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The Northern Territory news Sat 30 May 2020



The Northern Territory news Sat 30 May 2020

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36 PUZZLES SATURDAY MAY 30 2020 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Quick crossword No. 6654 12181 QUICK CLUES ACROSS 2 Without charge 7 Unusual 8 Bullocks 9 Betting pool 10 A religious group 11 Overwhelmed 13 Taking attention away 16 Hereditary ruler 18 A skin sore 19 Island 20 City space 21 Singles 22 Type of ring DOWN 1 Was in charge 2 A melee 3 Tear 4 Eternal 5 Custard-like food 6 Share out 12 Remove grease 14 Walkways 15 Purpose 17 Some time 18 Wild fruit CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 2 Cook a snake-like fish inside without restraint 7 Odd bits of real reel can be very seldom seen 8 Bad one holding cross bovine males 9 Stake used before in space or time 10 Religious group showing a shortened time to start 11 Made a hole when put to flight 13 Start dicing play that takes ones mind off things 16 Stand round first young family member inheriting the throne 18 Crusty eyelids have a sore there 19 Lies around small land mass 20 Leave the car in the landscaped city area 21 Runs in cricket are not doubles 22 Gets in trouble with engraving on ring DOWN 1 Acted as chairman where premier first dwelt 2 Start fighting as car damaged in a disturbance 3 Breach of relations sometimes in cost of housing 4 Always the final one in good position without finishing 5 Toy rug spoilt with some curdled food 6 Apportion by measure and possibly meet trouble 12 Cleansing treatment for engine of French lubricant 14 Closely follows the allotted pathways 15 Showing keen interest in canvas accommodation 17 A lot of days are different after you begin 18 Lose out in getting small sour fruit ACROSS 1 Flat-topped land form 4 Sporting complex 8 Unimportant things 9 Telegram (US Coll) 11 Heron 12 Very low tide 14 Top card 15 Planet 19 Provincial dialect 21 Droop 22 Whirled 24 Additional 27 Advise strongly 29 Complain 30 Lift up 31 Make neat DOWN 1 Cut grass 2 Thoroughfare 3 Region 4 Hail! 5 Correct 6 Hearing organ 7 Performing 10 Peruvian Indian 13 Greek letter 14 Come into view 16 Donkey 17 Unscrupulous moneylender 18 Chimed 20 Wicked giants 23 Gamble 25 Prefix three 26 Imitate 28 Tree 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 G A C T S I N F O R M A T I V E A F E A R E A S W A T T E R R O R E E A R S C E A D E N I L E W D M N B A L E A P U S H E R V I N E E I A C H E I R E G A T H E R I N G E N S X G S A S H E S B O A P L E A T R A N D L E N T O L I E I N N O T I O N T S A R I N T E L O S T P U P P E T A O A D O A R S O N R I M E M A I N E T O P S E N S E S Yesterdays Combo Solutions Yesterdays Quick Solutions Yesterdays Sudoku Solutions combo crossword No. May 30, 2020 su do ku6654 HoroscoPEs Its not a crime to change your mind. Its hard for you to admit that you might, just possibly, have acted too hastily and made the wrong choice. But the time is right to do so. Even more important than an apology or a climb-down is the moment to make amends. This is where your legendary inventiveness and charm come into play. A grand gesture is called for; but it needs to be sincere. As the lunar eclipse arrives towards the end of this week, ideas, inspiration, and success are on their way. Maximise the solstice energy available to you in June. SCORPIO OCT 24NOV 22 When Frank Sinatra sang about fools rushing in where wise men never go, he was touching on a universal truth: sometimes the heart knows best. If youre feeling as if your heart is above your head right now, take it as a sign a good sign. Logic and rationality have their place, and its usually right to think things through in detail before taking action. But, in matters emotional and romantic, your heart knows what its doing. All you have to do is let the message come through. This solstice brings positive change in June. TAURUS APR 21 MAY 21 When responsibilities pile up, its easy to forget the you that you used to be. You have freedom its just that to rediscover it you might have to dig down to get to know yourself all over again. What do you really want, and whats standing in the way? The self-examination process can start this week as a lunar eclipse arrives. And you can finish this crucial process by the time the solar eclipse follows just over two weeks after that. Thats your window for change. Seize this magical moment. Wonderful opportunities as the solstice energises your June. AQUARIUS JAN 21FEB 19 So much of what we do is concerned with our physical needs: food, shelter, warmth and safety. Decisions on these issues are usually clear-cut. Its when we need to deal with more emotional issues that we have to delve into matters on a more metaphysical level. This list is long and detailed. It includes consideration of hurt feelings, excitement, tenderness and affection. As we approach the lunar eclipse, a delicate matter will require all your tact. Sensitivity is key to