Protecting Our Uniqueness - Barry Chambers -- Bringing It All Together: Key Implications for Research and Policy - Jon Altman -- Symposium Three ; The Eye of the Storm: Northern Australia's Location in an Arc of Instability ; Introduction - Bill Wilson -- The Arc of Instability and the North of Australia: Are They Still Relevant to Australia '.S' New Defence Posture? - Paul Dibb -- State Weakness in the South Pacific and Australia's Policy Shift - Elsina Wainwright -- East Timor in an 'Arc oflnstability' - Dennis Shoesmith -- Darwin: A City in the Eye of the Storm: Resident Challenges for the Future - Bill Wilson -- People Smuggling: National Myths and Realities - Andrew Wilkie -- Symposium Four ; Emerging Futures: Shaping our Community ; Introduction - Tess Lea -- Life in the Northern Territory: Past, Present and Future - William Tilmouth -- Who's Upsetting Who: Strangeness, Memory, Nostalgia, Morality - Gillian Cowlishaw -- Lonely Boy Richard - Denise Haslem -- Eroding Economic Rationalism: Culture and the Environment as the Foundations for Developing Shared Space - Brendan Meney -- Values of a Bi-cultural Society in Alice Springs - Paul Memmot -- No Way To Be - Gary Robinson -- Index,




1699 - Other Studies in Human Society, 1605 - Policy and Administration, Northern Australia, Politics and Society,

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