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The Northern Territory news Sat 28 Nov 2020

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SATURDAY NOVEMBER 28 2020 OPINION 39 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA 1520 Portuguese-bornnavigator Ferdinand Magellan sails his three ships into the Pacific Ocean after finding his way through the South American strait that now bears his name. 1814 The ReverendSamuel Marsden leaves for New Zealand to bring Christianity to the Maori people. 1838 Solomon Wiseman,convict turned merchant and ferry operator, dies. Wisemans Ferry in NSW was named in his honour. 1854 Troops enteringBallarat skirmish with gold miners, raising tensions that would result in the Eureka Stockade. 1893 Women vote for thefirst time anywhere in a national election in New Zealand. 1932 PM Joseph Lyonsunveils the Dog on the Tucker Box statue near Gundagai, in the southwest of NSW, in honour of early settlers of the district. 1947 India begin their firstTest against Australia, playing in Brisbane. Australian captain Don Bradman scores 185 not out and Australia goes on to win the game and the series. 1979 An Air New ZealandDC-10 on a scenic flight from Auckland to the South Pole hits Mt Erebus in Antarctica, killing all 257 people on board. 1999 Virgin airline chiefRichard Branson announces in Sydney that he is preparing to set up a no frills domestic carrier in Australia. 2001 US energycompany Enron collapses, amid evidence of major fraud. At the time it is the largest US company ever to bankrupt . 2018 Queensland raisesits fire danger rating to Catastrophic for the first time. PM Scott Morrison pledges federal assistance. 1999 REVEREND JOHN FLYNN A Flying Doctor plane. The first official flying doctor was Dr Kenyon St Vincent Welch, who took off for the first time from the Cloncurry base on May 17, 1928 with Arthur Affleck as pilot. In his first year he covered more than 30,000km seeing 255 patients. Atwenty dollar notewont buy much asmuch as it didwhen it was firstintroduced inAustralia in 1966.Back then the notedepicted two great pioneers of aviation in Australia, Lawrence Hargrave, whose experiments with box kites influenced the Wright brothers, and Charles Kingsford Smith, who made the first non-stop air flight across the Australian continent and the first trans-Pacific flight. But in 1994 when the first polymer notes were issued another great pioneer of the air took his place on one side of the $20 note. He was John Flynn, a teacher and preacher, who made it his mission to improve the lives of people living in isolated areas of Australias vast interior. Flynn, born on November 25, 1880, established the Australian Inland Mission (AIM), caring for the spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing of people spread across huge stretches of the Australian outback. But his best-known achievement was establishing the aerial medical network now known as the Royal Flying Doctor Service. After his ordination in 1911, Flynn went to the South Australian Outback and saw the health problems of Aborigines and people in isolated areas. He established AIM in 1912 he helped establish the AIM. Since only two doctors served an area of some 300,000sq km in Western Australia and 1,500,000sq km in the Northern Territory, he opened a network of bush hospitals and set up a travelling nurse service. In 1917 Lieutenant John Clifford Peel, a young airman, wrote in an article for publication in the journal saying: In the not very distant future I can see a missionary doctor administering to the needs of men and women scattered between Wyndham and Cloncurry, Darwin and Marree. By the time the article appeared, in October 1918, Peel had been killed in action but the words inspired Flynn. Cannot believe in 2020 NT News still gets to feature every second week about people battling the most dangerous predators in the world to cross to a populous remote community in the NT. I have been here 40 years and this story has been repeated that long. Two things strike me. The Feds rabbit on about closing the Gap. What hypocrisy to allow this to continue. Second the NT Govt has just spent $6 billion in the last 4 years. What is there to show for that. Certainly not a simple bridge over Cahills that should have been their number one priority. Utterly Shameful in 2020. NT News last video showed little kids out of the car and on the crossing!!!! All politicians hang your heads in shame. Bernard It doesnt take an Einstein to work out that China is playing a game with Australian agricultural and mineral exports at the moment. This attitude is delaying the receipt of product and forcing economic hardship on exporters. It is also playing on the state of their sociological and mental wellbeing. Federal Agricultural Minister participate in conferencing did not reoffend within six months of the conference (Youth diversion working, NT News 27/11). The key to measuring success will be in the test of how many NEVER reoffend. Change has to be long term. And what percentage of offenders do not participate in conference programs. Stories like this do not always reflect the magnitude of what remains an absolute epidemic of youth crime in the Territory. POH Waited all this time for cricket to start but no coverage of ODI on TV. Only tests WTF? At least ABC has it covered on radio. How many Australians are seeking to be repatriated from overseas. A few weeks ago, with weekly quotas for returnees around Australia over 1000, there was a wait list of 17,000. Currently, with the quota of returnees each week on the up, there are 36,000 seeking to return. Are the statistics skewed or are there people who have left since being warned off international travel, who now want back? Demographer Prioritiser Property Council of Australia (NT) CEO Ruth Palmer is about aspiration rather than reality if she expects the Federal Government should pick up the tab for undergrounding power in our citys older suburbs (NT News 27/11). We have owned our destiny since 1978 and that is a priority our own government should have. To date the NT Government has been very piecemeal in addressing what is a major issue. The entity Ms Palmer should be addressing is our own government. David Littleproud is indirectly addressing the issue. Rather than second guessing China, he and his department should be actively seeking alternative markets for Australian produce. So 70 per cent of kids made to participate in victim conferencing don't reoffend within 6 months? Really? 70 per cent of those kids dont get caught again within 6 months is more likely! Youth diversionary programs in the NT are supposedly working because almost 70 per cent of kids made to A milkwood tree fell during a squall in Darwin damaging a Fannie Bay property. Picture: Che Chorley SUPER SNAPS TEXT THE EDITOR "~ MESSAGE OF THE DAY Have your say: SMS 0428 NTNEWS ON THIS DAY