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The Northern Territory news Mon 25 Jan 2021



The Northern Territory news Mon 25 Jan 2021

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Community newspapers -- Northern Territory -- Darwin.; Australian newspapers -- Northern Territory -- Darwin.

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MONDAY JANUARY 25 2021 PUZZLES 43 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Quick crossword No. 6858 12385 QUICK CLUES ACROSS 1 Make a charge 4 A disease 7 Piece of business 8 Province in central PNG 9 Increase the faith 11 A firearm 12 Speak indistinctly 14 Biblical figure 17 Subdivisions 18 Beg for something 19 Religious classes DOWN 1 Roman writer 2 Encore 3 An errand 5 Held in check 6 Irritates 9 Sets up tents 10 A satire (4-2) 13 Goddess of the moon 15 Of an order of classical architecture 16 Doctrines CRYPTIC CLUES ACROSS 1 I remain calm when making a demand 4 Bale out of original type of terrible disease 7 Rant about the actions taken? Thats their business 8 An early engagement in a PNG province 9 Enlighten characters I defy 11 An expert shearer 12 Lie to your editor and leave something out 14 May hold one inside being a very early murderer 17 Leave with fellows on the way back to government branches 18 Humbly appeal to some temple adepts 19 Splinter groups of topless insects DOWN 1 The pet love of a very talented Roman 2 Makes a profit once more 3 Eating place for some with time for a memo to be delivered 5 Listener attached lure when restrained 6 Disturbs a sound, one might say 9 Puts up tents maybe with caps men used 10 Satire of launch into space possibly (4-2) 13 And I get a look at a goddess 15 Relating to electrical charged atoms from union ice skaters 16 Miss out on distinctive practices ACROSS 1 Brownish red chalcedony 4 Snow vehicle 8 Vast age 9 New Zealand bird 10 Scheme 11 Flaxen cloth 12 Extinct bird 14 Fabled monstrous bird 15 Turf 17 Before (arch) 19 Salt (chem) 21 Dash 23 Wired enclosures 26 Bitterness 27 Augury 28 Maori ball on string 29 Flank 30 Kill DOWN 1 Pliant 2 Peruse 3 Giver 4 Snow runner 5 Connections 6 Female sheep 7 Clamour 11 Suburban newspaper 13 Prescribed amounts 16 Spread out troops 18 Encouraged 20 Nigerian seaport 22 Fastener 23 Greek island 24 Friend (Fr) 25 Compass point (init) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 I N C O R P O R E A L R A A K P A A D M A N A S S E T N E E P O E S O L E C I S M S R E O I T O C O L L A R E D N H I W J L D R A M A A R E N A O S N S C I S Y M P A T H E T I C S A L F L E E C E A A L O E R U M G I P A L A T E A C C E S S S R U R E N E M Y M E L E E U E A I C A B I N S S N A I L S D E S U N A P S E E E N A C T S A I R Saturdays Combo Solutions Saturdays Quick Solutions Saturdays Sudoku Solutions combo crossword No. January 25, 2021 su do ku6858 HoroscoPEs Hows the start of your week looking? 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