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The Northern Territory news Thu 16 Jul 2020

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16 OPINION THURSDAY JULY 16 2020 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Your say THE PEOPLES VOICE IN THE TERRITORY Opening of borders welcome DROVES of travellers are preparing to cross the border into the Territory tomorrow as restrictions continue to ease. It comes at a challenging time when flare-ups of coronavirus in Melbourne and Sydney have resulted in lockdowns and declared hot spots. The opening of our borders means we all have to be extra careful and to remember the importance of social distancing and personal hygiene. The last thing we want is to risk an outbreak and head back into lockdown land. While the borders mean Southerners can come up here more importantly it means Territorians such as those at boarding school can come home. It also means Territorians can now visit family, if they dont live in a hot spot, and return to the NT without having to isolate. The lifting of the border closure is a welcome change for many. Others, though, are worried COVID-19-affected visitors will bring it here we just hope those coming to the NT adhere to our requirements and appreciate they are there to keep everyone safe. The opening of the borders is also welcome news for NT businesses. Tourists will be able to lap up the tail end of the Dry, bringing some much-needed cash into our economy. Places like the Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise, which has just undergone a renovation is gearing up to show off the crocs of the Adelaide River to packs of tourists. ... and another thing THE cries of a young man for his mother which woke up a Leanyer neighbourhood on Wednesday morning reveal an often unseen aspect of crime. No one can discount or justify the harm and pain victims go through, but behind the crime is often a person who just needs a help or a hug. Fortunately on this occasion the high-speed pursuit did not result in any injuries to police officers, the offender or any innocent motorists who may have been caught up in the unfolding drama. Letters I see the good and the bad RE: two letters. The first by Mark Lowe pointing out the benefits of modern agriculture that should be encouraged in the NT despite the resistance by the lattesipping environmental types. The next letter by Senator McMahon was a complete let down. Instead of announcing an immediate start on two wealth and job-creating dams with funding immediately available, she has announced yet another year-long feasibility study duplicating the work already done by the CSIRO. The money is available now and there is absolutely no chance the money will be available in a years time as COVID-19 recovery will require it all in states that support the federal government. Peter Cavenagh, Howard Springs Water secrecy puzzling THE concerns of Senator Sam McMahon regarding water problems in the Top End escape me. I have no recollection of any representations made by her on our behalf. More certainly, I have no recollection of any representations made on behalf of ratepayers in the Litchfield Shire by our elected members. Our supposedly representative council members have been absent in addressing the theft of water from our borefields for use in Darwin and its environs. More alarming, I find it incredible that no political party has addressed the situation. Senator McMahon stated that a feasibility study is underway for water storage. Why the secrecy? The Northern Territory is arguably the most over-gov erned place on the planet . The number of public servants and local councils supposedly serving some purpose is beyond belief. Tony Hardwick, Humpty Doo Running with the big dogs I THINK dog parks are a fabulous idea. However, be sure to split the park in two. One side for small dogs (up to 15kg) and the other side for large breeds Lizzie Gurd, Fannie Bay Virus facts avoid hysteria GOVERNMENTS are overreacting to the Wuhan virus. Stanford Universitys disease prevention chairman, Dr John Ioannidis (a highly respected epidemiologist), has now revealed that the fatality rate for those under the age of 45 is almost zero, and between the ages of 45 and 70, it is somewhere between 0.05 per cent and 0.3 per cent. For those above 70, it escalates to 1 per cent or higher for those over 85. The fact that many young and middleaged adults in countries like America are testing positive in droves is not a warning sign of an impending onslaught of deaths. The fatality rate is not a cause for hysteria. Emphasis should be on protecting the vulnerable rather than the majority healthy population. Mervyn Sullivan, Leanyer Whats going on in there? IF massage parlour proprietors are conducting sex services on their premises, why did the 2019 Sex Industry Bills required Amendment 546 state in regards to a sex services business (SSB) no sign, other devices or markings that indicate that the premises is used for the purpose of engaging in sex work? Doesnt a flashing Massage Open sign and each one of them trying to outdo each other with their fairylight show suggest this, together with their industry secret code full body massage ads and the witnessing of male foot traffic in and out of these outlets prove sex services are being conducted? In 2015 Senior Sgt Janelle Tonkin told the ABC raids had been conducted and confirmed sex was being offered in these outlets, saying: It appears this is a growing trade in the Top End and must be reinforced that it is illegal for an establishment to provide sexual services. That was 2015, many more have emerged since. A read of the Chairs Preface by MLA Tony Sievers (Inquiry into the Sex Industry Bill 2019) bore no mention of massage outlets providing sex work. Will these massage parlour proprietors receive a visit from NT Licensing to apply for their currently unregistered SSB? Can clients or members of the community inquire as to their compliance to operating a SSB? If parts of the 2019 Sex Industry Bill (and now an Act) relating to premises is being ignored, what was the point of introducing the 546 Amendment? Seems a clear contradiction to blind Freddie. City Walker Get to know your options TO avoid four years of complaining about the government, we all need to be better informed, get to know your candidates and ask them questions. Google them and see what their history is. I would like to see all the parties and candidates also declare all their political donations over $5000, for the past five years before the actual election. Anyone up for it? Carol Phayer, Darwin On this day IN THE TERRITORY ONE YEAR AGO CORRECTIONS officers will walk off the job as negotiations over a workplace agreement continue. One officer said issues at the troubled NT prisons would get worse unless workers conditions improved. FIVE YEARS AGO A MAN wanted by Darwin River residents for stealing clothing and Tim Tams was captured in a citizens arrest. Residents cable-tied the 31-year-old mans hands and held him on the tray of a four-wheel-drive. NT~ News