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The Centralian Advocate Fri 8 Jan 2021


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Go to ozfree.cainer.com SAGITTARIUS NOV 23DEC 21 The more we think about some issues, the more confusing they become. Is that because we have insufficient data? Or do we get stuck trying to navigate our way through a kind of informational excess? Although its easier said than done, you need to siphon off the specifics, dispense with the details, and bring everything back to basics this weekend. Its not easy to engage your critical faculties when youre in a rush. Yet, if you take some time out, youll find the solution you require. Our gift to you completely free audio and video forecasts. Go to ozfree.cainer.com VIRGO AUG 24SEP 23 If Mary Poppins was right and a spoonful of sugar really does help the medicine to go down, then why arent we swallowing it by the kilo? And, if taking things with a pinch of salt is such a good idea, why bother listening to the health experts? Perhaps everything in moderation is better good maxim to follow. 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