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The Centralian Advocate Fri 8 Jan 2021


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26 OPINION FRIDAY JANUARY 8 2021 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 CRICKETERS CALL SHOTS So here we are; in the midst of a global pandemic, a bunch of Indian cricketers have determined how they are to be quarantined. By all reports these sportspeople have already broken separation protocols in Melbourne restaurants. The penalty; cricketers nil, government one. How is it that ordinary Australians dont dictate how they are to be quarantined for the good of all, yet a bunch of petulant, overindulged blue bloods dictate how and where they are to be held in isolation? Sadly the QLD government has capitulated to their ransom with rather meek excuses for what? A game of cricket! Solution: Cancel their visas, isolate them in immigration detention and send the arrogant, children home. Dave M, Stuart Park TEAM SELECTION THEORY I had an aha moment this morning. It was kind of a guess. It was kind of intuition. That clever man who leads Australian cricket with his heart on his sleeve, and keeps his cards very close to his chest, and those clever people at Cricket Australia who have been conducting a competition to see what the actual 11 would be, have been keeping us at arms length. I think the key to this XI for Australia is that you wouldnt want a rookie facing Bumrah, Siraj and their 3rd quick in the opening spot. So I think theyre going to bat Pucovski at 5. Wade and Warner will open. Head will be 12th man. And the rest of the team will be as was. My thinking, and I believe Justins thinking, is that you want accomplished veterans facing both the brilliant quicks and one of cricket historys greatest ever twin spinning combinations at the top of the order. So my guess is that Warner, Wade, Labuschagne, Smith, Pucovski, Green, Cummins, Starc, Lyon and Hazelwood will be the 11 with Head at 12. Now with all the permutations I might be wrong, but Pucovski facing the older ball is the best bet probably. Arthur Pagonis MEMORIES OF THAT YEAR Our memories, real and fake, of 2020 will be repeated for the rest of our lives. In that sense it will equal the cyclone. My three: The local and federal police that met the plane and were excellent in their task of explaining the selfisolation processes. The excellent work done by the Labor government which, despite the efforts of the media, including the ABC, were given another term in office. Congratulations, Michael. Lastly, and most importantly, all the Territorians who used commonsense, and showed great social responsibility, in coping with the government restrictions and helping those in isolation. Eg: I found a paper in my letterbox most days and a bag of fruit and veg hanging from the fence in the middle of the 14 days. For me, the year 2021 is the product of two prime numbers and will make me concentrate on making it a happy year. Billy Moir, Nightcliff USING MILITARY GOOD IDEA Indignant responses by local health organisation leaders to the use of the Travelodge as a single group quarantine facility, without their input, is an interesting response to a plan to manage COVID-19. The Howard Springs centre was basically a federal government initiative despite Emgunnas claim to the contrary. It was based on a paramilitary plan (staffed by AUSMAT teams) to keep COVID out of the community and to date has done so with flying colours. To see that plan morph into a full military-run facility is a welcome progression and I believe, the way to future management of the disease. The use of domestic police and state medical staff, utilising a number of struggling hotels around the country, has seen mixed success. It has I believe, raised the level of public angst against the role of police in our community. Utilising the military to deal with what is essentially a war against a very formidable enemy, is a no-brainer. Military personnel are not seen as members of the community as much as they are national security personnel, without state biases or loyalties. That the Howard Springs model was not mandated by national cabinet as the way to combat COVID-19 from day one, is a poor reflection on the self interested decision making of the state premiers. I look forward to seeing how a more nationally regulated approach to isolation security and treatment, pans out. Good luck to all those involved. D C Sanderson, Darwin GREAT FISHY TALE NT News P1 and 10 (Tuesday). Neighbours Christine and Sasha laughed at front page and Page 10 NT News naked male saved by crab fishermen. I said to bagpiper Christine: I want to go out crab fishing again, do you reckon those rescue blokes are single? Maybe they can take us out crabbing and help us catch the Million Dollar Barra (when they are not rescuing naked males in mangroves who are almost dead). Personally I do not think they are single. Local, Casuarina GUNNER NEEDS TO EXPLAIN Can Gunner please explain why Richard Fejo will be an outstanding chairman (of the Darwin Waterfront Corporation)? What are his qualifications and experience at running such a corporation? If Gunner was really being politically motivated, he would have got rid of Sam Burke, who was a political appointment of the CLP. But we all know who hes married to! Kenny NEW COPPER MINE A BIG WIN FOR ALL ALL things going well, a new$200m copper mine willbegin construction in theNorthern Territory some-time in the middle of this year. KGL Resources Jervois copper mine is 380km northeast of Alice Springs and has been some five years in the making. Its importance to the Territory goes beyond the hundreds of jobs it means in the construction and operational phases. Coppers widespread use in construction wiring and piping, and electrical transmission lines, make it a key infrastructure metal. It is required for all the standard uses such as copper piping and core components of aeroplanes, trains, cars, trucks and boats. Globally the copper supply is not going to be able to keep up with demand in the long term which makes this project in the Northern Territory of international significance, particularly to countries like China which has a 100 per cent electric vehicle target. The move towards electric vehicles is a huge copper driver. In electric cars copper is a major component used in the electric motor, batteries, inverters, wiring and in charging stations. An electric car has four times as much copper as petrol vehicles. The latest use for copper is in renewable energy, particularly in photovoltaic cells used for solar power, and wind turbines All this means massive new copper supplies are needed and the Territorys Jervois mine will be one of those suppliers. GRAB A VOUCHER AND EXPLORE TOURISM Minister NatashaFyles announcement of a thirdround of tourism vouchers is welcome news. Campaigned for by the NT News, the tourism voucher scheme is an important initiative to support our local tourism industry. It is pleasing to see Territorians have already embraced the scheme and booked local holidays. Hopefully, the third round of vouchers will continue to stimulate the economy and help hard-hit local businesses. With our regional communities being some of the hardest hit in the Territory, the extra boost for those travelling will hopefully go well again this time. The Territory has some of the most stunning and beautiful sights our nation has to offer so why not grab a voucher and explore. You might as well. A new Korean restaurant is opening at Darwin's Waterfront and co-owner of Bannsang, Yeri Kim, cant wait. 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