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Weed management plan for gamba grass (Andropogon gayanus) : 2010



Weed management plan for gamba grass (Andropogon gayanus) : 2010

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Replaced by Weed management plan for Andropogon gayanus (Gamba Grass) 2014


Northern Territory. Department of Natural Resources, Environment, The Arts and Sport. Natural Resources Division


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This Weed Management Plan forms part of a strategic approach to gamba grass (Andropogon gayanus) management in the NT, with the overall aim being to mitigate the damage caused by gamba grass in relation to the natural environment, property and infrastructure and public health. A comprehensive weed risk management assessment found gamba grass to be a very high risk weed where potential exists for successful management.


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1. Introduction -- 2. Aim and objectives -- 3. Gamba grass declaration status -- 4. Current distribution -- 5. Management requirements -- 6. Eradication and control methods -- 7. Developing a weed seed spread prevention program -- 8. Tracking progress and judging success -- 9. Support and information for land managers -- Appendix A: Summary of management requirements and related actions – gamba grass in class A/C zone -- Appendix B1: Summary of management requirements and related actions – gamba grass in class B/C zone – small landholdings 20ha or less -- Appendix B2: Summary of management requirements and related actions – gamba grass in class B/C zone – large landholdings of more than 20ha -- Appendix C: Summary of management requirements and related actions – gamba grass in public transport or service corridors -- Appendix D: Suggested gamba grass monitoring report template -- Appendix E: Targets -- List of Figures -- List of Tables




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Northern Territory Government

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2010 edition


Weed management plan

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Weed management plan for Andropogon gayanus (Gamba Grass) 2014

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Weed management plan for gamba grass (Andropogon gayanus) : draft August 2009


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Weed Management Plan for Andropogon gayanus (Gamba Grass) 21 8.2.3 Performance indicators A performance indicator is something which can be used to assess performance. The following indicators will provide a way to measure the performance of this plan against its objectives. This plan also sets and annually reviews targets against the stipulated management requirements (refer Appendix E). Table 3: Performance indicators Performance indicator What will be measured? How will it be measured? Increased awareness Knowledge of issues and management Compliance Quantitative; the following will be recorded: number of enquiries to weedinfo.nretas@nt.gov.au; number of hits on internet site www.nt.gov.au/weeds; number of reported breaches of the Act; and number of major awareness raising events held and number of attendees. Qualitative; the following will be undertaken: key land managers to be questioned about their knowledge of relevant Weed Management Plans; and liaison and consultation with land managers from a range of land tenures will continue. Distribution data Density data Better information Areas under active management Amount of data submitted by the public Strategic and targeted survey programs developed and implemented Eradication Containment Better management Spread reduction Strategic and targeted monitoring programs developed and implemented Reporting 8.2.4 Government commitments and accountability The Weed Management Branch will work with other Divisions from NRETAS and other Northern Territory Government departments to design and implement a monitoring program that allows this management plan, the management actions contained within it and the outcomes produced to be evaluated. The monitoring program should have sufficient resolution to allow management outcomes at a local through to regional management scale to be evaluated. The Minister will consider advice from the public, community and industry stakeholder groups and the NT Weed Advisory Committee prior to approving, or making changes to any statutory weed management plan.