your success. Let the warmth and power of the solstice inspire you. LEO JUL 24AUG 23 The camera shows a youth running down the street then pushing an elderly person to the ground. Just as the viewers are registering their shock at the crime, half a ton of scaffolding collapses where the elderly person was standing. Our criminal is a hero. Its important to see the whole picture, and sometimes that means stepping back to get a wider perspective; or just waiting a short while to see how things play out. The issue thats riling you now might not be what it seems. Patience is key. Capture the energy of the powerful solstice. ARIES MAR 21APR 20 How did you use all that spare time during the height of lockdown? Getting fit? Catching up on reading? Decluttering? You were too busy for all that, you say? That tells us all we need to know. Youve taken on too much. Its flattering in a way; people recognise your capabilities and ask for your help. You rarely refuse. Consequently, your life is hardly your own. The lunar eclipse brings the chance to shed some of your burdens; hand them back to their rightful owners and free yourself. The powerful solstice can change your life for the better. LIBRA SEP 24OCT 23 Even the best skeleton key in the world will only open certain types of lock. Similarly, although your legendary charm can lower the defences of almost everyone you meet, some need more work. Though you act with compassion, not everyone moves as swiftly as you, and you need to give a certain someone time to think. As long as you dont try to hurry things, you should get the response you desire. The lunar eclipse enables you to allow emotional matters to unfold at their own natural pace. Theres inspiring news in your solstice month-ahead forecast. CANCER JUN 23JUL 23 Youve been through through the mill recently. Actually, youve been through the grinder, the mortar and pestle, and the liquidiser too. Although we shouldnt make light of it, your good humour has seen you through. Now, although things are on the up, youre not yet in the best place to make a big decision. Whats needed in the days preceding the lunar eclipse, is to reconnect with the feelings you experienced when you first decided that a change was necessary. Then, you can begin to initiate it. Give yourself the best solstice present: four minutes of insight. CAPRICORN DEC 22JAN 20 Have you ever accused anyone of overthinking a problem? Perhaps youve been accused of it too. Its what impatient folk say when they want to hurry things along. Its right to ask yourself certain questions before making a move this week. Is it safe? Can I afford to do this? All reasonable and prudent thoughts. But if you try to solve every possible eventuality before making a move, youll never progress. Go ahead and make your move. But leave some space for magic to happen. Its the solstice month. It can transform your life. GEMINI MAY 22JUN 22 Some tasks are so daunting that the only way to approach them is to divide them into a series of smaller, less fearsome jobs. Its known as salami slicing (though vegans might have another term for it.) Whatever your one big project might be, the lunar eclipse heralds the ideal moment to start. Just remember to chop the task up into bite-size pieces. Since this astrological event takes place in your sign, its a cosmic promise to you that projects started now have a good chance of success. June will be exceptional. The solstice brings transformation. SAGITTARIUS NOV 23DEC 21 Even the most even-tempered Virgo gets hot under the collar when a question is met by an avalanche of ifs, buts and maybes. Your fondness for honesty and straight-talking is something of a defining characteristic and woe betide anyone who fails to deliver the truth. Right now you need an unambiguous response to a key question. The lunar eclipse indicates that as long as you make it clear just how important the answer is, the response is likely to be what you want to hear. Use the power of the solstice to change your life in June. VIRGO AUG 24SEP 23 When making the most difficult choices, its sometimes appropriate to be guided by experts. Yet, theres no one in the world more expert on the subject of you than, er, you. So, the time has come to stop looking too widely for guidance; youve had enough of that recentlyand much of it has been contradictory and confusing. You know what your next move should be. You just need to know when the moment is right. The lunar eclipse indicates that this week is the best time to turn an idea into a reality. The solstice brings powerful change in June. PISCES FEB 20MAR 20 oscar cainer www.CAiNER.COM CALL 1300 017 319 Teletopia. Max call cost $1.32 per minute, including GST. Higher charges from mobiles/payphones may apply. Customer care: 1300 366 702. Sudoku Hard To solve this puzzle, each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain the numbers from 1 to 9. Solution tips and computer program at www.sudoku.com Solution published tomorrow Puzzles by Pappocom How to Play