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Belyuen Community Government Council annual report 2018-19



Belyuen Community Government Council annual report 2018-19


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Belyuen Community Government Council annual report; Annual Report



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Belyuen Community Government Council Annual Report 2018-2019 23 | P a g e Strategy 7 Clean and beautify the community to ensure the country is cared for and the community looks good, creating proud residents. Council organises community clean ups before and after the wet season and one in the middle of the year. Council has been very fortunate to have the Ironbark Supervisor (for the men) working with the men and Council to help keep the community free of rubbish. Ironbark also offers a gardening/removing rubbish service from peoples yards. Visitors to the community often comment on how clean the community is. Councils weekly rubbish collection service is outsourced and rubbish taken to Shoal Bay. Veolia currently have the agreement with Council to provide a weekly waste management service. Veolia are very helpful and will let people put rubbish in the compactor that does not fit in the bin instead of letting it sit on the footpath. They have also provided seconded hands bins to the community for free. This is a big savings for people who are on Centrelink payments. There continues to be major issues with the old Belyuen dump. There is no management of the dump and no fencing of the dump and it is an environmental night mare. The dump problem escalated out of control as soon as the Wagait dump was closed down. Many Wagait residents now just dump their rubbish literally anywhere. No one seems to care apart from Belyuen Council who are at a loss as to know how to deal with it. Council have recently found out that the dump is actually out of their boundary. This does not make it any better it does not matter whose land the dump is on it is an absolute disgrace in 2020 that is allowed to exist. Council was scraping it up with the backhoe however the backhoe kept getting too many punctures and Council does not have the money to keep fixing up the tyres. The dump needs to be closed off however because of where it is located (in the bush) Council believes that people will just keep dumping their rubbish around in the bush. There needs to be a transfer station built on the Peninsula to help manage the waste problem. The problem is too big for Belyuen to manage unless the NT Government were to work with the Council and the Traditional Owners to prepare a Waste Management Plan for the Peninsula. Workshop staff assist community people with the removal of old vehicles from their yards. Old vehicles lying around can become missiles in the cyclone season, they become a home for snakes, items for people to smash up or set fire to when they are bored and they give the community a very unkept appearance.