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management of the centre has provided a designated area where campaigning is permitted. The above floor plan of the shopping centre highlights areas in red where candidates and party workers are not permitted to campaign (click on floor plan to view larger image). Centre management has requested that how to-vote material is not displayed in these areas. As you will appreciate Rapid Creek Shopping Centre management has a duty of care to shop owners, stall owners and customers to ensure the markets operate smoothly. If candidates or party workers have any further queries in relation to these arrangements please contact the Rapid Creek Shopping Centre management on 8948 4866. Election Day voting centres: 100 metre prohibition zones for Johnston by-election Voting centres for the Johnston by-election on Saturday, 29 February are located at the Millner and Moil Primary Schools. The 100 metre prohibition zone, or the area as decided by the Electoral Commissioner, for campaigning will apply at both locations. The following maps show the exclusion area clearly marked in red. Note: Where the boundary follows a school fence-line along a footpath, the prohibition zone is inclusive of the entire footpath up to where it meets the road. Designated campaign areas The following maps show that within the prohibition zone there is a designated campaign area where limited campaigning is permitted (click on each map to view a larger version). The only campaign materials that are allowed within this area are campaign t-shirts and 'how-to-vote' material, all other campaign material including corflutes and A-frames are prohibited. There are three campaign workers for each candidate permitted (including the candidate) who must be registered by completing the designated campaign area appointment form and submitting the forms to the officer in charge of the voting centre. More information on the designated campaign areas for the Johnston by election can be found here. Subscribe Past Issues Translate