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The Northern Territory news Mon 25 Jan 2021

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14 OPINION MONDAY JANUARY 25 2021 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 LONGING TO BELONG I write this letter prompted by the small but significant one-word change to our national anthem. The road to reconciliation is long and difficult and we all know that actions speak louder than words. But words are an important dimension on the challenging road ahead. May I suggest just a few more words. For we are one and free the oldest culture in the world is here for all to see, etc. etc. We should consider giving our Indigenous people an increased sense of pride and belonging yes, belonging. My expectation of this suggestion being agreed to and adopted is not high, but maybe, just maybe. Tony Carapetis JUST BIDEN MY TIME ... Another fly in and fly out president was invited to visit, for what and at what cost? I recall when Barack Obama flitted in and out of Darwin with another blow-in, Julia Gillard. Why the authorities shut down Darwin for hours on his arrival beggars belief. I and hundreds of others were incarcerated on Tiger Brennan Drive for hours. He and hundreds of his security staff, including the Territories finest, protected him (from what?) whilst being escorted from the RAAF base down the Stuart Highway to the Esplanade. He then gave a brief but typically articulate oration regarding the alliance, the loss of life on Darwin Harbour and in other conflicts during the Second World War. He was then dispatched with haste to RAAF Base Darwin. He then delivered an address to a selected, captive audience, and left. Before his arrival he was gifted by the NT News an insurance policy should he be attacked by a croc (wouldve been an immortal one) which caused great amusement to many, including the president himself. It is purported that he was also presented with a pair of budgie smugglers embossed with the NT flag and a boomerang (made in China). This has not been validated. Should Joe drop in for a coldie, could the powers that be take the time and effort to advise its own stateless citizens how they will be restrained and contained during this epic visit. Dave M, Stuart Park ABUSE JUST AINT CRICKET Indian cricket fans are so prevalent they outnumber Australian team supporters at some matches in Australia. Some Australians see that as wrong. Some Australians dont like getting beaten. Some Australians throw racist and abusive sledges at Indian and other nationalities because they are ignorant. Some Australian cricketers throw similar insults at Indian cricketers and they are similarly ignorant. They will and are being punished. We all have witnessed soccer violence at matches in England and Europe. The sport became synonomous with sledging/abuse and violence and drunken behaviour. So security and police at Australian sporting venues are going to have to face these drunken and badly behaved yobbos unfortunately. It may become a case of random breath testing at sporting venues. It may become a case of shutting alcohol out of the venues entirely, just as is done for smoking. But this kind of behaviour anywhere is intolerable. And Australian cricket stands condemned if it does nothing to stop racial vilification at cricket matches under its control. Arthur Pagonis FORESHORE RECLAIMED Oh joy ! Oh rapture! How lovely, we have been given back the fresh air and breezes, and the wonderful natural view of our own Darwin Harbour, at the western end of the Waterfront Precinct. By this I mean that lovely public place, at the end of Kitchener Drive, near Hughes Avenue, and next to Jervois Park. At last, the fence and the blindingly horrible sacking-like barrier is down and gone, and the foreshore has been greened with freshly planted grasses. How lovely to see this foreshore land being enjoyed by families with youngsters running about, some chasing pretty kites. The community needs a maximum of open green spaces now, so much at this difficult time. This area is, of course, right next to Goyders Park, which symbolically commemorates Darwins own first settlement site. Goyders surveying team arrived on this site in February, just over 150 years ago, to establish Darwin, and camped here. At present, the circular road on the shoreline remains closed, except to pedestrians and cyclists. When the cruise ships begin coming again, bringing visitors, it would be good to see the circular link again in use. Thanks to all those who, together and singly, asked the NT government to give us back [the view of] our harbour. They have now been heard. Thanks also to the Darwin Waterfront Corporation for arranging to take the viewblocking fence down. Margaret Clinch, Brinkin LEFT TO THEIR DEVICES Gunner and Biden should have plenty in common. Gunner has destroyed the NT economy and racked up a mountain of debt. And Biden has already started to destroy the US economy and will also rack up even more US debt. Both are leftists. Both are pretty much controlled by others. Both have hardly spent any time in the real world. Dave Wane, Darwin CANBERRA UNAWARE OF HARDSHIPS THE vast majority of Austra-lians, including those with themost power in Canberra, trulyhave no idea of the level ofhardship Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders go through every single day. As we approach another Australia Day, celebrated on the day the First Fleet arrived in Sydney, it is a good time to take stock and reflect on the harrowing statistics and facts that continue to come out about First Nations Australians. Anyone who says that the effects of colonisation on Aboriginal people are a thing of the past has never seen firsthand the discrimination, degradation and devastation they face every day. In the Northern Territory, Aboriginal people make up about 30 per cent of the general population, and about 85 per cent of the adult prison population. If youre talking about youth prisons, the statistic hovers between 99 and 100 per cent Indigenous population, depending on the day. Aboriginal people are still much more likely than other Australians to be unemployed. Aboriginal children are much less likely than other kids to finish school. And Aboriginal people continue to be significantly more likely to take their own lives, or die a lot younger from preventable conditions. More than 230 years on from that day in 1788, this is still very much the reality for anyone who isnt afraid to look. MAKE MYDARWIN AN ONGOING FUND MYDARWIN has been the bestthing the current DarwinCouncil has done to support businesses and consumers through this coronavirus pandemic. Keep it going its what people and businesses want. Its bringing people into stores to get their hands on free money, making purchases they wouldnt ordinarily make, and its upping the customer count in our stores. We know that no matter how much planting Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis does, money doesnt simply grow on trees. Even Mr Vatskalis alluded to the possibility of the voucher scheme being reinstated because of the uncertainty surrounding 2021 and international travel. Its safe to assume discussions have already begun. But while we wait, dont lose good habits picked up through the scheme keep shopping locally at the businesses that rewarded you with vouchers. Damien Crook turned over a record 64,000 cans through the TOMRA centre on January 4. Picture: Glenn Campbell OPINION @ TWITTER @TheNTNews FACEBOOK facebook.com/TheNTNews @ @ @ POST EMAIL MOBILE PO Box 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 news@ntnews.com.au 0428 NTNEWS NT~ News SUPER SNAPS LETTERS WRITE To Us Make sure to include your name, address and phone number if verification is required. 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