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The Northern Territory news Thu 16 Jul 2020

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THURSDAY JULY 16 2020 OPINION 17 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA PO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 news@ntnews.com.au facebook.com/ TheNTNews Follow us at twitter.com/TheNTNews Comment on the news at www.ntnews.com.au SMS 0428 NTNEWS normal rates apply World Wide Web ON THE TERRITORY KEEPING ITS BORDERS CLOSED TO SYDNEY RESIDENTS If you ban all Victorians based on hot spots, you need to do the same for people from NSW, not just from hot spots. Just wait 2 weeks Gunner to see how the eastern states handle things. Justin After around 6 months of this pandemic, the general public could be forgiven for thinking that State & Territory governments and authorities should have developed some kind of plan to manage life around COVID-19. It seems the only strategy developed over this period of time is slamming the metaphorical doors shut and hiding under our beds. If this is the long term strategy, dare I suggest its not a very good one. Jamie Why is Gunna so hell bent on opening the borders? Keep them closed until we see if Vic and NSW control their outbreaks and it doesnt spread any further. As Im in the vulnerable age, I will be too scared to go out if the borders are opened. Jilly Great news. We also need to monitor QLD as they also have numbers of infected persons connected to the NSW declared hotspots. Michelle Why??? Just tell them not to come, pretty simple. Bheau ON A NEW PUSH FOR A 1300JOB PARKLANDS PROJECT 13 stages over 15 years. Yep I really want to buy units in a 15 year long development site. Kevin This Gunner Administration has to go. They clearly have no idea! This 1300 jobs construction proposal has been denied for years! You cant say no to investment when your stone cold broke and have debt levels that will take a generation to pay off. The developer should just wait for September and ask the new Administration for sign off. Marie Labor have not approved any private developments. They are clearly closed for business. Sending the Territory to the wall. Johnny Super snaps Grant Hopkins had his house surrounded by a bushfire on Monday afternoon near Noonamah. Local volunteer firefighters saved the house from any damage but the property was engulfed in flames. Picture: CHE CHORLEY txt the editor 0428 NTNEWS Something to say? Letters to the editor should be kept to 300 words or less. Send your letters to GPO Box 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. Preference will be given to letters that give the writers full name and suburb and are kept to under 300 words. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor, NT News, GPO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 ON MANY THINGS Im sick of people and their damn towballs which they back into other cars. Damn all of you! A Pensioner, you are wrong. After Darwin cup the weather gets too hot, humid and windy. The grey nomads are unaccustomed to such weather. They will migrate south. (Source grey nomads who have stayed on my block.) Can someone please explain why them motorised hire scooters going around town are legal? I thought that it was illegal to ride or operate ANY motorised vehicle while under the influence, same with riding a motorised vehicle in a public place without a licence, same with no helmet, is it legal for a child to operate a motorised vehicle in a public space. There are many other laws regarding riding a motorised vehicle but it seems none apply to these motorised scooters. I can see a huge lawsuit against the operators and COD because some young drunk knocking someone over. Darwin Cenotaph moved 1921, 1970, 1992. It might move again so RSL dont hang your slouch hats on sentimental attachment and Esplanade position. Snake oil / wishful thinking Aust War memorial $498m upgrade improve veterans mental health; RSL on esplanade preserves Anzac spirit. Keep with the timetable and remove NT border restrictions on the 18th. They should have been opened sooner. People need to step back from the hysteria of COVID-19. ... Only 108 deaths which were mostly elderly people with underlying illnesses. Sad but the facts are most people will be ok if they get the virus. Remember, thousands die each year from the flu virus but no lockdowns and border closures. Stop making JobKeeper equivalent to working. Get people back to work. Having a great time on it in my street. Tired shift worker, Driver The free world including Australia needs to stand up to the Chinese Communist Government. They are a dictatorship thats oppressing their own people and have destroyed democracy and freedoms of the Hong Kong people. Theres suspicions they created COVID-19 in a lab and they deliberately allowed it to be spread around the world. If Trump loses in November then weak Biden will allow the CCG to do what ever they want and we will be buggered. Sack the NT Health Minister for refusing to tell us why she wont lock up the 3x repeat serial COVID breacher offender who puts us all at risk. Name and shame these inconsiderate selfish ar--oles, as they breach, you might win a few votes, yeah? Please explain why you wont minister? And please tell us how many fines have been paid to date, and how you are going to enforce these fines to be paid. This will be spun bull--it at its best if we ever get an answer. Chips McFry Territory Alliance leader Terry Mills is totally wrong in declaring that luck has kept COVID-19 away from the NT. It has not been luck but careful management by our government supported by health authorities. That has included our Chief Minister resisting the call to throw our borders open - calls that were echoed by leaders of both Territory Alliance and the CLP. Observer Chief Minister Gunner deserves thanks for his management of our borders to date. Had the other parties anything to do with border control, our borders would have been opened weeks ago. Both opposition parties were agitating for this to happen. How glad I am that he stood firm. I hope he finds a way of keeping people from both Victoria and NSW out of the NT beyond July 17. People form both states are a risk to us. Grateful senior Mr Gunner you said youd keep us safe. Time to front up! Worried The Sydney coronavirus spread confirms that pubs and clubs are hotbeds for the transfer of this deadly virus from person to person. It is common knowledge that imbibing alcohol breaks down inhibitions and barriers to physical distancing. Sydneys appointment of marshals to control throngs in these venues needs to be emulated in the NT and around Australia. Without this, we will find these venues to be hotbeds of COVID-19 spread. Sociologist Why is it when you fly Alice to Darwin on a flight that originates in Sydney there are no checks and everyone just gets off and is free to go? Funny, hav always thort roundabouts r pretty simple to navigate. Sum ppl act like its quantum mechanics! Wonder if valentine holmes is wishin hed stayed with sharkies... Shire boy