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MONDAY JANUARY 25 2021 OPINION 15 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA 54 MONDAY JANUARY 25 2021 DAILYTELEGRAPH.COM.AU TELE01Z01MA - V2 41 Claudius is affirmed bythe Senate as Roman emperor, a day after the assassination of his nephew Caligula. 1533 Henry VIII marriesAnne Boleyn, his second wife, in a secret ceremony at York Palace, defying Rome. 1788 Arthur Phillipleaves Botany Bay aboard the Supply, heading for Port Jackson to prepare the site for the arrival of the rest of the colonists who will follow a day later. 1808 John Macarthurcomes before a court on a charge of sedition. He challenges Judge-Advocate Richard Atkins impartiality in the case and the court adjourns in confusion. 1858 Princess Victoria,daughter of Queen Victoria, weds Prince Friedrich of Prussia in London. Mendelssohns Wedding March is played at the ceremony, cementing a wedding tradition. 1946 Bank robber andserial escapee Darcy Dugan, 25, frees himself from a moving police van meant to be taking him to Burwood Court with fellow prisoner Harry Mitchell, 21. 1952 Richie Benaudmakes his Test debut for Australia against the West Indies in Sydney, scoring three runs. 2019 The US government shutdown ends after 35 days. Triggered by President Donald Trumps quest to build a border wall with Mexico, it was the longest shutdown up to that point in history. 2020 The first case ofcoronavirus (COVID-19) is reported in Australia. It is a Victorian man who had just returned from China on January 20. On the same day three cases are also confirmed in NSW. 1858 In 1966 he headed off an attempt by KY to gain more power, suspending the constitution in March, ousting the ceremonial king Mutesa II, and naming himself president. He then banned all opposition parties and gained the support of the military, particularly Amin, who he sent to attack Mutesas palace when Mutesa mounted a challenge to Obotes leadership. Born in about 1925 in Uganda, Amin was a member of the minority Kakwa ethnic group in the south. His father was a Catholic who converted to Islam and Idi received an education at a Muslim school before leaving to join a British colonial regiment, the Kings African Rifles. He served in Burma and was later also part of the British force fighting against the Mau Mau rising in Kenya in the 50s. He was a swimmer, rugby player and boxer the light heavyweight boxing champion of Uganda from 1951-60. Amin was lieutenant when Uganda became independent, was promoted to captain in the Ugandan army, rising to major in 1963. By then he was already a noted supporter of the northerner Obote. Their association went beyond politics. In 1966 Obote and Amin were accused of smuggling gold. But Obotes government became tyrannical. He persecuted foreigners, used a secret police force to maintain order and took a 60 per cent share of industries for the state, claiming he was moving toward socialism. Opposition mounted to Obotes regime. Late in 1970 Obote accused Amin of misappropriating army funds, ousted him as commander-in-chief and threatened to prosecute his former ally. Taking advantage of Obotes absence in January 1971, Amin staged a coup, reinstating himself as military chief. He said he had no intention of holding on to power, promising to hold elections. That promise was broken and Amin later named himself president. Eight years of erratic rule followed. Thousands of Ugandans were killed, foreigners expelled and Ugandas economy and society began to break down. He named himself field marshal and president for life and even oddly assumed the title of the king of Scotland. In exile in Tanzania, Obote organised opposition, with the help of General Tito Okello who had gathered a Ugandan migr army. Amin ordered an attack on Tanzania in 1978 but the Tanzanian forces defeated his armies. In April 1979 the Tanzanians closed in on Kampala. Amin fled to Libya but later settled in Saudi Arabia, where he died in 2003. In 1980 Obote returned from exile and, with Okellos backing, was elected president. Obotes collaboration with Okello, like that with Amin, ended in another coup in 1985. Ousted from power yet again, Obote fled to Tanzania then Zambia, where he died in 2005. Ugandas president MiltonObote believed his grip onpower was secure as heheaded to Singapore for aCommonwealth Heads ofGovernment meeting inJanuary 1971. Obote hadleft government in the hands of his Vice President John Babiiha, thinking that Babiiha would be able to handle any government business that arose in his absence. But Obote did not anticipate the sort of business that did come up. The president had made a powerful and ambitious enemy in Major-General Idi Amin. The popular army officer Amin had once been a loyal supporter of Obote, but Amin had been sacked as Commander-in-chief of the Ugandan armed forces in 1970, Obote accusing him of misusing army funds. Amin bided his time, gathering support to challenge Obote and on January 25, 1971, launched a coup. A former champion boxer, Amin was seen by many Ugandans, and even many outsiders, as preferable to the increasingly tyrannical Obote. But Amins media honeymoon as leader did not last long. He revealed himself to be an erratic, incompetent and arbitrary leader, far worse than his predecessor. Obote was born in 1925, the third son of a tribal chief. As a young student he discovered a gift for oratory, stirring up other students for various causes. He earnt an arts degree at Makerere University and later worked in engineering and construction before becoming involved in the movement for Ugandan independence in the 1950s. When the country gained independence in 1962, becoming a republic but remaining part of the Commonwealth, the charismatic Obote became Prime Minister. He was head of the Uganda Peoples Conference (UPC) an alliance of politicians from kingdoms within Uganda other than the dominant kingdom of Buganda, but initially he worked in a coalition between the UPC and the biggest Bugandan party the Kebaka Yekka (KY). Amin grabbed power while Obote was away TROY LENNON Idi Amin with a sculpture of himself in 1975 and (inset) Milton Obote. 