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Annual Report 2014/2015 Utilities Commission



Annual Report 2014/2015 Utilities Commission

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29 In reviewing the draft NTC&PC provided by Power and Water, the Commission considered generally accepted industry practice to be that applied by the National Electricity Rules and also had regard to the underlying principles set out in the Network Access Code, in particular the economically efficient operation of the electricity network. In August 2013, the Commission advised Power and Water that it found the draft NTC&PC comparable to and containing the requirements generally accorded with similar technical documents in other jurisdictions, when reasonable allowance is made for appropriate network differences. In the Commissions view, Power and Water had complied with clause 9(4) of the Network Access Code if it addressed the issues identified by the Commission at the time. The revised NTC&PC, with the issues identified by the Commission addressed, was released by Power and Water in December 2013 and applied to the 2014-15 year. The Commission considers that the revised NTC&PC complies with clause 9(4) of the Network Access Code. On 1 July 2015, the requirement for Power and Water to prepare and publish the Network Technical Code in consultation with the Commission was transferred to section 66A(2) of the Electricity Reform Act. Safety Management and Mitigation Plan Power and Waters networks and generation licences were amended in October 2011 to require Power and Water to develop and implement a Safety Management and Mitigation Plan (SMMP). In 2013-14, the Commission considered draft plans submitted by Power and Water, in consultation with the Electricity Safety Regulator, and provided comments to Power and Water. The Commission considers the SMMP as a good representation of Power and Waters policies, procedures, systems and strategies to ensure the safety of Power and Waters employees, contractors and the public around Power and Waters electricity infrastructure. The Commission approved the SMMP in 2013-14, conditional on a revised version being submitted in April 2015. As at 30 June 2015, the Commission was in the process of reviewing and seeking consultation with interested stakeholders on the revised SMMP from Power and Water. Territory Generations first SMMP is due in November 2015. Complaint Investigation Under section 48 of the Electricity Reform Act, the Commission must investigate complaints against any electricity entity made on the grounds that the entity is engaging in conduct contrary to the objects of the Electricity Reform Act or the Utilities Commission Act, unless the Commission reasonably believes the complainant is not, or unlikely to be, adversely affected by the alleged complaint, the complainant has not shown a genuine attempt to resolve the complaint with the electricity entity or the complaint is frivolous or vexatious. During 2014-15, the Commission finalised two investigations into complaints lodged by large customers against a licensed entity regarding negotiations for the supply of electricity.