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Belyuen Community Government Council annual report 2018-19



Belyuen Community Government Council annual report 2018-19


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Belyuen Community Government Council annual report; Annual Report



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Belyuen Community Government Council Annual Report 2018-2019 20 | P a g e Strategy 6 Working with funding agencies to create commercial opportunities that give the residents jobs and bring money back into the community to support all other activities that the community would like The Belyuen Store The Belyuen Store has struggled for a number of years to break even financially. Store items are kept to a basic, prices are kept as affordable as possible and the store does school lunches, catering for meetings in the community or social events but still struggles financially. There are some areas that can be identified immediately that have considerable impact on the store sales and these are the number of people in the community and their means of income. Centrelink payments are the primary source of regular income. With the current Federal Government Policy in Indigenous Communities of suspending Newstart recipients for non attendance at participation interviews or missing their work for the dole activity for so many times then there is even less money in the community and even less money going through the store. The outcome being more adults and children going hungry more often. And the Store never breaking even. The Store has been the Victim of two big break ins during 2018-2019. One from local youth and the other from a group of youth from Palmerston. Both Break ins have cost the Store and Council in excess of $40k and this does not include CEO, Sore Operations Manager and other staffs time in dealing with the results. Belyuen Store will never recover from these break ins. The Store is now as secure as what it can be failing to have everything barred up. Council has assessed the way some practices were done and have made changes with the idea of making theft of items/money as difficult as possible. The Workshop (Civil Works) The workshop staff play an important role in the community. Apart from R & M vehicles and equipment on the Cox Peninsula staff are constantly called on to look at small breakages in other Council work places eg water pipes at the Women Centre or Hall or Generator Problems at the Store. With two of the Mechanics being qualified ESOs and having done the ESO contract work including underground maintenance for 18 years they have a good understanding of where service lines etc are in the community. The Civil Works staff installed the solar street lights. The Belyuen Workshop is the only workshop on this side of the Harbour and it has built up a good reputation with locals (including Wagait residents) and organisations such as the NLC Rangers, the Belyuen Health Centre and Primary School.