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Northern Territory budget papers 2019-20



Northern Territory budget papers 2019-20

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2019/20 Budget papers


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10 Introduction 2019-20 Budget Information presented in this budget paper Total infrastructure payments the main summary table shows payments for the infrastructure program across both the budget and government owned corporations sectors, includes the original budget and revised estimate for 2018-19 and budgeted payments for 2019-20, consistent with other budget papers. This is the primary infrastructure budget table, with subsequent tables providing increasingly disaggregated information that forms part of the overall total. Capital projects and estimated capital expenditure summary tables for budget sector capital works for both 2018-19 and 2019-20 are categorised into three sections relating to those agencies that manage and fund their capital works program (construction agencies): Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics Department of Local Government, Housing and Community Development Land Development Corporation. The tables provide information on the following components: revote in estimated value of capital works that continue from the previous year minor new works projects of a capital nature, with an estimated cost of $500 000 or less major new works capital projects with an estimated cost greater than $500 000 total capital works totals of the above components cash the amount of capital works cash allocated to the program revote out the estimated balance of total capital works not completed at the end of the year. This is the difference between the total capital works and the cash columns. Capital works summary provides a list of all agencies with capital projects (major and minor) and the total value of the capital works projects attributed to them. Information is provided for both 2018-19 and 2019-20. Grants summary provides a list of capital grants and repairs and maintenance grants made to other entities to fund the recipients infrastructure costs. Repairs and maintenance summary provides the repairs and maintenance program for each agency, including 2018-19 and 2019-20 repairs and maintenance expenses directly recorded by each agency. Program details by agency provides details of each agencys 2019-20 infrastructure program, including the agencys capital projects and repairs and maintenance. Each major capital project is listed, with only the total program level identified for minor capital projects. Revoted and new works are separately presented within each agency. The start date for new works is included, and provides the indicative timing for project commencement. Arrangements may vary due to changes in circumstances during the year, which can require a rearrangement of priorities. Capital grants provided by agencies to other entities are also identified in the agency section. Estimated costs within major repairs and maintenance categories are disclosed, where relevant. Glossary provides a guide to further explain more technical or specific terminology used in this budget paper. Where appropriate, summary tables have been rounded to one decimal place.