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Alice Springs Steiner School newsletter


Alice Springs Steiner School


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Alice Springs Steiner School newsletter


Newsletter, Monday 24th February 2020

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Newsletter ~ Monday 24th February 2020 https://us7.campaign-archive.com/?u=6a6b0cfafebf2f5f89550f76c&id=834e005371[7/04/2020 11:55:21 AM] I am seeing some lovely play happening with the children, the trains and cars are very popular as are the dolls and cubbies too. They are sharing their cubby houses with their friends so wonderfully. Outside there is lots of water play and sand play with the sandpit being filled with lovely fresh sand as the children cook lots of cups of tea and muffins together! Home visits are finished now in Ruby Saltbush, thank you so much for inviting me into your homes. I was delighted to meet lots of pets that were part of the childrens lives as well as see your favourite things to do at home. The children have given me some lovely ideas to bring into our play at school! Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead, Blessings Sonja and Milla. Cassia One Dear families, Week 5 is upon us already! The Cassia days are full and busy but as adults in the room we strive to imbue the days with a sense of unhurriedness, so there is time for everything and for everything there is a time. I have so valued being able to do home visits this term. Thank you everyone for generously inviting me into your homes. This Friday will be the last home-visiting day. From week 6 on, all older children will come to Cassia on Fridays from 8.30am 1.00pm. The childrens play both inside and outside, has been high in social interaction, collaboration and cooperation. Skills needed to sustain play, such as speaking kindly, listening to others and their ideas, working to understand the rules of the games and the ability to be flexible enough to follow the fluidity of play, are all being practiced and worked on each day. In outside play the energy, despite the heat, has appeared indefatigable! Running and chasey games have involved many. When the children tire, we turn their attention to quieter areas in the garden. The collaboration continues with cubbies, imaginative games and sand pit play! There is a lot going on. So if your child appears tired, it is now almost mid- term, it has been very hot and they have been working hard! Please take this into consideration on the weekends they probably will need a lot of quiet peaceful down time, pottering and playing at home, and not being too social, particularly on Sundays. This week we welcome Angela to our Cassia class and her family: David, Cara and brother Walter. Please make them welcome as you see them in the garden. Many blessings for the week ahead, MLis and Jess