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Belyuen Community Government Council annual report 2018-19



Belyuen Community Government Council annual report 2018-19


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Belyuen Community Government Council annual report; Annual Report



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Belyuen Community Government Council Annual Report 2018-2019 21 | P a g e In 2018-2019 Belyuen Council lost the contract to deliver ESO Services to the Community. The contract was lost due to the non competitive Tender Price being slightly higher than the private businesses prices. Council was very angry about this whole process and the fact that the most disadvantage council in the whole of the NT had to do a non competitive price against Darwin businesses. This was and is very wrong and the NT Government should be ashamed that they allowed it to go ahead even when it was bought to their attention and before the Tender was signed off. The Contract was worth $60+k to Belyuen Council annually and this went directly to wages and helping the Council and community. Whatever comes into Council then the whole community gets a direct spin off from it. The business that won the tender also got 2 other contracts and ended up with nearly $1.5m of contract work. The insulting thing is that the contractor drives into the community everyday to do work that aboriginal people in the community are trained and experienced in. Incidences such as metre boxes blowing up from lightning strikes would have under Belyuen been dealt with immediately with the pole fuse being pulled to secure the house up. The community has had situations where the tenant has been told to wait until the next day because there is no one to send out. This leaves the household in a very dangerous situation. This would never have happened when Council had the contract because Council had ESOs on the ground. NT Governments policies on aboriginal employment and keeping employment and money in the communities just become words unless they look at all its arms of responsibility to make sure that everyone falls into line. It is too easy to say that PowerWater are their own Corporation. The NT Government established the Corporation and Belyuen Council understands that funding for the ESO programme actually comes from the Department of Housing, Local Government and Community Development, an NT Government department. Age Care The Belyuen Age Care Programme has grown over the last 12 months and Council is now providing services to a number of clients outside the community (Wagait and Dundee) With the My Aged Care programme people are able to access information much easier and this in turn means that they can access services much quicker particularly through the Community Home Support Programme. The higher level Community Care Packages are still hard for clients to access because they are dependent on the Federal Government releasing more and then services need to bid for them. Often a client will remain on a lower level package for over 12 months while they wait for a