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The Northern Territory news Wed 13 Jan 2021

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46 OPINION WEDNESDAY JANUARY 13 2021 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 RANGER PLAN BAD IDEA Claudia Tregoning wants to use nuclear waste to fill the Ranger uranium mine pit (Nuclear solution, 11 /1). While a circular economy is the way forward, dumping more nuclear waste on the lands of the Mirarr people is not the way to rehabilitate the site. Safely storing nuclear waste is more than just filling a hole. The site is next door to two international treasures, Kakadu National Park and Australias oldest human occupation site, Madjedbebe. After Rio Tintos recent destruction of the Juukan Gorge cave, the world would be horrified at Ms Tregonings suggestion. Ray Peck WHINGE A HOPELESS JOKE Does it strike anyone as strange that elements of the federal government are having a free speech whinge about Trump being ejected from his social media sites? It could be a case of ships leaving a sinking rat but thats another story. Up until now whenever the social media sites have posted material that the pollies and indeed most right-minded people would deem dangerously deceptive, offensive, inflammatory, seditious or defamatory the social media billionaires have thrown up their hands dont blame me, Im not a publisher, just someone who provides a noticeboard for free speech. Nice blokes eh? The traditional print media like the NT News may wish for such little regulation but free speech is not unconstrained. This paper has felt the lash of defamation actions from time to time ... the editor does avoid the dangerous fantasies that get up on social media. Rightly so, this is social responsibility. With rights come responsibilities. All of a sudden when things have spun way out of control the social media billionaires have decided they can regulate who gets to use their noticeboard, or not. Starting to sound a lot like traditional publishers to me, not the janitors who pull down the daggy bits of paper after a week on the shopping centre noticeboard. You would have thought the hard right pollies would be all over this volte-face, furiously drafting some legislation to bring the wiggle shirted tycoons to heel but no; they are offended on account it was one of theirs, Trump, bitten on the arse. They should be saying gotcha! Time to level the media playing field. Free speech is rarely tolerated in autocracies but untrammelled lies and incitements invariably lead to them. Mark Lowe, Howard Springs MCCORMACK SHOULD QUIT I am a Liberal but am totally disgusted with Michael McCormacks comments comparing the Trump-inspired insurrection with the BLM protests and his criticism of Trumps long overdue social media ban. These views show him to be totally out of touch with reality and the significant majority view of decent human beings worldwide. He needs to resign his position as Deputy Prime Minister immediately and go and sit in the back corner with his two mates - Mr Kelly and the Minister for Manila. Name withheld, Humpty Doo CONSIDER MEDICAL WASTE Claudia Tregoning is correct in that nuclear waste be stored where it is mined but Australias biggest problem is low level nuclear waste stored after medical use. X-rays chemo radiation therapy and some other treatments leave nuclear waste which has been stored for years. This could be buried in the Ranger pits creating jobs and royalties for the Indigenous land owners. The fed and NT govts should be pushing for this. For years Bob Hawke said Australia could make billions bringing in nuclear waste from other countries burying it deep in the outback but the anti everything brigade had their way. The hypocrisy of the greenies is that nuclear power stations produce no greenhouse gas emissions and when they invaded the Lucas Heights nuclear medical facility as a protest some years ago disrupting production, they denied cancer patients desperately needed chemo and radiation treatment. Australia and the NT in particular should use the expertise in permanently storing the waste from medical and other even nuclear power and make money out of it. Paul H, Stuart Park RE LITCHFIELD MOTEL TURNING ANTIDISCRIMINATION COMPLAINT OVER CHEEKY PARMI SLOGAN INTO AN IMPORTANT FUNDRAISER Some people have nothing better to do than whinge over nothing. Craig Seriously! Some people spend way too much time looking for things to be offended about. Andrew There is real discrimination in the world, this is a bit of a pointless complaint. Rachel What petty crap, I thinks there are bigger issues around, I agree get a life!!! Rick Most business owners realise risky play on words are not worth the trouble and offence they can cause, just bad for business. E. NT Too much spare time and no sense of humour. Go back to Sydney or Melbourne where snowflakes belong. Im gunna have to go get a parmi from them now to show support. For the record I like my breasts smothered in sauce and topped with ham and cheese. Kristy UPGRADING SYSTEM VITAL FOR NT KIDS ITS been a long time coming, butthe Territory government is final-ly taking the right steps to put inplace better digital systems tohelp hardworking frontline staff do their job of child protection and youth justice. The new systems are not coming cheap, costing taxpayers an eye-watering $64.4m but if it achieves what it is intended to do then it is definitely money well spent. For decades experts have been flagging that changes were needed to keep vulnerable Territory kids in care safe. The 2007 Little Children are Sacred report flagged the need to develop, as a matter of urgency, protocols for enhanced information sharing between government agencies. Now almost a decade later the multimillion-dollar Care System project is being commissioned, as a response to a finding by the Royal Commission into Protection and Detention of Children in the NT. It is a shocking statistic that 72 per cent of the Territory Families Departments core business is currently being recorded outside of its 25-year-old computer system. If you are struggling to keep up to date information on our vulnerable families how could you possibly expect department staff to assist quickly and proactively? Having a system where government agencies share critical information, using a single case file per child, in order to best manage each specific case, is long overdue. END THE AUSTIN LANE STALEMATE REDEVELOPING and refurbish-ing Austin Lane was a no-brainerbut it seems surrounding businesses are waiting for a green light, while the government and council are waiting for proposals for ideas. Businesses need to come forward with ideas. What sort of events do they want to host? How often? What do they need to make it work? But they also need to know where to go and who to pitch their ideas to. Similarly, they need to know the hours of work they may put into drafting concepts, drawing up plans, writing out permits and waiting on hold wont simply be blocked by red tape. Punters want to see this new precinct come to life, with the introduction of now iconic venues such as Babylon Berlin, Charlies of Darwin, Loading Bay and Good Thanks a great example already proving it a success. But its up to the government to get the wheels turning in motion. Dr Vipin Tayal, Kavya Tayal, Medha Tayal and Dr Puja Gupta after being released from Howard Springs quarantine. 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