1971 MARIO LANZA BORN: 1921 BORN THIS WEEK JANUARY 25 SAMUEL COHEN American physicist born in Brooklyn in 1921. He worked on the Manhattan Project in World War II and later played a key role in the development of the neutron bomb. He died in 2010. JANUARY 26 EDDIE BARCLAY French record producer born douard Ruault in 1921. The founder of Barclay records, he is known for producing albums for Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel and Dalida. He died in 2005. JANUARY 27 ALICIA MOLIK Australian tennis player and sportscaster born in 1981. She won doubles titles at the Australian Open in 2005 and the French Open in 2007, reaching No.8 in singles at the peak of her career. She also won bronze at the 2004 Olympic Games. She retired from elite tennis in 2010 and is now a TV commentator. JANUARY 28 ELIJAH WOOD American actor born in 1981. He began acting as a child, making his film debut in 1989. Among his most famous roles have been Frodo in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the voice of Mumble in the animated film Happy Feet. JANUARY 29 LESLIE BRICUSSE English songwriter, lyricist and playwright born in 1931. He is best known for his work on musicals such as Stop The World I Want to Get Off and films such as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Goldfinger and Doctor Dolittle. JANUARY 30 SHIRLEY HAZZARD Australian writer born in 1931. Her family moved to Hong Kong in 1947 then New York in 1951. In the 1960s she began writing short stories and later novels. Her 2003 novel, The Great Fire, won the Miles Franklin Award. She died in 2016. JANUARY 31 MARIO LANZA American tenor born Alfredo Cocozza in 1921. He discovered his operatic talent at 16 but mostly sang in movies such as The Great Caruso and The Student Prince. He died of a pulmonary embolism in 1959. Re Coon cheese: what would have happened if his name had been White? The new Muirhead pokies palace was always going to get approved regardless of the objections. People wasted a lot of time on a rubber- stamped process. Felix, Brinkin I think world leaders and governments should listen to Dr John Campbell on YouTube in regards to COVID-19. Taking vitamin zinc and d3 to build up your immunity to COVID-19. Jack Henderson, Larrakeyah Visitors to the NT and the Top End are being introduced to one of the best wet seasons we have had in recent years. Even for locals, this wet season to date has been a real bonus. Rainfall should augur well for raising the water level of Darwin River Dam. Aquifers which were dangerously low will also be replenished. A good wet season is a great treat. Weatherman I think demerit points work. I dont like them. Many people dont care about the fine. They are rich people. After 13 provided as part of suburban design to support residents walking to shops are being closed because of miscreant behaviour. What were once decent neighbourhoods are being decayed by the indecent and disturbing actions of anti-social young people. Walkways no longer appeal to decent citizens and have become escape routes for those who have burgled nearby homes. Urban Architect Joe Bidens press secretary Jen Psaki is described as Greek American (yay). Shes a refreshing change in tone & demeanour from the last few BS artists. V-man Karama Shopping Centre Is Getting Bad At Day And Night Because Of Drunks And Antisocial Behaviour Everywhere In The Shopping Centre. I Have A Young Lady Asking Me For An ID Because She Was Under Age And Getting Humbugging. Long-Term Resident NTFL have done it again. Build up a game and only name 3 or 4 local boys, rest are fly-ins. Wonder if SA stacked its team like we have? Chooka Kynaston How wonderful that the residents of Muirhead are to have a family-friendly tavern as the very first commercial facility in this upmarket suburb of several thousand people. With more land shortly to be released, the tavern should add an extra incentive to those contemplating buying land and building in the area. This magnificent suburb is already like a magnet to many, as evidenced by the sky-high unimproved capital value of home building blocks of land. The tavern with its child catering facilities will further enhance Muirheads appeal. strikes you lose your licence for two years. The concept of a four-day/four-night 40 kilometre walking trail with appropriate support amenities connecting Uluru and Kata Tjuta is visionary and farsighted. Such a development would provide world class support facilities to visitors, who would experience the Red Centre in a way hitherto impossible. In contemplating what this development offers the tourism and accommodation industries, boundless possibilities springs to mind. Applauding Local In suburb after suburb in Darwin and Palmerston, walkways originally 11-IE~E WAS SO MOC\.,\ ~WtA~lftJ6 I'W\ ~T SU!ZE WHAT Mi NA~E IS ... TEXT THE EDITOR ~~ MESSAGE OF THE DAY Have your say: SMS 0428 NTNEWS ON THIS DAY