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The Northern Territory news Mon 25 Jan 2021

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MONDAY JANUARY 25 2021 NEWS 07 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Prime time crime spots KEEP your wits about you on the roads this Friday its the day drink and drug driving skyrockets in the Territory. Northern Territory Police has released data showing the number of driving intoxicated offences spikes dramatically between 6pm and midnight on Fridays, with 309 offences recorded in 2019. Its a noticeable increase from other evenings, such as Sunday nights, when less than a quarter of those offences oc curred (65 offences). When it comes to other traffic offences, such as speeding fines, it seemed Thursday afternoon was the time most lead-footed drivers hit the roads, with 143 offences recorded in the timeslot, the highest of any time during the week. In terms of other crime, make sure you check the locks if youre heading out on Tuesday morning. Its the time most residential break-ins occur, with 157 offences reported between 6am and midday. But be warned: Monday morning ran a close second, with 154 offences. Monday morning also saw spikes in break-ins into nonresidential premises, such as shops and other businesses, and in property damage. However, according to NT Police Commander Matthew Hollamby, this may be more related to the crimes occurring on the weekend but not being discovered until the Monday morning: Crimes are often discovered on a Monday morning, particularly for businesses, schools, facilities that are not open over the weekend, he said. A similar explanation could also ring true for non-domestic violence assault rates, which seemingly rise dramatically on Monday mornings. However, Commander Hollamby said this may be due to referrals to police from other social services occurring on Monday morning, rather than the assaults actually occurring then. When it comes to car theft, Tuesday morning is the most likely time your car will be pinched. There were 147 motor vehicle theft and other offences reported in that time frame. Wind the clock forward a few hours and on Tuesday afternoon there were half as many offences (69). And while late night is when many might feel most vulnerable to sexual assault, its actually Monday and Tuesday afternoons when the crime sees its highest numbers. Tuesday had 34 sexual assault offences recorded between midday and 6pm, while the same times on Monday saw 31 offences. According to Associate Professor Michael Townsley of Griffith Universitys School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, a number of factors are behind the spikes in prime time crime. For a crime to occur there has to be three elements in position a motivated offender, a victim or target, and a guardian, Dr Townsley said. Basically you need all those elements for crime to be possible. If one of them is out of alignment then a crime wont happen. AMELIA SAW Beaver Brewery's Chris Brown has applied to extend its liquor licence to seven days a week. Picture: Glenn Campbell POPULAR Darwin business Beaver Brewery has applied for an extension to its liquor licence that would allow it to trade every day from 10am to midnight, with hopes of hosting more events and preparing for future expansion. While owner Chris Brown said there were no immediate plans to change the current operating hours fortnightly on a Friday during the wet season and every Friday and Saturday during the Dry it would save the brewery time in writing an application for every event they held outside regular hours. We want an extension so we can open at any time, he said. Down the track, definitely Thursdays are on the cards, but at the moment were very hamstrung with what we can do. Its more to give us a bit of flexibility in the business. It saves us having to do an extra application every time we have an event here. Mr Brown said it would help the business ease into different types of one-off events like beer tastings for groups. Its more a time of the year. We have a lot of Christmas parties over the wet season holiday period and a lot of birthdays in the middle of the year, during the dry season, he said. We might not necessarily open every day, but if were able to, when a group comes along and wants to have a tasting or a special event, were able to do that. Submission can be made on the application to the Director of Licensing, from January 27 until February 24. BEAVER BREWERY PREPARING FOR FLURRY OF EVENTS WILL ZWAR A WOMAN who rushed to the aid of a man who was savagely attacked by a shark at Lake Macquarie has described the h o r r e n d o u s screams as he was dragged to shore. Judy Jones, 71, was at her waterfront home at Yarrawonga Park when she heard the cries for help about 6.30pm on Saturday. The screaming, it was horrendous actually, Ms Jones said. By the time we got down there he was out of the water and his wife was holding his arm together. His wife is a doctor so she was incredibly efficient. Police were told 58-year-old marine biologist Richard Burbury and his wife, 56, had been swimming about 40m offshore. His wife helped drag him to shore. Horrendous screams from shark victim, 58 CYDONEE MARDOND LACHLAN LEEMING One week zero streak NSW has recorded a weeklong streak without any new local cases of COVID-19. No new local cases were detected in the 24 hours to 8pm on Saturday night, with 11,433 tests recorded. The state has not reported a case of community transmission since January 17. Three new cases were reported in overseas travellers. Fragments of the COVID19 virus have been detected in sewage treatment plants, including the North Head plant, with a catchment of about 1.3 million Sydneysiders. FIND US AT 10 HOOK ROAD, WINNELLIE NT 0820 Give our local team a buzz on 13 40 00 ACCESS TO EVERYTHING! 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