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WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 4 2020 OPINION 37 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA 56 WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 4 2020 DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU TELE01Z01MA - V2 1605 Guy Fawkes, amember of a gang that tried to blow up the British parliament with gunpowder, is arrested. 1862 Richard Gatlinggets a US patent for his revolving gun with 10 parallel barrels that can fire 1200 shots a minute. 1922 British archaeologist Howard Carter discovers the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamen. 1934 Charles KingsfordSmith and P.G. (Patrick Gordon) Bill Taylor arrive in Oakland, California, from Brisbane via Honolulu in the Lady Southern Cross after the first west-east crossing of the Pacific. 1942 After 12 days offighting, the second battle of El Alamein ends with Erwin Rommels Afrika Korps in retreat from British and other forces. 1956 Soviet tanks invadeHungary as aircraft bomb the capital Budapest to quash a revolt against communist rule. 1980 Former actorRonald Reagan is elected US president. 2008 Democrat BarackObama, 47, is elected president of the United States, becoming the first African American man chosen for the job. 2010 A Rolls-Royceengine explodes on Qantas flight 32 above Indonesias Batam Island soon after takeoff from Singapore. Skilful flying saves the lives of the 469 people on board. 2016 The Paris Agreement on climate change comes into effect. 2019 Three women andsix children, members of the Mormon offshoot Church of the Firstborn with dual USMexican citizenship, are shot and burned alive on a road in Sonora, Mexico. 1942 The horse float making itsway to FlemingtonRacecourse onNovember 4, 1930, had apolice escort. It was anunusual sight, but these were unusual times. The horse aboard the trailer was none other than the great New Zealand-born chestnut horse Phar Lap. Days earlier there had been two attempts to prevent the gelding from running. The first involved a truck speeding toward Phar Lap as he was being walked along a street by his strapper Tommy Woodcock. Disaster was averted when Woodcock noticed the truck and got the horse out of the way just in time. On the Saturday before the race, Woodcock was riding Phar Lap across Glen Huntly Rd at Caulfield when a car came tearing around the corner. Woodcock had seen the car parked there moments before and became suspicious, because its licence plate was obscured. His suspicions were confirmed when a shotgun was poked through the window from the back seat and shots were fired. It is thought gunmen had tried to aim for the horses legs, attempting to maim rather than kill him, but they missed. Fortunately, Woodcock had turned the horse toward a fence to protect him, giving the gunman much less of a target. Such was the highly charged atmosphere surrounding the 1930 Melbourne Cup. Phar Lap was the favourite for the race, but there were people who would rather he didnt run at all. While many people cheered on the seemingly unbeatable Big Red, others wanted to see him fail to make money by betting on his competitors. Phar Lap had been foaled at Seadown Stud, near Timaru, on the South Island of New Zealand in 1926. Sired by English horse Night Raid, by Entreaty two horses that never amounted to much on the track few people expected big things from the horse. But some, like Sydney trainer Harry Telford, could see huge potential in the large horse. He leased it for three years from its owner, American businessman David J. Davis who he had convinced to buy it but who had been unimpressed when he first saw the horse. Telford offered to train the horse for only for a share of the winnings. He named it Phar Lap from a Thai word for lightning. Many who saw the horse thought him ungainly. When he began his racing career, in February 1929 running in the Nursery Handicap at Rosehill, he came last. He didnt do terribly well in his next three races either, but in his fourth, the Maiden Juvenile Handicap at Rosehill in April 1929, he won, giving some idea of his strength as a runner. Telford spent the winter months training the horse for the spring. In August he came fourth in two of his Big Reds win a bright spot in the Depression TROY LENNON HISTORY EDITOR Phar Lap passes the post in 1930 and (inset) little Gerald Cappy Telford with the Cup. 1930 races, but in September, after running an unexpected second at the Tattersalls Chelmsford Stakes, he blitzed the next four races, including the AJC Derby. That winning streak was expected to continue in the 1929 Melbourne Cup. But after a 1 million betting plunge on the gelding, a record amount at the time, it could only manage third, losing to Nightmarch, another horse sired by Night Raid, and Paquito. After the race there were stories that Phar Laps jockey had pulled the horse up to throw the race, but another theory is that the horse had been troubled by illness in the weeks before the race. At the time of the 1929 Cup the global economy was sliding into the Great Depression. By the time the 1930 Melbourne Cup rolled around, the downturn had hit with full force. But Phar Laps domination of the track had also hit full force, winning all but two of 18 races between his loss to Nightmarch and the 1930 Cup. To his fans he was the Big Red but to others he was the Red Terror, to Woodcock he was just Bobby. To those who were down on their luck and looking for a hero, the powerhouse chestnut gelding fit the bill. Like a superhero, the horse dodged attempts to remove him from the race, including the near-miss with the truck and the shotgun fired from a car, and also a stranger trying to bribe Woodcock and others into doping the horse or somehow hindering his run. But true to his sterling form at the time Phar Lap