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14 WORLD WEDNESDAY JANUARY 13 2021 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 and has vowed another violent uprising if attempts are made to remove Mr Trump from office, according to a memo A defenceless manatee, or sea cow, was found with the word TRUMP written on its back in Florida, sparking outrage from animal lovers. MIAMI: A manatee was found with the word TRUMP scrawled on its back in a Florida swimming hole, prompting an investigation from the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The docile herbivore was spotted with the political inscription in the Blue Hole headwaters of the Homosassa River in Citrus County, about 130km northwest of Orlando, the Citrus County Chronicle reported. Witnesses reported the animal to federal authorities, the outlet said. Its my experience that this is very out of character for this community, Craig Cavanna, a senior federal wildlife officer in charge of the investigation said. Wildlife conservation is a core value (here). Thats why its called the Nature Coast. Mr Cavanna said harassment of manatees, which are protected by the Endangered Species Act, is a Class A federal crime that carries a fine of $US50,000 ($65,000) and/or up to a year in federal prison. Mr Cavanna said his team were hunting for the person, or persons, responsible. HOLY SEA COW! HOW LOW CAN HIS FANS GO WASHINGTON: Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, has resigned his post as worries rise over more violence during president-elect Joe Bidens inauguration next week. Mr Wolf, whose department is in charge of security for the January 20 ceremony, is the third person to resign from Donald Trumps cabinet since the attack by the Presidents supporters on the US Capitol last week. Mr Wolf, long a close ally of Mr Trump, called the attack tragic and sickening. While I have consistently condemned political violence on both sides, specifically violence directed at law enforcement, we now see some supporters of the President using violence as a means to achieve political ends, he said. Mr Wolf, whose department oversees numerous federal law enforcement bodies including the Secret Service, said just last week that he was staying in his position until the end of Mr Trumps administration on January 20. But after he criticised the assault on Congress, the White House announced his formal nomination as DHS secretary had been withdrawn. Security boss calls it quits Mega MAGA riot fears WASHINGTON: Donald Trump has declared a 13-day emergency in Washington DC after the FBI warned more armed protests were planned for the US Capitol and in 50 US state capitals ahead of president-elect Joe Bidens inauguration. Even as investigators continue to track down suspects from last weeks storming of Congress, an identified armed group has said it plans to travel to Washington on January 16 seen by Americas ABC News. At least 10,000 members of the National Guard will be deployed on the streets of Washington by the weekend, and their ranks could swell to 15,000 by January 20, when Mr Biden formally takes office, the guards senior officer said. A White House statement issued later stated that the President had also ordered federal assistance to supplement the districts response efforts until January 24. The Presidents action authorises the Department of Homeland Securitys Federal Emergency Management Agency to co-ordinate all disaster relief efforts, the White House statement says. It comes as Mr Trump and his deputy Mike Pence met in the Oval Office their first encounter since last weeks assault on the US Capitol. The two had a good conversation, an official said of the meeting. According to the official, Mr Trump has no intention of resigning his office before his term comes to an end on January 20, even as the Democrats mounted a second impeachment bid against him. The official likewise indicated Mr Pence has no intention of invoking the 25th Amendment of the Constitution to remove Mr Trump as unfit to discharge his duties, as the Democrats are also demanding. The House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on Wednesday (AEDT) on a resolution calling for Mr Pence to invoke the 25th, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi will give him 24 hours to respond. When the resolution was immediately blocked by Republicans, Democrats moved to bring the impeachment proceedings to the floor in a bid to make Mr Trump the only commander in chief in history to be impeached twice. Pelosi. Trump. JAKARTA: The crew of an Indonesian passenger jet that crashed off Jakarta at the weekend with 62 people aboard did not declare an emergency or report any technical problems before it suddenly plunged into the sea, an investigator has reported. Authorities have so far been unable to explain why the 26year-old plane crashed just four minutes after takeoff, but say they have pinpointed the location of the black boxes. A recording of conversations with air traffic control pointed to routine exchanges, and there was no communication as the Sriwijaya Air Boeing 737-500 plunged about 3000m in less than a minute before slamming into the Java Sea, said National Transportation Safety Committee investigator Nurcahyo Utomo. Its like a normal conversation and nothing suspicious, he said. Theres no talk of an emergency. The preliminary data suggested it was most likely the plane was intact when it hit the water, he said, adding: But we dont know at this stage what caused the crash. There were 62 Indonesian passengers and crew aboard the halffull flight, including 10 children. The jets captain, Afwan, a 54year-old father of three, was a former air force pilot with decades of flying under his belt, according to local media reports. Plane crash mystery: why was alarm not raised? Childrens items amid the wreckage. MINERS TRAPPED BEIJING: Twenty-two gold miners have been trapped underground for nearly two days after an explosion in a mine under construction in eastern China. The blast occurred on Sunday afternoon at a mine in a town near Qixia city in eastern Shandong province, authorities wrote in a social media post. The explosion badly damaged the exit ladder from the mine and the communications system, so authorities could not contact the trapped miners, the statement said. Authorities have sent rescuers to the mine, which is owned by the Shandong Wucailong Investment Co. Ltd.