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MONDAY JANUARY 25 2021 OPINION 17 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA FINE, change the date of Australia Day from January 26. Let race activists even Cricket Australia pick any other they prefer. Ill happily go along with that if they agree to a deal: to then also celebrate the creation of this great country. Think that will happen? The trouble is, too many activists are against not just the date of Australia Day the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet but against the very idea of this nation. Thats why no concession seems to work not the apologies, the kneeling, the barefoot circles, the Welcome to Country, the smoking ceremonies, the acknowledgement of country, or even the $30bn a year of Aboriginal welfare spending. The goalposts just get moved, and rage and division grow. Just weeks ago we saw again how this no-win game plays out, when Prime Minister Scott Morrison decided, all on his own, to change the words of our national anthem from young and free to one and free. He said hed bought the (false) claim that young and free was offensive because it suggested there was no Aboriginal history before whites arrived. But have the activists who once refused to sing our racist anthem now started to belt it out? As if. Greens Senator Lidia Thorpe, who identifies as Aboriginal, sneered that changing one word would make no real difference, and the head of Sydneys Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council said we actually needed a whole new anthem to reflect the true identity of Australia rather than, in my words, a very terrible past. Labor frontbencher Linda Burney, who was raised by her great aunt and uncle, of Scottish descent, but identifies as Aboriginal through her father, simply demanded more concessions such as changing our constitution so people with Aboriginal ancestors get a race-based advisory parliament. Others now push for more changes to our anthem to get this elusive unity. They want a verse sung in one of the 300 or more Aboriginal languages. But when the Wallabies decided last year to sing the national anthem in two languages before their game against Ar gentina, that wasnt enough, either. Latrell Mitchell, one of the NRL Indigenous stars, raged: When will people understand that changing it to language doesnt change the meaning? An Australian anthem would not represent him in any language, because he was Aboriginal: Understand what youre being proud of. I stand for us, our mob! Mitchell, at least, is honest about the real end game for many race activists. Their problem is not with a few words in the anthem, the Union Jack in our flag, or holding Australia Day on January 26. Their problem is with history. With Australia itself. With the creation of an essentially Eu ropean nation on what was Aboriginal land. This is why Australia Day is denounced as a day of shame, too embarrassing now for Cricket Australia to even mention in Tuesdays three Big Bash games. This is why Tarneen Onus-Williams, an organiser of a big Australia Day protest in Melbourne three years ago, shouted, F*** Australia and I hope it burns to the ground. This is why actor and playwright Nakkiah Lui screamed in front of an applauding ABC audience: F*** whitey! Shit on your colonisation Burn this place to the ground! This is why so many of our guilty-white like writer Bruce Pascoe prefer to call themselves Aboriginal, even when they have no known Aboriginal ancestors. This rejection of Australia is now pushed by the ABC, our reckless national broadcaster, which on Sunday groaned: For those whose history is being denied [on Australia Day], this isnt a war of words, but an exhausting yearly exercise in defending the pain of their existence Those are people who cannot cheer for a country that was built on the dispossession and loss of their people. No Australia Day will ever satisfy activ ists determined to imagine Australia as an illegitimate state that makes all Aboriginal Australians feel a constant pain of their existence. What do they imagine will fix things? Evicting all non-Aborigines? A new apartheid, with different voting rights or homelands for different races? Forcing non-Aborigines to constantly apologise for their very presence? Where is reconciliation if Australia is divided by race? Right now, reconciliation is a fraud we should confront. So, fine, lets change the date of Australia Day. But only when activists agree that they, too, will then celebrate with our flag and our national anthem. That would be a brilliant deal. I am genuine in wanting unity. Are they? If the date is changed from January 26, then those pushing for it must agree to celebrate the creation of this great country Fine, change Australia Day ANDREW BOLT Thousands of protesters attend an Invasion Day march in Melbourne last year. Nasty people trashing Court THEY think theyre more moral. But the people trashing Margaret Court are much nastier. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews last week said he was appalled that Court would on Australia Day be made a Companion of the Order of Australia. Just why Court, winner of a record 24 grand slam singles titles, is getting our highest honour is yet to be announced, but ignorance didnt stop Andrews. He said she didnt deserve it because she had hateful opinions about gays, lesbians and transsexuals that had cost lives. Actually, her opinions have killed no one. Andrews, however, cost 800 lives by bungling Victorias quarantine hotels. But these days youre judged less by what you do than by what you say. Poseurs rule. So do hypocrites. Twitter activists claiming to be outraged by Courts rudeness were infinitely ruder, calling her parasitic, a bigot, a nutjob, shitty, mad, trash, a bitch, pig, horrific and sick. Journalists fed the rage by misquoting her. Several news outlets falsely claimed shed called transgender children the work of the devil. In fact, Court, now a Pentecostal minister, was criticising radical preaching in schools of gender fluidity. Even that LGBT and the schools its of the devil, its not of God. And when children are making the decision at seven or eight years of age to change their sex No, just read the first two chapters of Genesis; thats all I say. Male and female. True, Court has said things with which I, a nonChristian, disagree. She said homosexuality is a choice. But should that disqualify her from public awards? Apparently so, with federal Labor MP Tim Watts claiming Courts honour was more an attempt to divide Australians than to celebrate service. More ignorance. When it comes to service not just lip service Court does far more than Watts. The church she founded in Perth was giving 1500 poor families food parcels each fortnight until the coronavirus hit. Now it helps 4000, with milk, cereal, chicken, beef, vegetables and dry food like rice or pasta. It also hands out free clothes. Importantly, and unlike her cancel culture critics, Court does not exclude people with whom she disagrees. Gay or transgender, her charity will help you. Margaret Court is wrong about gays. But her practical good makes her worth a hundred of her haters. Give her a medal. The trouble is, too many activists are against not just the date the anniversary of the arrival of the First Fleet but against the very idea of this nation ENEWS

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