went on to win the Cup easily. Telford allowed his son Gerald Cappy Telford to hold the Cup while posing for photos. While feeding Bobby sugar cubes later that night, Woodcock told him he was the best horse in the world. Phar Laps domination continued after winning Australias most famous race, winning 14 of his next 15 races. But he couldnt make it two Cups in row, running eighth in 1931. Davis then had the horse shipped overseas to try his luck in America. After running first in the Agua Caliente Cup in Tijuana, Mexico in March 1932, Phar Lap died in California in April. REMEMBER WHEN I won the Melbourne Cup sweep Tell us your story: Write to the History Editor, 2 Holt St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010 WHEN I was a child I had little interest in horse racing. In fact, the seemingly endless drone of race calls on a race day, wafting from radios in homes all along our street, used to annoy me. Sometimes when I stayed at my grandparents place, my Pop would be glued to the wireless, form guide in hand, egging on some nag or other on which he would, more often than not, lose his money. I think he could sense my irritation and, occasionally, he would let me pick a horse and then put a tiny bet on it for me. I recall one time, in about 1972, picking out the name Sparkling Red, long before I knew that was a kind of wine, because I just liked the sound of the name. It got up, as they say, and Pop gave me some money, which I quickly squandered on lollies, some toy that soon broke, or maybe on a sparkling red raspberry soft drink. After that my mum often encouraged me to pick horses with red in their name, but that wouldnt have helped with my first big win on the gee gees. In 1974, I was entered into a neighbourhood Melbourne Cup sweep and got the horse Think Big, which netted me $2. It seemed a large sum of money at the time and I spent it wisely on a huge bag of plastic soldiers (with tanks and jeeps) and a set of ink stamps. Although I no longer have the stamp set or the plastic army men (many of which are probably buried in the backyard of my childhood home or in landfill somewhere) I still have the memory of that win. That was the only time I have ever had the winner of the Cup either in a sweep or as a bet. Even if I had followed mums advice and picked a horse with red in its name it wouldnt have done me much good in the Cup. The only horse named red ever to win the Cup was Red Handed in 1967. However, I might have done OK if I had Red Nose (each way rather than on the nose) in 1979, which ran third, or Red Cadeaux which ran second three times in 2011, 2013 and 2014. Think Big wins the 1974 Melbourne Cup. But otherwise I have had an almost uncanny ability to pick horses either based on the form or by going in a sweep that fail to run either first, second or third. TROY LENNON Ahh, the joys of exercise! Another morning jog down to the East Point outdoor gym spoiled by itinerants sleeping around the exercise equipment, others still awake and drunk at 6am. They are there every night and cleared out every morning and no one wants to break this cycle. Why not? In a democratic society vigorous debate is expected of our elected members whether it be federal government or local government including council. To hear that our mayor and others at Darwin City Council are trying to muzzle such vigorous debate is unsurprising but concerning. Thats why we have elected members of different creeds to thrash out ideas and make decisions. Remember politicians you work for the people, to fight for the people. Only in a healthy democracy do we see vigorous debate, so let our elected people speak. Sean VB Darwin City It is patently obvious from three recent territory and state elections (NT, ACT and Queensland) all returning Att!! ABC News TV. When you do your paper round-up we have a newspaper here in the NT!!!!!! BP of Gray November 30? Sign in now. Remain vigilant. Lindsay To all the bank haters, hows your superannuation now? There is a case in China about Australian lobsters, we do not have lobsters!! They are crayfish!! CC woody Kevin Rudd suggests Australia should speak up if Trump refuses a smooth transition to Biden/Harris presidency. Bravo! And unlikely as it is if Trump wins? I think Australia should still support a smooth transition to Biden/Harris presidency. The Virginian A texter has queried the taxpayer cost of a NT senator going to Qld to help in someone elses electorate. How does that compare with the other NT senator who has taxpayer paid 8 hour return business class flights whenever she deems to visit her own electorate? Bob Fed-up Resident Hooning in vehicles on our urban and nearby rural roads is reaching epidemic proportions. Roads and verges are being damaged and nearby residents are being placed under real threat should they want to walk or drive on walkways and roadways. Maybe it is time that habitual hooners lost their vehicles for good, with part of the sentence being a requirement they watch their cars go through the crusher. Labor governments, that voters were happy to put their trust in governments that placed a higher value on health and wellbeing than on commercial and economic enterprise. Those results should send an important message to the major coalition parties about priorities and values that count with voters. Analyst Too right (Name Withheld Tiwi - Letters to the editor on November 3). Remember when the turn-off to Florence Falls was a 44-gallon drum then the word got out to NTG there are tourist $ in them there falls. As Joni Mitchell once wrote they paved paradise & put up a parking lot. Come again, who are the dream destroyers? CW <i'ou KlJOW \f C/ou(]..E "10, ~16\-'\T A Sou, 1'\--t\~ l T MeAA.)S '(OU A~T AG TU Alt ---f \/t~"l 6001::> ... TEXT THE EDITOR ~~ MESSAGE OF THE DAY Have your say: SMS 0428 NTNEWS ON THIS DAY