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The Northern Territory news Fri 14 Jun 2013



The Northern Territory news Fri 14 Jun 2013

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www.ntnews.com.au Friday, June 14, 2013. NT NEWS. 47 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:14-JGE:47 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K You cant look after yourself and you cant play by the rules you have proved it time after time, year after year SEEBELOW ONDONT GO CRACKERS n The time for warnings is gone. Every year its a problem. Start adding up police, fire, medical assistance, council clean ups and pretty soon you have a picture of a waste of tax payer money so that someone can bleat about it being their right to waste money on such a pathetic excuse. Celebrating Territory Day. Seth of Darwin n People South still like their fireworks and still let them off all year round even though they are banned. Let morons be just that. Ginger Ninja of ACT n Well, what about the w**kers who stock up for the next 12 months and these people around our area are not aged under 20 either. Hate Fireworks of Berrimah n Theyve been going off regularly each week in Stuart Park since 1st July last year. Called police a few times but they are unable to catch them as they set them off then disappear. This morning around 4.00am fireworks going off again. Has to stop. Waking up kids, pets distraught and people need their sleep. Some of us have to work to make a living. Fed up of Stuart Park n Great a chief minister with the b*lls to say hell consider banning these damn things. Hope he does. Im sick of the morons letting them off on my street at midnight & I ring the cops and they do nothing even when you tell them the address the morons live at. Granpa LEMONof Darwin n Or well have to ban fireworks for your own protection. Sorry, I think we can look after ourselves thank you very much we dont need some nanny state to look after us for our own good. Capt Cook n Capt Cook Im sure the POLICE- FIRE-AND AMBOS (and RDH) and Animal Welfare would loudly disagree. Look after ourselves?? Pffft! Luka of DWN n But you cant Captain Cook. Assuming you are the procracker voice. You cant look after yourself and you cant play by the rules you have proved it time after time, year after year. The only real alternative to banning them is to contain them. Secured sports grounds etc can be venues you pay to enter with 1st aid, safety and fire crews. You buy your crackers and let them off in there and take none home. Reasonable compromise?Upnorff n Capt Cook: You say that now, but those idiots who do hurt themselves are a drain on public resources when they are admitted to hospital. That costs us ALL money for their stupidity. I dont want my tax $ going towards that. JP of Darwin ONTAKEOUR CUCUMBERWITH LOVE n How long before they cant get locals to do the work and have to bring 457 workers in. TheAnomaly of Nakara n @ The Anomaly: 457 workers are reliable, honest, pass drug tests and are eager to work. You know many locals in the NT or in Groote Eylandt that are like that? Stop knocking the 457s. Take your attitude for a walk to the Centrelink offices and ask why the queue out the door is so long.Mary ofManingrida n Really. Can you see the NLC allowing 457 workers onto Groote Eylandte to work for this venture? I dont!Adriaan n How long before they cant get locals to do the work and have to bring 457 workers in. Only enthusiastic help is what these Groote Eylandt people need: not knockers.Omexa Speak Up: DO you like going to watch the V8s? YES I love all the cars and I lovewatching Lowndesywin. TRISHPUCKLE,Darwin YESTheatmosphere and the crowd, it really sets the scene. TODDHAZEL,Darwin YES Its only once a year inDarwin and its something exciting. JEFFREYHORNE,Nightcliff YES I like taking the little ones to go see all the cars. PAULINEBROXHAM,Bayview YES Its exciting to watch all the best drivers compete. PAULYOUNG,Tiwi 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Thanks to all thewonderful doctors and nurses at the ED RDH after removing object frommy 2 year olds nose. Shes back to her cheeky little self again. Cant thank your professionalism and genuine care enough. Sarah,Malak ONCRACKERS n Oh, Ms Oliver youre an Einstein. Weve been playing soothing music to our dogs on Cracker Night for 30 years. n How quiet it was n family fun we had on NT cracker day. There was a few earlier n a few later but we were a tolerant, friendly society. Now whingeing southernes try 2 eliminate all what make us Territorians unique n happy. Nick, Karama n To all the people on crackers. Hardin up or leave NT. Dan, Karama ONOTHERTHINGS n Id like to thank the amaz ing lady that works at Gerard Lighting Warehouse. You are a very beautiful woman. You also have a great personality and lips. But youmademy day by going out of your way to help me with my enquiry and kept a smile on your face. n Please change Tuesdays Your voice in the Territory to Kris voice in the Territory. I dont want people associating me with someone using such racist terms as indigenous and non indigenous. Do non indigenous people lack something? Lets stop creating a divide. Much prefer the educated words of Ted Egan First Australians. Concerned About Our Future n No pick up zone at airport. Got to park & pay! Ridiculous. NotHappy, Gunn n The cavalcade of trucks is always spectacular. What a pity theres so many dopes who interrupt it by crossing the street & getting between the trucks. C n Re $2 for use of toilets in Katherine. I passed through there months ago and tried to go to the ladies. Was appalled at the filthy state they were in. Needless to say I did not go! Am in favour of paying if it means clean toilets. As for so called racial aspect, sorry, we ALL have to pay. It does not discriminate. n Best and tastiest fish and chips at Malak shops. New owners give them a try. A Very SatisfiedNeighbour n Looking at the front page of NT News. My condolences. People sould take more care. The person in front of me just pulled up with no indercation & another accident could have happened if I wasnt aware. Julie, HumptyDoo n Dear Grumpy Old Bugger. The road signage is clear enough and maybe you should familiarise yourself with road maps if thats too hard. Or just cheat and use GPS. Jon,Malak n Aboriginal culture has been sacrficed on the alter of green can dreaming. Frank, Katherine n Am I alone? Thinking the Kath and Kim is such crap. It would make anyone watching cringe. n All humans who murder animals r brain dead morons with an eye queue lower than a rock.Henry, Coolalinga n Is anyone else fed up with the car wash in Stuart Park? The automatic bay never works and themanual options are always broken as well! Filthy, Stuart Park n Hey Foxy! Can I have the contract for the Razor Wire? Oggy,Winnellie n When all else fails, including sexist card, roll out Rudd the dud!Wayne, Darwin Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Give unofficial carers support CONGRATULATIONS to the NT News for their stories about neglected children in the NT. Through circumstances, we are now growing up two Aboriginal teenagers. I want to point out the NT Governments reluctance to deem children as being in need of care is a form of cost shifting on to the wellintentioned public. We receive no funding at all to care for the kids with us. Foster care payments are only made after a child is formally taken into care. However, like many other people, we were unable to sit by and watch two young lives slowly dissolve through not attending school and living in a violent, alcoholfuelled environment. The two young Aboriginal kids living with us give us great joy. They are doing well at school and sport. I would argue that they are able to enjoy their culture more, now they are away from drugs and welfare dependency, and can see purpose in their lives. An organisation is needed in the NT for the people who are acting as unofficial foster carers. It is more common than people realise. Name&addresswithheld Rusty the kelpie listens to Enya to try and relax ahead of the Territory Day fireworks onslaught Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI PICK OF THE PICS