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Annual Report 1988-1989 Department of Lands and Housing



Annual Report 1988-1989 Department of Lands and Housing

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Tabled Papers for 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990; Tabled Papers; ParliamentNT






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Members Mr G.E. Hiley Mr E.B.M. James Mr G.C. Fenwick Mr G.T. Martin Mr J. Patterson Mr M J. Mooney Mr R.M. Morrison Mr B.F. Vaughan Mr B. M. Colless Registrar Mr M.D. Bound Deputy Registrar Ms J.M. Hoyle There were no matters referred to the Tribunal during 1988/89. LICENSED SURVEYORS APPEAL TRIBUNAL The Licensed Surveyors Appeal Tribunal is established by Section 40 of the licensed Surveyors Act. The Tribunal consists of a legal practitioner of not less than seven (7) years standing, appointed by the Attorney-General, as the C hairm an and tw o (2) licensed surveyors who are not members of the Surveyors B oard, appoin ted by the Minister. The Tribunal has the power to hear and give judgement on an appeal against a decision by the Surveyors Board which: (a) refuses the application by a person for registration as a licensed surveyor; (b) orders the removal from the Register of the name of a licensed surveyor; (c) reprimands a licensed surveyor; or (d) suspends, otherwise than following a similar suspension in a reciprocating state, the registration o f a licensed surveyor. As notified in NT Gazette No.G42 of 19 October 1988, the Minister, under Section 41 of the Act, appointed Mr John Ward to be Secretary of the Licensed Surveyors Appeal Tribunal. Members have not been appointed to the Tribunal as it is only expected to be needed on an occasional basis. Members can then be appointed to decide the appeal. No appeals were lodged during the year, nor have any been lodged since the commencement of the Act in 1984. NORTHERN TERRITORY PLACE NAMES COMMITTEE The P lace N am es C o m m ittee has responsibility for recommending names of public places to the Minister with Members being appointed for a three (3) year term by the Minister. The present Committee comprises: * Chairman Mr V. O Brien * Members Mr C. Patterson Mr J. King (resigned 27 September 1988) Mr K.W. Boakes (appointed 21 December 1988) Mr P. Wells (Surveyor-General) Secretarial work is carried out by an Administrative Officer with funds being appropria ted